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The Lycan's Fairy [18+]

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Chapter 3

6 months later

Anubis and I are best friends. The bestest of best friends!

Even his pack and I have been introduced and get along fine, although Anubis would often get possessive and jealous of my attention being taken by any of his brothers.

So? I was mostly Anubis’ friend.

I sat on his shoulder and slept in his ear.

He didn’t seem to mind that, since he hibernated for most of the month anyway until it was the night of the Full Moon.

While he was looking after the Afterlife, which was in the valley over the dune, which was another restricted zone in the Under, I looked after his temple.

I went around cleaning it all and maintaining it. I also helped stitch his clothes when they had holes. Any time Anubis had a guest or otherwise, I would alert him before he would even know. We had a symbiotic relationship.

Anubis, however, had a curse upon him. His curse? Was indeed loneliness.

Most of it was abated by my presence, but it did not change his loneliness in regards for a mate. It was the reason he was stuck in the Under, and only powerful enough once a month, usually when a sacrifice was made to him. Most of the time it was animals, sometimes it was human.

I didn’t like that part, but I did enjoy his company over all.

Until I noticed very recently that he was bursting with Lust, and his fur was changing from moon silver to midnight black. I read about it, and I was terrified. I knew, from his pheromones, which were changing his aura, that he would have to mate eventually. Anubis said he had many sex slaves in the past, all willing.

I was slightly worried the next sacrifice wouldn’t be a meal, but a chance for me to be forgotten. Eh… I know, a little silly of me, but – I had grown quite attached to my demon.

And then, today, it was my 20th birthday.

The gift for me was waking with extreme jealousy. I had a strong gut feeling my time in his company was limited. I had to make a change. Anubis and the pack were getting tired of my presence, they were full of lust for the next sacrifice, due at the stroke of midnight.

They had forgotten it was my birthday, but I had not forgotten! So I had taken matters into my own hands.

I sit alone on the alter at the centre of the Temple, after aligning a full skeleton in it’s place from a previous bride.

I sit myself inside the skull, while holding a small candle I made and the spell in my head.

I had been planning this for some time.

I wanted to be human for a night.

So they could see me in the flesh and really acknowledge me and never forget me! I wouldn’t just be the Fairy in the reflection anymore!

“With death I depart, give me life for my magic’s art,” I pick up a nut shell I filled with water and I look at my reflection, “I see my body and I trade my Fate, for a body held with a chain,” I blow out the candle and I breathe in the smoke to make my wish, “I wish to be human for Anubis, my best friend,” I whisper.

I wait for the spell to work.

The only problem is how well it works.

The skeleton thrusts together and flesh is made – I am woven together with magic, into a human body representing me.

There’s only one down side to the spell being so successful.

I’m stuck. And I’m fucking burning.

I’m chained down to the alter, with a symbolic chain I laid on top of the bones. It’s wrapped itself like a snake, around again and again, holding my new body in place.

I am hot.

My throat is parched.

Steam rises around me as my sweat burns off my body.

“Help!” I call out, because I feel like the chains themselves are burning me, “ANUBIS! HELP!” I try to breathe steady, and I can’t help but grit my teeth, “…help…help…”

I struggle against the chains, but it makes it worse.

A strong gust of wind travels through the windows and blows some relieving cool air over me.

I gasp in that oxygen, whimpering from the growing pain of the scorching chains.

I can’t survive this, I feel like I’m being cooked alive!

I wiggle my ankle as best as I can backward, and I manage to free one foot.

Okay, I can maybe get out of this, I just had to concentrate.

I keep pulling on my leg which is more loose to move around. I try to roll down the chain off my other knee.

“AH!” I scream out and bang my head back down on the alter in frustration, “Please, can someone help me already?! ANUBIS!

Just as I’m truly allowing myself to beg in desperation, giant shadows fill the front of the temple.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I gasp in another breath, as Anubis appears over my head, reaching me first.

Not one for many words, he notices the chains are burning me into the alter. He picks the end of the chain up and it just floats into his hand.

With a basic pull, the chains fall off me, one section at a time.

I can finally sit up, seeing my red skin still throbbing.

The chain itself has cooled down dramatically, after it was in the grasp of Anubis.

“Thank you,” I cry a little bit in relief but also smile at the same time, “Surprise! Now we can all play together – I’m the right size, you can all see me, I’m here with you now,” I push my legs off the altar, and I’m preparing to jump down, while looking over the pack with a friendly smirk. They all seem impressed that I’m now a proper size, just taking me in, “What game shall we play first while it is still my birthday?” I ask them all. A Fairy had no real fear, but as a human, I can feel different feelings flowing through me. I notice many of them at once, instead of small realisations at a time, it’s nice to be so much bigger in every way! “Well?” No one in the pack is answering me.

