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I was ready to submit to him. I have never had a man this powerful in my life before and every piercing look he gave me with his blue eyes were like a command. I liked to obey but I also enjoyed to dominate so I would always challenge him in my very own way.

Punish me daddy... show me how good girls are supposed to behave.” I whispered looking into his eyes. His grip around my wrists tightened and amischievous smirk appeared on the corner of his lips.

Good girls don’t fuck their stepfathers...” He said licking my nipples and biting them softly. I started moaning with need butI couldn’t move since his grip around my body was so tight.

Good girls do not seduce their stepfathers...” He whispered against my lips gazing deeply into my eyes before he lifted my bodyand bend me over his lap. His hand caressed my buttocks just before the first spank echoed inside the room.

Good girls wait patiently and take what they are given...” He said continuing spanking. Igniting a fire inside me I enjoyed the painful pleasure he was offering with his hands.

Please daddy... I have been a naughty girl...” I said whispering with each spank. It was painful yet so fulfilling to be at hismercy. I was just wet by the thought of him being rough with me. A fuckinggorgeous man who could take me as he wanted to.

Good girls spread their legs so daddy can see and feel how wet they are...” He said with another slap and I arched in both pain and pleasure. I spread my legsas he had ordered me and felt his fingers graze my wet entrance. He pushed twofingers inside my pussy and started fucking my cunt slowly. I moaned withexcitement, I liked his big fingers inside me.

Mmmm... fuck me...” I moaned desperately and felt another slap on my butt.

Good girls keep quiet...” He said in a husky voice biting my buttocks lightly. He lifted my torso and movedme over to straddle him. He started rubbing the tip of his erect cock against my clitmaking me moan slowly with a growing expectation. I wanted to feel him insidemy pussy again. I needed him to fill me up completely.

Please...” I begged in a whisper, looking deeply into his blue eyes. He was sucking me in andawakening cravings I had never felt before. His lips were immediately on mineclaiming me slowly while his dick was slowly sliding into my aching pussy. I waseating him up. He started with slow thrusts building the tension up, slowly. Everysingle thrust was hitting a new sensitive spot inside me and I was moaning loudly with satisfaction. I was in the arms of a real man who knew how to make his woman scream for more.

Take me in beautiful… Suck me up into that hot pussy of yours... I can’t get enough of you.” He whispered against my neck while I was holding him tightly. My moans were desperate cries for more and I was feeling his dick fill me up with every thrust.

I should be ashamed of doing this with my stepfather but I didn’t care at this point. I had wanted him since the first time I saw him peeping around inside this room, watching me masturbate. I had been fighting with myself to stay away from him but in the end, I couldn’t stop myself from caving into the desire I felt for him.

I want to feel you deeper... harder... faster...” I whispered against his lips keeping my eyes locked on his I knew what I wanted now. Now that I had gotten a taste of what it felt like to be his, I wouldn’t be able stay away from him anymore. This affair had an expiry date and I was thinking of spending all my time in his arms for the next two months before I would leave and go back to London.

Ride me beautiful... daddy wants to feel all of you...” He said falling down against the sheets. Lifting his arms to support his head he looked at me with that demanding sexy gaze. It felt like he was eating me up with those sexy eyes.

I placed my hands on his hard chest feeling every piece of muscle his body was made of. He was a piece of art... beautiful piece of art... Lifting myself I started moving slowly taking him in and letting him out. Every single thrust I made was creating a new sensation. My breasts were bouncing eagerly looking for his attention and his hungry gaze was eating me up from inside. In this very moment the only thing I wanted was to satisfy his needs.

Lifting his hands slowly he grabbed my breasts squeezing them slowly while playing with my nipples. He was a man with many skills, a man who was passionate and experienced. I had missed these two qualities in the bedroom for long time. Moaning softly, I felt his hips started moving with mine. Meeting my thrusts with his, he was drilling his hard shaft deeper in to my pussy.

Please! Don’t stop!” I moaned with the increasing intensity of his thrusts. Grabbing my hips, he got a steady hold and started fucking me like a slut, rough and merciless. I loved feeling him pulsing inside my pussy. He was filling me up inch by inch and I was losing myself in this intense fucking session. My count on lovers were limited but damn he was the best I have had in my entire life.

Yes baby... come for daddy! I want to feel your juices coat my dick entirely.” He said feeling my arriving orgasm. I was embracing his hard shaft intensely with my building orgasm. Unexpectedly the waves of pleasure washed over me and I came. He kept on thrusting rapidly into my pussy, making me shake harder with every wave of orgasm that followed. Feeling him still hard and strong inside of me I collapsed on to his chest with my intense orgasm while he was still pumping into me, desperately looking for his own release.

Continuously drilling his hard shaft into me he released his cum inside my cunt a few minutes later. His growling moans were the best music to my ears. I kissed his neck slowly while he was emptying his load into me... I couldn’t help but crave him even more... I had been sex starved for so long and now that I had gotten hold of a man who offered me mind blowing sex, I wanted to fuck him until we both were spent completely.

“I want more…” I whispered shamelessly.

“Easy now little one. Daddy has plenty of things to teach you and patience is one of them.” He whispered kissing me slowly. Pulling out of me he tugged me in to a tightembrace letting me feel his hard chest against my bare back.

First, rest a little. We have plenty of time to work on your needs and attitude.” He whispered, biting my neck playfully. I closed my eyes peacefully, feeling his strong arms around me.

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