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Sleeping was impossible in James arms. I was constantly thinking about the amazing rounds of sex we had just had and I wanted to feel him more. He was married to my mom on paper but that couldn’t stop me from wanting him. We had both desired this and now that we had a taste of each other there were no way we could go back to what we were before this.

You cannot sleep?” He asked with a low whisper knowing that I was wide awake. I shifted my body in his arms to meet his beautiful blue eyes. I placed my hand on his jaw and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. I was immediately pulled in for another kiss which was more intimate and demanding. When he released my lips, I was out of breath.

I can’t get enough. I have constant cravings for you.” I whispered a little shy. I was being the most honest I had been in the past weeks, both to him and myself. This wasn’t love I knew it wasn’t but I desired him intensely. My other hand was trailing down his hard chest feeling his muscles. For a man in his late 40s he looked amazing, even better than my ex, Brandon.

You look good for a 47-year old man...” I said boldly, imagining how good it would be to fuck him inside the gym, after his daily workout, when he was hot and covered in sweat.

And you have such a tight pussy for a 25-year old, sextually active woman.” He said brushing his fingers down between my breasts, circling around my nipples playfully. Fuck, he was such a tease!

I have only been in two serious relationships. I haven’t been the type to sleep around with men I didn’t feel a connection to.” I said and he looked into my eyes. All of a sudden, his gaze turned serious.

So, you think we have a connection?” He asked a little hesitant. This wasn’t a love declaration we both knew it but we were attracted to each other.

I think we have amazing chemistry. The sexual tension between us is indescribable and makes me crave you even more every single time.” I said feeling bold. What was there to hide anymore? I had already screamed his name like a little slut just before when he fucked me liked he owned me. He knew how much I had enjoyed it and how much I wanted to do it again.

Did you enjoy giving daddy blue balls?” He asked abruptly and started showering my neck with kisses. He was such an incredible man who knew how to turn on my switches. I moaned lightly to his finger’s playful movements on my nipples. I wanted him, I wanted more from him.

You can’t imagine how many nights I have spent in this bed masturbating while thinking of you...” I whispered. It was the truth. I was trying to calm myself down after each encounter but I would end up touching myself with the thought of him doing to me.

Also, in the shower?” He whispered continuing his teasing kisses on my skin. I was close to melting into him.

Especially in the shower. I have imagined how good it would feel to get fucked by you inside the shower, the hot tub and on the counter...” I whispered losing myself in his manly groans. We were turning each other on with just words and gentle touches.

Let’s put some of those fantasies to action...” He whispered, lifting me from the bed and walking us towards the bathroom. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling with excitement. I touched his lips playfully looking into his eyes.

Not tired yet?” I asked playfully and he bit one of my fingers.

I am pretty certain that I can tire you out baby.” He said smiling sheepishly. Entering the bathroom, he put me down on my feet. My arms were still around his neck when I pulled him down for a long, slow kiss, enjoying every second of having his naked body pressed against mine. When we broke the kiss we were both breathless and hungry for each other.

Will you fuck me inside the shower cabin… Daddy?” I said brushing my hands down his chest and circling his nipples playfully with my fingers. Kissing him lightly down his neck I went further down to lick his nipples. His low growls were a pure sign of enjoyment and I felt his fingers wrap around my hair. He pulled me away lightly.

So impatient...” He whispered looking deeply in to my eyes. I liked how he dominated me like this. I had never felt this type of a power dynamic with any partner before.

Will you punish me again, Daddy?” I asked playfully moving my hands down to his shaft. Stroking it a few times I kept the eye contact, every move… every touch… every word was a dare.

I will, if you don’t behave.” He said grabbing my wrists and pushing me inside the shower cabin. He turned on the hot water with one hand while trying hold me under his control with the other. I liked to watch what I was doing to him and I enjoyed every second. He turned me around and pushed us under the hot water and I felt his half erect cock against my ass.Grabbing my hair lightly he pulled my body closer to his and I couldn’t stop whimpering with the exciting rubs of his cock against my wet skin.

Spread your legs a little.” He ordered and I obeyed like his little slut. One of his hands traveled down to play with my swollen clit. I let out a moan leaning closer into his hard chest.

Please… I need more...” I begged and he stopped. Turning me around he grabbed my chin lightly.

Work for it little one... if you want me to fuck you hard and make you come… work for it!” He said, pushing me slowly down to meet his half erect cock. It looked delicious and ready to be claimed. I grabbed it and started stroking it slowly before my tongue joined in. I licked him like the best dessert I had ever had in my life and I took him inside my mouth. He filled my mouth inch by inch, down to my throat. He was big.

Fuck...” He moaned and grabbed my hair before he took the lead. He started thrusting faster into my mouth making me gag. He pulled out and lifted me to my feet, giving me a long intimate kiss.

You are a troublemaker... but I like it.” He said, lifting me up in his arms and entering my pussy in that position. My arms were around his neck holding my body steady while he was rocking me in his arms. He was strong and I liked how he fucked me, effortlessly. No man had ever dared to dominate me but he was enjoying to playing me around and I wasn’t complaining. I could easily become his sex slave if he could promise to fuck me like this every single day for the rest of my life.

Aaah yes... fuck me harder daddy! I want to feel you deep inside my pussy.” I said and he immediately pushed my back against the wall of the shower to balance my body when he started to thrust faster and deeper into me. God it felt amazing to be in his arms. His cock was striking all the right spots on his way into me and I was crying out his name in a haze.

Fuck! I love it when you start squeezing my dick inside you. Are you close baby?” He asked knowing that I just needed another push to come all over his hard cock inside me.

Aaaah yes! I’m coming...” I moaned, feeling every inch of him invade me.

Yes baby... suck me into your warmth. Tell me how good I make you feel.” He said and I wrapped my legs around his waist taking him in deeper before coming with a loud moan. My pussy was embracing his hard cock tightly while washing his erection with all my juices. He kept on thrusting powerfully letting me feel the strong aftershocks of my orgasm. Moaning his name countless times, I wanted to feel him cum inside me again. I leaned in to give him a wet tongue kiss. Losing myself in his arms I bit his tongue lightly before I gave him a mischievous smile.

Daddy...” I whispered against his lips and felt his dick tense inside of me. I loved how much power a word had on him. Grabbing my hips tighter he fucked me harder and deeper until he released his hot cum inside of me. I felt his aching cock empty every drop of his load in the depths of my pussy. Our exhausted bodies collapsed against each other and we were both trying to catch our breath.

Helping me down on my feet, he helped me balance. He placed a tender kiss on my lips and helped me get cleaned. He was so damn sexy... naked and wet. I was trying hard to keep my hands to myself but it was hard when the only thing I wanted was to eat him up. When we finished inside the shower, I wrapped a towel around my body and watched James do the same. Leaning against the door frame he started admiring my body with lustful look in his eyes.

I wish I could stay and spend the night with you in my arms but we wouldn’t want your mom to know about our little secret.” He said reaching me and kissing my lips one last time. It was the first time I had thought about my mother tonight but I wasn’t feeling any guilt.

Mmmh...” I moaned playfully biting my lips. I was playing with fire and I wasn’t afraid to burn.

I will be thinking of you, Daddy.” I whispered, brushing my fingertips against his arm. I knew that tonight had erased all boundaries between us and we had two long months ahead us to explore what was ahead. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me again.

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