Erotic Secrets

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Each chapter will contain a single "sexual fantasy" or event. This is my original work and based purely on my imagination, filled with steamy erotic smut. These chapters are longer than normal, I know how we all like to read very descriptive books or in this case chapters. This is my original work and subject to copyright.

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Chapter 1 - Beer Special

Sitting at the bar drinking a beer I cross one long tanned leg over the other, allowing my tight navy mini skirt to ride higher up my thigh than what I would like. I might like beer, but I am not one to show off too much of my body. I hate my work uniform. It consists of a tight mini skirt and a tight white button-down blouse with a plunging neckline that leaves nothing to the imagination. My boss is a 55 year old man that likes uniformity at the office hence this atrocious uniform.

Although he sounds creepy as fuck, he is quite handsome for his age. He has black hair with streaks of grey on the sides, ocean blue eyes that you can drown in and for his age his body is toned with muscles in all the right places. I have caught him staring at me quite a few times when I pass by his office but we have never spoken even though I don’t deny ogling him when I pass by his office, I mean he is hot as fuck. He is the CEO of the company and I am in marketing, our paths don’t exactly cross as I report to his secretary, Ruth, which is an absolute bitch to me.

I am waiting at the bar for my boyfriend of six months, I am supposed to meet his parents tonight and I still have to go home and change. Matthew is the sweetest guy I have ever met, blond with brown eyes and a physique to die for. We are thinking of taking the next step in our relationship, moving in together, but before we can do that he wants me to meet his parents, hence me waiting at the bar for him to pick me up and take me home so that I can change for dinner. There is only one problem, Matthew does nothing for me sexually. He is a considerate lover, I mean he gets me to the end zone, sometimes, even if I must fake it, but there is no spontaneity, stomach in a twist lust, legs shaking orgasms or tear of your clothes sexual desire. It is pure, almost PG vanilla sex, which to me is boring. I need a dominant lover that will make my toes curl with almost every orgasm, that doesn’t mind exploring different positions, places or maybe even toys, occasionally.

So here I am a 23-year-old woman at a bar drinking my beer bored out of my fucking mind. I snap abruptly out of my mind-numbing thoughts when I realize someone is standing behind me. Thinking it was Matthew I spin around on the bar stool but almost fall off when I see the man standing behind me. It is none other than my boss. “Mr. Acker, what are you doing here”, I stammer finally finding my voice. I have never been this close to him but I am drowning in his ocean blue eyes and his cologne mixed with his natural woodsy scent is giving me butterflies. He gives me a panty dropping smirk sliding onto the bar stool next to me. “Surely a man can have a drink after work before going home or is it unheard of at my age, Casandra?”. “No no, not unheard of”, I stammer again like a blabbering idiot, which I am not, I wonder how he knows my name. “Bourbon, neat for me and another beer for the lady” he says to the barman. Our drinks are placed on the bar counter with lightning speed. I take a big gulp from my beer downing almost half before placing the bottle back on the counter. The uncomfortable silence is broken by the Greek God, yes, being this close to him definitely places him in that category now that I can see all his features and don’t even get me started on his toned forearms. If I wasn’t holding on to the bar, I would be sliding of the stool with how wet he was making me. His button down is rolled up to his elbows and I can see every flex of his muscles. “So, what brings you here Casandra?”.

“I am waiting for my boyfriend, we are supposed to meet up before going to dinner with his parents”. “That sounds…..nice”, he says in a bored monotone. “Urgh, Mr. Acker, please excuse me, I need to use the restroom”, I stammer. I feel like a complete idiot it is not like he is my companion and I need to be nice to him, he is just my boss after all. He raises his one eyebrow as if to ask what my bathroom habits has to do with him before returning his attention to his bourbon.

Walking to the bathroom as quickly as my long legs can carry me I splash some cold water on my face flushed face before dabbing my face dry with a hand towel I hear the bathroom door open. Mr. Acker turns and locks the door behind him. “Mr. Acker, what are you doing”, I ask perplexed.

