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I stared at him for a long moment before I pushed him away and stood up from my bed. He looked so inviting wearing only a pair of jeans. With his bear torso, he was exhibiting all his assets proudly. I couldn’t take my eyes away from him but I had to be careful, he was a dangerous predator after all.

So, you have a sleeping girl fetish now?” I asked feeling my own heartbeat intensely. I wanted to dislike him but I couldn’t, every cell in my body was screaming for him. I wanted him. My eyestraveled to his lips and I wanted those lips on mine. Feel his possessive kisses on my lips once again. I remembered the last time our lips had met.

I… just…” James said, unable to form a proper sentence.

Speechless doesn’t really suit you daddy...” I said trying to play the annoying Amy. He stepped closer to my body while his eyes were fixed on my lips. He was determined to not leave this room without a reward.

I like it when you call me daddy...” He said stepping closer. “It makes me want to bend you over this bed and fuck you until you milk my dick buried inside you... Amy... I have spent nights fantasizing about you and your sexy body… I have wanted to taste you... to feel you...” He said lifting me into his arms in an urgency, placing my legs around his waist. I was battling with myself and my principles. I put my fingers against his lips stopping him from diving in further in to kiss me.

Mom is home... we can’t... she is at the other side of the hall...” I whispered wanting to disappear in his arms and forget about my mom.

She is out tonight... she will not be back until morning.” He said and I knew immediately where she was. She was out hunting for other men while I was in her husband’s arms.

And you are okay with this?” I asked, curious.

When she agreed to marry me, we had already agreed on having other partners outside of our marriage.” He said looking deeply into my eyes. My fingers slipped and his lips crashed on mine immediately. I felt the intensity of the kiss through every part of my body.

Ever since that night in my office I have wanted to taste those lips again.” He said pulling me in for another powerful kiss. His lips were dominating the kiss and I could only do what he allowed me to. For the first time in my life, I was enjoying the touch of an experienced man. Putting me down on my feet he started to undress me slowly. He was enjoying, removing every piece of clothing. After my bra fell down on to the floor he took a minute to touch and feel my breasts, making me moan with need.

Your tits are beautiful.” He whispered licking my nipples eagerly. He groped them with his big strong hands, making me whimper. “I want to fuck your tits and cum all over them.” He said playing with them like I was his territory now but he was wrong.

You have to earn it daddy.” I said pushing him away from me. I enjoyed this form of intense foreplay and giving in easily had never been a part of my personality so if he wanted to fuck me he had to work for it. His hands were immediately on my hips pulling me back to him. I felt his hard chest against my back. He was grinding his hardness against me, letting me know the effect I had on his dick.

What are your terms.” He said with his deep voice. He was busy kissing my neck while he was waiting for my answer. I turned around in his arms and looked into his blue eyes. I moved a little closer to his lips, playfully.

Only me...” I whispered looking into his eyes intensely I wanted to manifest the only term I had for this affair. “You can only fuck me… for the next 8 weeks I am here, you will only fuck me... no other women including my mom.” I said and felt his hand tightened the grip around my waist.

No other conditions. If you just stick to this one fundamental rule, you can do whatever you want with me.” I said daring him to not hold back. His hands were immediately on the zipper of my jeans, unzipping in an urgency.

Agreed... how do you want to seal the deal?” He asked biting my lower lip. My hands were immediately on the zipper of his jeans and I kept my eyes on his while unzipping it slowly.

I guess this will be enough.” I said grabbing his dick inside his boxers. A low growl escaped his throat letting me know that he liked what I was doing to him. He was big and I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me. His fingers found my wet folds making me whimper with expectations.

I want to taste you...” He whispered against my lips. He lifted me with his strong arms and threw me onto the bed, he approached me slowly like a real predator. Sliding down my thong and jeans he admired my naked body in front of him for a moment.

So fucking beautiful.” He said going down on me. The first strike of his tongue felt amazing against my throbbing clit. I was desperate for more. He worked his magic slowly sucking and licking every corner of my aching pussy. I was so close to lose myself.

Mmmh... yes!” I moaned while lacing my hands in his hair. I pushed his head further down to my pussy wanting to feel him deeper inside me. His fingers joined his tongue immediately rubbing my aching entrance. He pushed a finger inside adding to the sensation and another finger was added shortly after increasing the effects of his sucking. I was really close when he stopped. He curled his fingers inside and started moving faster.

Come on babe… show daddy how much more wet you can get.” He said increasing his speed. I felt my body started shaking with the power of his movements inside my pussy and I felt a mind-blowing orgasm approach. My moans were echoing inside the room while his intense eyes were watching me. I lost myself shortly after shaking with a powerful orgasm. Pulling out his fingers, he coated my pussy with my own juices. Grabbing his strong hand, I directed his fingers into my mouth licking my own juices while keeping the eye contact. He was biting his lower lip while positioning himself in between my legs.

Fuck me daddy...” I said waiting for his next move. I couldn’t wait to have him buried deep inside of my pussy.

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