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Eating while sitting on Liam’s lap had proved to be a challenge. Feeding each other had turned into eating from each other’s mouth and we were deliciously entangled in each other’s arms. His sweet and sour attitude was starting to confuse me. I couldn’t follow the changes in his personality but being alone, he was sweeter than I had expected. There was something so fragile about our connection that it made me want to hold on to it. Hold on to him. Everything aside I knew deep inside that there was more the man I was in the arms of.

Timeout,” he said and I looked into his eyes to understand what he meant.

Timeout?” I asked.

Yes, we should do something else than having sex. I am afraid that you might start to feel uncomfortable because of over stimulation.” He said with a serious expression. I had never expected Liam to consider my wellbeing while this whole thing about was about his needs.

You are the one paying so you get to decide what’s going to happen.” I said and felt him tense.

Would you prefer being somewhere else right now?” Liam asked while his eyes were still locked on mine.

No…” I said not wanting to upset him but I could have spent this weekend catching up on my readings for the international law class, I thought. His eyes scanned mine once more and he stared smiling.

I know you are lying, but I will just accept that…” he said and brushed his hand slowly down my arm. “Why did you become an escort?” he asked and I felt a lump in my throat. Taking a deep breath, I met his eyes once more.

Financial issues,” I said shortly but that answer was not convincing him entirely. “My roommate moved out a couple of months ago and I couldn’t make the ends meet while I was trying to graduate.” I said and he nodded silently.

How about your parents? Why aren’t they helping?” he asked and I looked away to avoid his gaze.

We are not on good terms…” I said shortly not wanting to tell the truth. I didn’t want him to know I was an orphan, I simply didn’t want him to consider me as a charity.

So, you are telling me that you prefer selling your body instead of reconciling with your family and asking them for help?” he asked and I felt cornered.

Look… I am not here to talk about myself,” I said pushing myself up from his lap. Grabbing my wrist urgently he pulled me back into his embrace.

Okay… I will stop with the questions,” he said brushing my hands with his fingertips. Taking my hand in his he walked out of the living room and grabbed a bottle of champagne from the fridge behind the bar. Walking out to the terrace of the penthouse, I felt the cold breeze under the robe. Letting go of my hand he went over to the hot tub to get it started. I was busy getting mesmerized by the view of central park. Looking down from the top floor, people looked tiny and the park looked too big and magnificent. I had as a little girl always imagined of having an apartment nearby central park but this wasn’t the way that little girl would have wanted to achieve her dreams I though. Yes, I enjoyed the sex but the thing that made it all dirty and unbearable was the transaction, the money. Turning around I found Liam observing me and I decided to join him by the hot tub.

A penny for your thoughts,” he said and I looked back at the park.

I have always dreamt of living close to central park, in fact I moved to New York because of it.” I said remembering the one picture I had seen of the park in a book at the library when I was around 6 years old. That girl had big dream for her future.

My apartment is not that far from here,” he said and I smiled. I had no idea why he was letting me know these little things about him.

You must be filthy rich to afford a place nearby.” I said and looked back at the park admiring the view.

I come from old money and run my own firm. I don’t think money has ever been an issue for me as you might have noticed,” he said reminding me of the envelope with the check I had been handed for this weekend. I couldn’t believe the amount when I saw it but Liam had asked for all access for a weekend which gave him pretty much the right to do whatever the fuck he wanted with me. He could bring in an army of men to fuck me dry if he wanted. I was basically his little sex slave for the weekend.

Yes…” I said dryly and he moved closer.

Lose the robe,” he said and I did as he told me. Taking my hand in his he helped me in to the hot tub. Taking a corner, I sank in to enjoy the warmth. Liam joined me a moment later and I could clearly see that he had built up a healthy erection. My mouth watered with just the sight of it.

Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the relaxing movement of the water. The sound of the city died and the only thing I heard for a moment was the sound of the water in the tub. When I opened my eyes to look at Liam, I found him looking at me with admiration.

I would have given so much more to be in your head right now,” he said and I couldn’t help but smile.

I am just trying to understand why you are so nice to me,” I said regretting the words that had left my lips.

What do you mean?” he asked a little confused.

