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Waking up, I felt Liam’s possessive grip around me. Facing his handsome face in the morning, my heart skipped a beat. How could a man this perfect be such an asshole I thought looking at his sleeping face. We had to stop waking up in a bed together if we wanted to keep all this professional I thought. Something about him intimidated me, it was like he was hiding something. Something deep inside him that had marked him for life and turned him into the man he was today. He reminded me of myself in many ways. His anger was one. He was hiding it under all those layers of himself but I felt it whenever we were having sex. He was deliberately making me feel it.

No… Please… Don’t leave… Please,” he started whining in his sleep. His grip around my body tightened and became almost painful.

Liam…” I said but he wasn’t registering my voice at all. “Liam! You are hurting me!” I yelled and his eyes shot open immediately. Pushing me away from himself. His eyes were covered in fear and he left the bed immediately and went into the connected bathroom. I couldn’t understand what had happened but I stood up from the bed and covered my naked body in the sheets. Grabbing a bottle of water from the bedside table I noticed the discarded foils and felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I was here because of the money but was this really worth the money at all? Liam came out of the bathroom and his eyes landed immediately on me. Approaching me slowly he grabbed the bottle of water out of my hands and started to drink.

Are you okay?” I asked but he was silent. He made himself busy with the bottle of water while his eyes were avoiding mine. “Liam?” I asked and his aura had changed immediately. His eyes found mine.

You are not here to worry about me, you are here to fuck me so shut up and quit asking my any questions,” he said and crashed his lips on mine. This kiss was fierce and angry, I felt it deep down that he was just trying to make the pain inside of him fade. Pushing me back on to the bed on my hands he tore apart the sheets I had used to cover my body. Grabbing my hair violently he shoved his cock into my sleek pussy, breaking me up entirely with his length. It was like he was getting revenge. Feeling the direct skin to skin connection I panicked knowing what he had done and I tried to get away from his strong grip.

What are you doing?” I said furious knowing that he had entered me bare, without any protection. Leaning in on my body he nested inside me, without letting me go away.

You can take a morning after pill,” he said making a deep thrust. Yanking my hair violently to the side to give me an intense kiss. Every cell in my body was screaming to feel him deeper and deeper but my heart hated this scumbag. I hated him for taking advantage of my situation and I hated him for the attitude he had towards me.

Ugh, I hate you…” I uttered the words that I had thought of since the beginning of the weekend.

Your pussy is telling another story…” he said continued thrusting into me. His cock was tightly nested inside my pussy and I could feel every single friction of him when he moved in and out. My urgent moans filled the room and I was close to my climax.

Don’t feel special. I just happen to enjoy getting fucked. I am sure Ethen would have done a better job,” I said not giving him the chance to think that he had won this round.

Don’t you fucking dare to mention another man’s name when my cock is inside your pussy,” he said making another hard thrust. His grunts filled the room and I felt his cock jerk inside of me. His warm seeds were released into my womb filling me with him. He stayed in me until he had completely jerked his load into my cunt. Feeling him leave my tightness I felt a sudden emptiness. Drops of his cum trickled down my thighs but he wasn’t letting me go yet, holding my hips tightly.

When I felt his tongue on my inner thighs, I knew what was happening. He was licking me clean of our mixed juices and I found it very arousing. His tongue moved closer to my pussy and he started sucking my swollen clit. He made sure to bite it in between so he could earn a well-deserved moan from my lips. I came hard shaking violently with my orgasm and I collapsed on the bed. He collapsed next to me and looked at me for a second and I couldn’t understand the look in his eyes. He moved closer and crashed his lips on mine, kissing me slowly. A kiss that would have made my knees weak if I was standing. Pulling away slightly, I couldn’t stop my lips from curving into a smile. I closed my eyes and drifted into a sleep where I was hoping to meet a version of Liam that was less cruel and more the man who was next to me kissing me to sleep right now with his tender lips.


Fuck I had messed it up… I had kissed her. I had kissed her like I would have kissed a woman I desired, a woman I wanted but I didn’t do romance. I wasn’t that guy. I didn’t do relationships and especially not with a whore. She reminded me so much of her, the woman I hated the most in my life, my mother. My father should have known that no good would have come out of marrying a whore like my mother. Once a whore always a whore. In the end being the fucking whore, she was, she had left me and my father for another man. Sleeping around with my father’s friends she had made a name for herself. It irked me to know that I was her child.