“Isn’t it obvious Casandra”, he says while languidly walking towards me. With each step he takes forward I take one back until I reach the basin with nowhere else to go I try to steady myself on the counter behind me. “Casandra, I have watched you for a few months now, you always think I don’t see you walk past my office staring at me but not just that, I see how sexy your body is, how your ass fits perfectly in your skirt and this shirt, trust me, leaves nothing to the imagination. I have masturbated with the thought of fucking your voluptuous tits. It is as if it were made for me”. With every word he says my core clenches and my panties are already drenched. He places his hands next to mine caging me in without any escape, I have no choice but to look into his ocean eyes to see the pure and utter lust he has for me. Leaning his head down slowly giving me time to reject his onslaught, if I want to, my arms lift of their own accord pulling him closer to me, my mouth capturing his in a heated passionate kiss. His one hand circles my waist lifting me up on the counter, his other hand circles my neck applying just enough pressure to make me moan. Who would have thought that my fifty-five-year-old boss was like this, passionately aggressive? He deepens the kiss while sliding my skirt up exposing my thighs and soaking wet panties. His hand circles my clit making me moan into his mouth. Fuck this I thought, he is sexy as fuck and obviously experienced, who am I to deny myself this pleasure. Pulling him closer my hands tug on his belt, loosening it before sliding his zipper down. My hand move out of its own accord into his boxers stroking his very erect, very large erection, my fingers brush over his tip the pre-cum evident making me moan again. stopping for a mere second, he rips my panties as if it is a piece of paper, putting the ripped panties in his trouser pocket. He plunges two fingers in my wet pussy making me almost come on the spot. He finds my g-spot and continues his come-hither movements with his fingers, on the brink of my orgasm, he vigorously smashes his lips on mine massaging his tongue over mine taking my moan into his mouth while choking me with his other hand. I cannot hold it any longer, I come with such intensity, I think I squirted a little, a first for me. Sliding me closer to the edge of the counter, he plunges his throbbing cock inside my welcoming pussy filling me to the hilt. Another first for me. His one arm steadies my back and the other keeps enough pressure on my throat to keep me on the edge of euphoria.

“Don’t come until I tell you to, do you understand Cas baby?”. Even if I wanted to, I would not have been able to answer him. I dig my nails into his back to try and steady myself but to no avail. He was fucking me as if I was his last breath. I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer “I am going to cum Levi”. In this situation I seriously doubt that he wants me to call him Mr Acker. “Fuck I love the way you moan my name, Cas, moan it again and I might just let you come”. “Levi”, I throatily moan. “Come for me baby”, and I do, my orgasms spasm through me like a waterfall, I squirt for the second time in my life. Levi keeps pumping in and out of me a few more times before he too comes, claiming my mouth as he does, in a soft endearing kiss, which is the polar opposite of all his other kisses thus far.

“This wasn’t just a fuck Cas, I have wanted you for so long but never had the chance to make a move and now that I have, I want your sweet pussy every chance I get and trust me, I will find a way to have you everyday”.

“I can’t Levi, I have a boyfriend”. “Ah yes, the infamous Matthew the entire office has heard about. Let’s see how things go tonight before you decide, shall we”. His words have me confused, he is already straightening his clothes, tucking in his button up into his suit trousers I notice some of my juices squirted on his shirt, fuck, how do we explain that?

“I will go out first and you follow a few minutes after me, Cas”, before I can respond he has already unlocked and exited the bathroom. Straightening my clothes as much as possible, I exit the bathroom commando, feeling some of his cum leaking out of my pussy, fuck.

When I get back to the bar Levi is talking to Matthew and smiling, fuck my life. “Yo Casandra, I would like you to introduce you to someone, this is my step-father Levi Acker but for all intents and purposes he is like my own father. Dad, this is the woman I was telling you about, he says while pulling me closer to him.

In that moment I realized three things, one Matthew’s stepdad utterly rocked my sexual fantasy world, two, he fucked me bare, neither of us even thought of a condom during our frenzy and thirdly, I am utterly fucked because I know Levi and I will fuck again, and again, him being Matthew’s stepfather just paved the easy road for achieving that, especially since he fucked me exactly how I craved for so long.

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