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Coating his thick cock with my juices, he rubbed the tip against my clit making me whimper. I wanted him inside but we had to establish some ground rules first. I lifted my leg putting my foot against his defined abs, pushing him lightly away I heard him grunt in frustration. I loved watching the distinct confusion in his eyes.

Easy now…” I said with a devilish grin on my lips. I was looking into his beautiful blue eyes while I was getting on my knees on the bed to level myself with him. My hand wrapped around his hard shaft and I started stroking him slowly, bending down a little I placed kisses on his hard chest and licked his nipples slowly. His hands were roaming over me and when they landed on my jaw he lifted my head to meet his. His lips played with mine and I opened my mouth to let him explore.

Our tongues were exploring while my hand was still stroking his throbbing cock. He was big, bigger than I was used to. The only two people I had slept with before was average but James was bigger than average. I bit his tongue playfully taking over the lead. Sex with James was a battle of domination and it excited me. He grabbed my wrist to stop me from stroking him and I could see the dark pleasure buried in his blue eyes.

Enough.” He said spinning me around so my back was against his chest. He grabbed my breast urgently while his dick found its rightful spot between my thighs. He started rubbing his hard dick against my wet folds, thrusting slowly. The feeling of his pulsing hardness against my wet folds was driving me crazy, I wanted to feel him inside my throbbing pussy. However, he was determined to take his time to enjoy every bit of this intimate encounter.

So wet for daddy... tell me Amy how bad do you want daddy’s dick inside your throbbing wet pussy.” He asked rubbing his hardness against me with rapid thrusts. His mouth was licking and biting the back of my neck, making me feel desperate with every touch.

Mmmmmh…” I moaned losing myself in his arms. The sound of our moans was echoing inside the room alongside the sounds of our naked skins slapping.

On all fours” He commanded letting me fall on to the bed on my hands. Spreading my buttocks, he took a good look on what would become his in a minute. Rubbing his dick slowly against my swollen clit he was preparing to enter me. Few seconds later I felt a pressure when he started penetrating me slowly. He was filling me inch by inch with his pulsing hard cock and I couldn’t hold back my excited moans. He felt so good deep inside my wet pussy.

Fuck...” I moaned when he hit the most sensitive spot deep inside me. No man had ever been able reach that far before.

“So fucking tight...” he growled. “Take me in baby girl... eat me up...” He said while starting to thrust. He was going slow in the beginning, pulling out completely to plunge back into my aching cunt. He was gradually increasing his speed hitting the best spots on his way. I was close to bursting in his arms.

My knees were getting weaker with every powerful thrust and in the end, he was drilling his hardness into my pussy making me scream in pleasure. My pussy was embracing his cock tightly and I could feel him getting closer to his release as well.

Fuck! I haven’t been up in such a tight pussy in long time... your needy hole is embracing my dick so tightly that I can’t last for long...” He said moving even faster. My toes started to curl and I was shaking a little with the arrival of the best orgasm of my life. His thrusts continued prolonging the effects of this amazing orgasm he had just given me and I was all spent in his arms.

A low growl escaped his lips before I felt his pulsing dick release his cum inside my pussy. He was claiming my pussy with every shot of cum and it lasted for at least a minute until he completely emptied his load in me and collapsed on top of me. Kissing the back of my neck he was panting for air. Pulling his dick out of my pussy slowly, he moved to lay next to me before he pulled me closer to his body. Our eyes met with a satisfied smile.

You look even more breathtaking after another orgasm.” He whispered against my lips. His eyes moved to my lips and I was pulled closer to meet his craving lips. This kiss was different from the other urgent kisses we had shared. This was slow and sensual. My eyes closed slowly and I left the lead to him. He was an exceptional kisser and this was probably one of the best kisses I had experienced in my life.

You are awfully silent.” He said after that breathtaking kiss. I had honestly wanted to tease him but at this very moment I was just enjoying being in his arms. He had been worth the wait but I wasn’t going to tell him that, otherwise his ego would be difficult to handle I thought. James was amazing in bed taking his age into consideration. My sexy handsome stepfather was in my bed, spent after the hot sex we just had and I was already craving him again.

My fingers were traveling on his skin mischievously, slowly finding their way to his spent cock. I touched the tip slowly with my index finger awakening the beast I craved. I kissed his jaw slowly feeling his grip around my body tighten. His fingers lifted my chin to meet his eyes and once again I was the prisoner of his beautiful blue eyes.

Behave.” He whispered and placed a kiss on my forehead.

Daddy...” I said playing with his balls slowly, making him almost desperate with need. His hands gripped my wrists pinning them against the bed above my head. His gaze was dark and sexy.

Behave or daddy is going to punish you.” He whispered against my lips sending shivers down my spine. I couldn’t wait to experience the punishment he had in his mind.

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