I feel a whole bunch of spit drool onto my shoulder, and I look behind me, to Anubis.

I’m now smirking friendly up at him, while he is towering over me, speechless – or so I think.

He’s looped the chain, and he places it around my head, so it rests on my shoulders.

The chain links are truly cooled off now, but I still wince as it touches me, expecting a scorching touch.

I wonder if Anubis is just teasing me, as he does have a wicked sense of humour – at least that is what I wonder until I realise the game I wanted to play? Just ended before it even began.

Because the Lycan holding the chain – my best friend – jerks on the chain around my throat like a leash and it pulls my neck backward into his rock hard abs.

Anubis is growling, and still drooling all over my face, while the pack pace closer.

Does he actually disapprove of this transformation?

“Talk to me,” I beg him, “What are you doing? I did this for you –”

Anubis leans down to my face, all his teeth bared, until he asks at my ear.

“…why, Cleo…?”

That question is a dangerous one.

As I’m thinking about my answer seriously, there is a fat, warm, Lycan tongue – swiping between my lazily parted naked legs.

I immediately try to close them, when a hot rush shoots up my spine like a bolt of lightning.

What was that?

That hot flush inside me?

When I dare to look down, the pack is spreading my legs wide apart, as they hustle against each other to try and take turns to lick and slobber over my pussy! Oh my fuck!

I watch with wide eyes as Heaven pushes his tongue through my body, and Hell licks the hood over my clit, to then roughly lick my clit in jagged motions. F-fuck! Fuck!

“Help me!” I beg Anubis on a whimper, “H-hell is–”

Anubis slides me back across the altar, with the chain, inadvertently choking me – but saving me from the pack by pulling me away from their claws.

I gasp and breathe when the chain loosens, but only to see the pack now snarling at their King.

“Cleo,” Anubis calls my name, as he jerks me back another inch, until I assume I’ll feel his hot torso behind my back again.

I feel something else.

I hit a hot hard cock, is lining up with my spine, pulsing with the hellish heat of a fevered demon. Ah, oh –

“No, oh no, this isn’t what I meant to happen,” I betray my deepest desires, as I scramble and crawl around to face Anubis, still holding the chain tight to keep me close to him. In a bit of a silly move, I grab a hold of his massive shaft to steady myself, hugging it between my breasts as the head of his cock is just under my chin, and I’m staring up at him with a plea in my gaze, “Please,” I whisper, my throat parched.

The worst part?

I don’t know why I said please.

I don’t know what I’m asking for, except that I’m wanting so bad – and it’s hard to admit what I really want. They were my friends. But –

Anubis breaks my neurotic thought pattern with a reality check.

“Next full moon you were going to die, you were getting really fucking annoying – talking so much, pulling on my heart strings… while being useless all the while,” Anubis admits to me, his cold and brutal truth, “Until now. You sensed your end coming? It would have been better to die without this happening in-between.”

I’m still hugging his dick. Looking for comfort.

Anubis is painfully aware I can’t let go, and my mouth is starting to salivate from the devilish smell emanating from his tight and heavy balls.

“I thought you liked me,” I whimper, my knees spreading as I’m kneeling into his cock, and my ass is high – so the others are all staring at my back end.

I feel a tongue scrape across on the sole of my foot, and Anubis does thankfully snarl at his brothers to back off and have patience.

His crimson eyes drop to mine.

He doesn’t lose his demonic nature. There is no compassion for me like this, more accessible to be defiled.

“Stop talking and serve me, slut,” Anubis commands me, like a King, not desperate at all. I am the one squeezing his dick between my breasts uncontrollably. I’ve opened my mouth already, feeling euphoria fill me with the pheromones flooding my lungs, I drop my mouth down onto his cock and lick around the large head, “When did you assume I liked you? I’ve tolerated you… little brat,” I hear a little bit of kindness peep through with those two words and I smile.

In response, Anubis jerks the chain and I gasp again.

His lifted my head up, and my body.

I am higher now, closer to his eyes, yet still far away.

“I grew to enjoy your company, Anubis,” I tell him, “Promise me you’ll be kind, I won’t disturb you like this…” I promise him, “It’s only until the morning.”

“You won’t be here in the morning,” Anubis growls over my face, “I finally found your name and list. It was your birthday present.”

You did –?

Anubis puts one Lycan hand around my mouth.

“Cleo,” Anubis rarely snarls my name and he’s done it three times in one night, “Let’s send you home with a farewell you won’t forget. So you’ll have nightmares forever and you’ll never forget me. I promise you. Little slut. You’ll regret this.”

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