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Chasing her dream of becoming a lawyer, Blue moves to New York and starts NYU Law School. Life in the big city is difficult and she can barely make the ends meet. One day she decides to ask her roommate Lisa for help to solve her financial issues since Lisa seems to have cracked the code of financial survival. Lisa offers her a job that requires minimal skills and offers maximum pleasure. Blue is intrigued by the job and how much she can make with just a few hours so she accepts the job offer and joins Lisa. In her first job as an escort Blue meets Liam and his friends. Hiding her true identity, she spends a steamy night in a hotel room with them enjoying the perks of her new job but little does she know about Liam and who he is. DISCLAIMER: Contains explicit sexual content!

Erotica / Romance
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Blue is a 24-year old NYU law school student who is in her senior year of her degree program. Growing up in orphanage, she had very small chances of getting out of the toxic environment that surrounded her. She was one of the lucky ones who had the brains to dig herself out of the mud. She had worked hard to get into NYU Law School and the scholarship she had received, covering only her tuition. She had worked hard to get where she was today and couldn’t tolerate to lose everything because of her unstable financial situation.


Liam is a 32-year old general practice lawyer who is also the owner of a major law firm in New York, Connor Law firm. He took over the business after the death of his father 2 years ago. Liam is reserved man who refrains from serious romantic relationships. Women are all the same for him, untrustworthy. His mother left his father for another man when Liam was 3 years old. Liam was raised by his strict father who taught him how to become a goal oriented and cold-hearted man who could win any case at court.


Lisa is a 26-year old escort.


Professor at NYU Law School.


General practice lawyer based in London. He is a consultant for Connor Law Firm in some specific international cases.


Corporate Lawyer at Connor Law Firm.


Tax Lawyer at Connor Law Firm.

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