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Giving in to the pleasure of Brandon’s touches. My hand went inside his swimming shorts and I started rubbing his erection. At least I was still capable of giving the man a hard on, I thought.

Babe… I thin k we should slow down a little…” Brandon said, abruptly stopping. What was wrong with this man. I was basically offering him my body and he was refusing me. I was struggling to understand his trail of thoughts.

Why?” I asked, trying to find some answers. He had been like this for so long.

Why are you being this way Brandon? You are so distant and I know something is bothering you.” I said wanting to know what was going on with him.

Let’s talk somewhere private. There are things I need to explain.” He said cryptically. I was utterly confused at this point. His expression was serious and it scared me a little.

Okay…” I said and followed him out of the pool. I covered my body with a towel and looked up to the balcony where James was standing few minutes ago, watching Brandon and I. I followed Brandon to our room and sat on the bed, looking intensely at him.

I don’t know how to tell you this…” he said and looked at me puzzled.

This has been going on for over 6 months… How can you not tell me something that affects you this much?” I said frustrated while I was keeping the eye contact.

I know… but it is complicated.” He said and fear started to spread inside me.

If you don’t tell, I will never know Brandon. Do you want to break up with me? Is that it?” I asked desperately trying to understand his trail of thoughts.

No! Of course not! But our conversation might change your mind.” He said and my expression changed immediately. What was he trying to tell me?

I… slept with a colleague at our annual new year’s party six months ago. I was drunk… she was drunk and one thing lead to another.” He said and I looked at him in disbelief. He had been unfaithful to me. He had cheated on me with another woman.

I thought we had used protection…” He continued and I knew what was coming. This was turning into a disaster and I couldn’t do anything about it. “…but she got pregnant with my child.” I looked at him unable to talk. I wanted him to leave, go away. I wanted him out of my life.

I think you should pack your things and leave.” I said, forcing words out of my lips.

Babe… I…” he said but I wasn’t going to listen to him anymore.

Stop! I don’t want to another word from you! How could you keep this truth hidden from me for so long? I deserved to know!” I said disappointed.

I…” He stuttered.

What Brandon? You thought that I would just wait and let it all slide away? We were happy, or I thought we were happy…” I said, tears burning my eyes.

The feeling of guilt is eating me up. You have to understand me! I couldn’t get myself to tell you something like this. I came to LA to talk to you and solve this. I thought we could work this out together while you had your mother by your side. I still want you in my life Amy. This changes nothing, trust me.” He said and I couldn’t believe him. I couldn’t believe that I had loved this piece of shit.

This changes nothing? Brandon, you cheated on me and got another woman pregnant. I am done with you! Please leave this house! I don’t want to see your face ever again.” I said wanting to get him out of my life forever.

Amy...” He said and reached out to hold my hand but I pulled myself instantly away from him. Tears started trailing down my cheeks and I couldn’t seem to stop it.

LEAVE!” I yelled and left the room. I didn’t want to see him or hear his voice anymore. All this time, I had thought that he loved me but it had all been a huge lie. I found myself out in the hallway in front of James’ office. Looking at the door, I was trying to convince myself to go down and talk to my mom but my mind told me otherwise. I knocked the door and waited for his response before I entered. I still had the towel wrapped around my body while I was willingly entering the trap of the silverfox.

The tears were still trailing down my cheeks and when James looked up to meet my eyes, his expression changed. He rose from his seat behind the desk and walked up to me. Pulling me in to a tight embrace, he hugged me for minutes without asking any questions. This was the sweetest thing James had done to me since we met two weeks ago. He was giving me the sense of protection I needed at this very moment.

I was only 12 years old when my father had passed away. My mother was trying her best to take care of me but it was hard for her as well. She had always been the kind of a woman, who needed a man by her side. After my father’s death she went from one relationship to another while I was longing for stability in life. Her love life was one of the major reasons behind my decision to move to London. I couldn’t just watch her go from one man to another and I was still having difficulties understanding how she had settled down with James.

Shhh… everything will be alright.” James whispered, wiping away my tears with his fingers. His gentle touches were dangerous but at this moment I wanted to be a little selfish. My hands brushed his beard stubble while my eyes locked on his. The towel covering my body dropped to the floor, exposing my breasts. I moved closer to him bringing my lips closer to his.

Don’t do anything you will regret.” James whispered against my lips while looking into my eyes intensely. I hesitated for a moment keeping my eyes locked on his.

You think I will regret?” I asked challenging him with a playful smile.

You think my mother regretted?” I asked pushing his buttons. He lifted me up and sat me down on his office table.

You are playing with fire…” He said in a wary voice.

I am not afraid to burn.” I whispered looking into his blue eyes.

I am married to your mother.” He said stating the obvious.

For how long?” I asked knowing my mother very well. She went through men faster than anything else. I loved my mom but I also knew that men were just men for her, she loved them for a short time and left them for someone better. She had previously told me that she was in love with the feeling of love and when that feeling vanished, she would look for someone else who could make her feel it again. She was selfish and I had learned to be selfish from her.

You don’t love her…” I said brushing my fingertips on his jaw.

If you loved her you wouldn’t try to seduce me like this. You wouldn’t make me crave you like this, even in my dreams.” I said boldly, observing his every move.

I didn’t know you were off limits…” He said brushing my arms lightly.

I am your stepdaughter. I am off limits and you know that.” I said lifting my legs and putting them around his waist, pulling him closer to my body. I was encouraging him to make a move.

You want to taste daddy’s cock?” He asked grinding his pelvis against my damp bikini bottom.

Mmmh… Yes.” I said and his lips crashed on mine immediately. I felt the kiss down to my fingertips. It was electric. The sexual tension we had built up for the past two weeks had burst into an amazing kiss. It had been worth every second of it. I wanted him and he wanted me but he wasn’t the only one playing mind games tonight. I pushed him away lightly, breaking the kiss. My legs slid down and I stood up still keeping my eyes locked on his.

You can’t have me daddy. I don’t do cheaters.” I said and grabbed the towel before walking out of his office.

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