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BDSM Stories - The Daddy-Dom

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The beginning of a short story series about BDSM relationships. If you are triggered by anything BDSM related, strong language and explicit non vanilla sex scenes, don't read!

Mere Darkness
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The Daddy-Dom

Daddy takes his sub to a diner, sitting in the back, they share a booth. He takes out his phone sliding nearer to his sub and to show her some innocent videoclips, while he slips his hand under her skirt and rubs her pussy through her panties. She lets out a soft moan.
"Watch the video, keep quiet and enjoy, little one," he whispers and places a kiss on her temple.
Soon she was biting her lip, to suppress her moans and he felt her wetness seeping through the fabric.
He bends down to whisper in her ear, "I know you want to cum badly, little one,"
and kisses her neck.
She nods, "Yes, daddy. Please may I cum?"
He pulls his hand away, "No."
Then closes the app on his phone and puts it away.
He caughts sight of his sub pressing her legs together and biting her lip. Looking her in the eyes he warns, "Don't you dare!"
She opens her legs immediately.
"I'm sorry. I'll behave, daddy."
"Good girl," he sips on his coffee. "Now go to the restrooms, take your panties off and wait for me."
"Yes, daddy."
He watches in utter amusement as his sub almost falls over her own feet, to follow his command as fast as possible.

Looking at his watch he decides to let her wait and orders another coffee. The diner is almost empty by now and halfway through his coffee, he gets up to make his way to the restrooms, down the stairs. .
On the way he snatches a wooden wedge from the floor beside a cleaning bucket and walks into the restroom, where his sub awaits him patiently.
He closes the door and puts the wedge in place to lock it.
"Turn around, bend forward, put your hands to the wall and spread your legs wide."
"Yes, daddy."
She does as told, hears him opening his belt buckle and pulling the belt off his pants, she shivers in anticipation.
He folds his belt in half and takes position sideways behind her to get the right aim.
Ten hard strikes on each ass cheek later, his sub is shaking and he caresses the reddened welted skin on her ass, before he slides his hand between her legs, shoving two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy.
"Always wet for me, little one."
"Yes, daddy," she moans as he continues to finger fuck her, getting her on edge before he pulls them out. She makes a noise of frustration, not seeing the evil smile on his face. He takes two steps away to lean on the closed door.
Opening his pants he says, "Come here, little one. Put your mouth to use and show me how much you want me."
She pushes herself away from the wall, turns around, takes a few steps to get to him, then falls to her knees. He whips his cock out and she latches onto it, sucking his tip into her hot mouth. Eagerly she worships his erection, licking, sucking and bobbing her head up and down his length, moaning softly and getting wetter hearing him sighing. Suddenly he grabs her head with both hands and begin to fuck her face. She opens her mouth wider, tries to relax her throat and fight the gag reflex. Tears begin to stream down her face and she feels the tickling of snot coming off her nose because of the gagging. He pulls her all the way down his shaft and holds her there, watching her choke and struggle against his hold. She taps his leg furiously, looking up to him.
"Just a little longer, little one. Can you do this for daddy?"
She blinks twice for 'yes' and tries to hold on and relax. A moment later he let her mouth slide off his length.
"Good girl," he says, wiping the tears and snot off her face.
"Thank you, daddy."

He helps her up and walks her over to the sink. Standing behind her making her face the mirror he opens her shirt and pulls roughly the bra down to expose her breasts. Pinching and twisting her nipples, he looks at the mirror to see the expression of abandon and lust on her face and her mouth forming an O as he pushes his hard cock into her wet pussy.
Feeling her wetness staining his groin and her insides clenching around him with every hard thrust, he knows she's edging again and pulls out. "No please, daddy," she whines and stiffens as he pushes his wet tip to her tight rim.
"Relax, little one. Let daddy fuck your tight little asshole."
She blushes, bites her lip but pushes her ass out to him. It wasn't the first time he used her ass and so he could slide in without much effort. Balls deep into her ass he says, "That's it little one. Feels good, huh?"
"Yes, daddy."
As he began to thrust he slid his fingers down her front to rub her clit.
She moans and begins to push her ass back to meet his thrusts. He knows she's getting on edge again.
"Cum for daddy," he says and feels her clenching around him immediately. He fucks her harder now, prolonging her orgasm with his fingers on her clit and rubs through her folds to tease her opening too.
Her legs started shaking and he finally let loose and spilled his cum into her, while he pushed his fingers deep into her pussy, making her cum one more time.
He kisses her neck and pulls out of her. Giving her backside a clap he says, "Good girl. Now clean yourself."
"Thank you, daddy."

He washes his hands, straightens his clothes and unlocks the door, then leaves to sit in the booth again, sipping his cold coffee with an expression of deep satisfaction on his face.

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