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Two weeks had passed since that night in the kitchen. I had tried to avoid him as much as possible. I was nervous around him and I didn’t want my mother to notice that I was craving her man deep down inside. This was so fucking complicated. Lost in my own thoughts, a message flashed on my screen.

//Babe… I have a surprise for you…” Brandon had texted.

//Surprise? You have my attention mister…” I texted back and waited for his answer.

//Go down to the front door of the house. There is a delivery waiting for you there…” he texted back and I followed his directions. I went down the stairs and walked over to the main entrance of the house. When I opened the door, I just saw a suitcase.

Eh… thank you for the suitcase?” I texted back to Brandon, a little disappointed.

Babe…” Brandon’s voice filled my ears immediately and I jumped into his arms. He had flown all the way from London to Los Angeles just to see me. Finally, the distraction I needed had arrived. The butler helped with Brandon’s luggage while I gave him a little tour of this small castle my stepfather owned. After the tour we just went into my room where Brandon would stay with me and sat down on the bed.

So how long will you stay?” I asked, excited. I was hoping that he would at least be here for a month so I could stay distracted from the dirty thoughts about my stepfather.

A week, and after that I have to fly to New York for business.” Brandon said disappointing me a little.

I wish you could stay for longer…” I said making a sad face. In reality, I was just looking for a way to distract my mind from thinking of my sexy stepfather.

Babe… are you already tired of your mom and her new husband?” Brandon asked with a smile.

It’s more like this…” I said and straddled him with a quick move before I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt. I lifted it over his head and leaned in for a kiss. His hands were on my hips immediately grinding me lightly against his crotch.

I have missed you… I have missed doing this…” I said leaning in for another heated kiss but he stopped med abruptly.

Babe… I am little tired for this. We can maybe have some fun after I rest a little.” He said and I looked disappointed. He was using the same excuses he had used for the past months.

Okay… you can rest and I will go down and check on my mom.” I said leaving the bed. My mind was once again trailing towards my stepfather. Maybe it was just a curiosity that I needed out of my system. The problem was, how I was going to get it out of my system. I headed downstairs to find my mom reading inside the living room.

Mom… I have amazing news.” I said and sat down next to her.

Brandon is here. He surprised me by taking off a week before his business trip to New York.” I said excitedly. I was sexually frustrated but I loved Brandon and I was happy to have him here.

Oh my God! That’s so sweet. Where is he now?” Mom asked.

He is resting in my room. He passed out immediately.” I said, avoiding the details.

Poor guy… I hope he will be able to join us for dinner.” Mom said and I smiled.

He will probably join us for dinner. I will be by the pool if you need me. I have to work this tan a little.” I said playfully and she nodded. I went upstairs to change into a bikini. I liked the way God had created me and I was never afraid to show off my assets. Heading downstairs I noticed that James’ office door was open but he wasn’t there to be seen. When I turned around to go downstairs, I bumped into the solid body of James.

Peeping around again?” James asked, running his big hands up and down my bare arms. Goosebumps were spreading all over my body and I couldn’t say a thing. This was the effect he had on me. I liked his touches and what they did to my body. I was a horrible person for thinking this way about my stepfather. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and he leaned in gently, making my heart flutter with expectation.

You make it hard for me to keep my hands away from you.” James whispered. His voice was deep and sexy. Just when he was leaning in we heard a click further down the hall from my room. I pushed James away gently, remembering that Brandon was here.

Babe…?” Brandon’s voice echoed in the hallway.

Babe… I am further down the hall.” I said and watched him approach us.

You weren’t able to fall asleep?” I asked Brandon, who looked worn out.

I had to answer an urgent call from London and I couldn’t fall asleep after that.” Brandon said, looking at James.

This is James… My mom’s new husband.” I said.

Nice to meet you sir…” Brandon said, extending his hand politely.

Nice to meet you, young man…” James said, shaking Brandon’s hand. This was awkward. It was awkward to stand here in between the two of them. One was my boyfriend who refused to fuck me and the other was my sexy as hell stepfather who had offered to fucked me a few times. I turned to Brandon and kissed him since the awkward silence was killing me.

Babe… I will be downstairs by the pool. Join me.” I said kissing him again. I was trying to ignore the fact that Brandon’s hands were on my hips while my stepfather was basically watching us have a small foreplay in front of him.

Okay… I will be there in a minute.” He said leaving me alone with James.

You didn’t really mention that your fuckboy would join us this summer.” James said, annoyed.

He is not my fuck boy and for your information, he surprised me.” I said pissed at his remark.

So, he finally realized that he had a dick and a girlfriend to fuck?” he said with a smirk.

You are seriously unbelievable…” I said and turned around to walk away from him but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to his body. Our eyes locked immediately and I was melting into his touch. I was so underdressed compared to him and I couldn’t stop myself from licking my lips with anticipation. Why was this man so handsome? He was making my knees go weak with just a touch.

If you need a real man, who knows how to take care of a woman, you know where you can find me.” He whispered against my lips, making my nipples go hard under the bikini bra. I was so damn wet and ready to get fucked by this amazing chunk of a man. He released me and I looked into his blue eyes, looking for answers… a reason to stay away but he was determined to make me beg for him. I could see that in his eyes. I backed slowly away and went down the stairs more confused than ever. Why was I drawn to him like this? I was still lost in thoughts and I didn’t even realize that Brandon had finally come down.

Babe… are you okay? You look a little spaced out.” Brandon asked, like he was reading my mind. I hated it. He knew me so well.

Let’s swim. I need to cool down a little.” I said and jumped in to the water. Brandon followed me in to the water and we started to fool around in the pool. Our laughs were loud and our kisses were getting gradually more intimate. Removing my bikini top I took the first step to seducing Brandon. I needed him to convince me and my body that he was the only man for me. Kissing my neck, he pushed me against the corner of the pool before his lips landed on my nipples. Lacing my hand in his hair, I encouraged him for more.

Mmmmh…” I moaned, looking up to the balcony where we were being watched by the beast with beautiful eyes. I kept my eyes on James while Brandon was sucking my nipples. I was moaning shamelessly in front of my stepfather that I was very much attracted to. What was I trying to prove to him? What was I trying to prove myself? Had I just challenged him to try me?

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