When I first started sleeping around with escorts, it was to understand why she had left, for what kind of a life she had left us for. I came to realize that for some women this was the inevitable but for my mother it was just pure fun. Sleeping around with men for money… she enjoyed it. Like the woman next to me. Baby had caught my attention in the beginning, her innocence and beauty were exceptional qualities but the desperation in her eyes had caught my attention. I fed on that desperation as the monster I was. I wanted her to feel worthless and used but even with all the mean words she was still worried about me.

It bothered me to know how much she enjoyed everything I did to her but it also pleased me to know how much she was craving it. Fuck! I was just as messed up as my mother but I had made a promise to myself that I would stay a lone wolf until my last breath. No woman. No children. Just me. I was hoping that after this weekend, Baby would have enough money to escape that desperation in her eyes. If she could, I wouldn’t meet her again and I had made peace with that.

Looking at her face I couldn’t stop my heart from racing. This was fucked up and I had to gather my thoughts before I made another mistake like fucking her bare. I knew the fact that she was on birth control and she had a clean bill of sexual health but even the slightest possibility of a pregnancy was there. I had to make sure that she remembered the morning after pill. Brushing a strand of hair away from her face I couldn’t stop myself from getting curious about her. She looked young but composed. I wondered what kind of a life she was living outside the walls of this penthouse suite.

Who are you…?” I whispered, wishing her to answer that question. Would it make a difference if I knew the real woman behind Baby? I don’t think so. I wasn’t built to love or care so I would most probably give her more bad memories to remember me by.

Liam…” she whispered and opened her eyes. My heart stared beating like crazy knowing that she was awake and looking into my eyes.

I am sorry…” I blurted out knowing that it was going to be the only sorry I was going to give her this weekend. “… I shouldn’t have fucked you without a condom.” I said looking away from her eyes.

Don’t worry about it,” she said and sat on the bed facing me completely. “I am on birth control,” she said looking at me but my eyes refused to meet her again.

I know… but I still think you should take a morning after pill,” I said and she nodded.

Okay… I will,” she said dryly and the whole situation felt awkward. “but…” she said after a long pause. “can we continue without the condom for the rest of the weekend?” she asked making my cock jolt in excitement. Fuck me, I thought knowing what she had asked of. Condom was my armor and something I never left out when sex was on the table but Baby had already made me forget it once and now she was asking not to include it at all. A nervous feeling erupted inside of me knowing the consequences we could suffer by doing whatever we wanted.

Okay…” I said meeting her eyes. The smile on her lips were mesmerizing and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to kiss her. I was confused and my feelings were all over the place but right now, the only thing I wanted was to feel her again but I had to stop. Knowing that she hadn’t eaten for hours I had to at least feed her before I decided to eat her.

Lunch?” I asked and she nodded with a shy smile. “Go take a shower and I will call the room service to order something to eat,” I said and she left the bed without turning around to look back. Grabbing one of the hotels robes I went into the living room and called the room service. I asked them to bring two lunch menus with fresh beverages.

When the room service had arrived, I tipped him generously and asked him to leave the cart. I pushed it into the dining area and set the plates on the dining table. I heard my name shortly after from the living room.

I am in the dining area,” I said and Baby approached wearing a robe. Her hair was wet and she looked more beautiful without the smeared makeup gone from her face. Why was she doing this to herself? Why was she selling her body for money? I was trying to understand. Taking a seat by the table I motioned her to come closer. Patting my lap, I motioned her to sit and she blushed again.

Looking at you nobody would believe you were an escort,” I said and her eyes met mine.

Why?” she asked and I chuckled.

You blush way too much,” I said and grabbed her arm and pulled her down to sit on my lap. Our faces came close and her long hair hid all the sunlight away from our faces. Her hand was on my chest while my arms were protectively around her. Why was I feeling like this? Why was I wanting her this much? I thought but I had to break the silence and do something before I took advantage of the situation to fuck her.

Feed me,” I ordered and her expression changed into an annoyed one. “If you feed me… I promise I will return the favor,” I said with a wink, trying to act all cute. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why did I care this much? What was she doing to me? Looking into her eyes I accepted every bite she offered me and I was certain that I was walking into fire following her. I was fucked.

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