You are asking me personal questions and you are trying to make conversations but aren’t we here for one purpose? Aren’t we here to fuck all weekend?” I asked and he got a hold of my arm, yanking me closer to him. Straddling him in the tub, I felt the tip of his cock brush lightly against my fold under the water.

I guess a whore only cares about getting fucked hard…” he said and I nodded, feeling the change in him. The nice and sweet man from a moment before was gone and the man with the dark eyes had returned.

If you want it that bad, you should put it in yourself,” he said and I reached for his erection. His swollen cock filled my hand and I positioned him at my entrance. Our eyes were locked on each other while I was sinking slowly on his hard shaft, feeling him pulse inch by inch inside me. Throwing my head back in ecstasy I adjusted to his size. His hands solidified their presence on my hips and he lifted me to drop me down on him. My body was melting in his hands.

Fuck me…” I moaned feeling him so deep.

Oh, believe me I am going to…” he said and lifted our bodies effortlessly out of the hot tub without disengaging our sexes. Wrapping my arms around him, I expected him to bring us inside but he pushed my back against one of the patio windows to spread me open. I sucked his cock deeper into my depths wanting to feel him desperately. Holding my body steady against the window he started pumping inside of me. His thick shaft filled me up completely and my mind was at the edge of drowning in a delicious haze.

Harder, I want to feel you deeper,” I said earning a grunt. He moved his hips faster and the slapping sound of our skins filled the bubble of sex haze we were in. His eyes on mine we were trying so hard to keep this deep connection we felt while having sex.

Kiss me,” I moaned and felt his lips on mine immediately. Our tongues reunited into a heated kiss and I felt his cock pulse intensely. Moaning into the kiss I felt my contractions hit me in a heartbeat.

Yes baby… such me dry,” he said groaning against my lips with his own climax. I felt his hot cum in the depths of my pussy and he kept on emptying drop after drop inside me. When he was done he slipped out and I felt his cum leak out of my pussy. Two drops landed on the patio floor and I bit my lower lip looking into his blue eyes.

I need more…” I whispered and he gathered me in his arms and headed inside. I knew we were going to have more wild animalistic sex and I couldn’t wait to feel him fill me up with his hot cum. It excited me to know that Liam had been the first man I had allowed to finish inside of me without a condom. I hated his words but I loved his gorgeous cock and that was the only thing that mattered right now.


Waking up in a different bedroom, I was feeling deliciously spent. We had spent most of yesterday kissing, touching and fucking. We were like wild bunnies, fucking every opportunity we had. She had sucked my balls dry with her tight cunt and I had passed off during the night knowing that she was sated. Keeping her a little longer in my arms, I refused to wake her up. Waking her up meant that we had to part soon and I wasn’t ready to let her soft body leave mine. Wiggling in my arms her eyes opened and I cursed at my luck.

A very good morning…” she said with a sexy smile. Her shyness had completely left her throughout the night and I loved that she was finally comfortable in my arms.

Indeed…” I said and moved closer to peck her lips lightly. She moaned lightly to the kiss and I couldn’t contain the laughter building inside.

Again?” I asked and she gave me a wink.

Always…” she said and I continued laughing. Leaving the bed, she headed to the bathroom and when she was back, she was wearing the underwear she had arrived with Friday. Looking at her I knew that our time had come to an end and I should go back to being the same old Liam again. Following her to the living room where her dress was, I took in the last glances of her in.

Where is your phone?” I asked not taking any chances this time. She handed it over to me knowing what I was going to do next.

You didn’t like the last number I gave you?” she asked making fun of the way she had fooled me.

I wouldn’t go there if I was you…” I said warning her off. I had been so pissed about that phone number joke for days. Putting in my number I called it and ended the call the moment my phone started to buzz.

You are not running away this time?” I asked and she took her phone out of my hands and put it in her purse. My eyes landed on the corner of the envelope she had put into the purse and the reality hit me once again. What was I doing? Getting obsessed with having her number. What was going to happen? Nothing… Our relationship was a simple transaction. She offered the services I needed and in return I was paying her to deliver those services. Brushing her dress lightly, she was ready to leave. I looked at her once last time and she flashed me with a smile I hadn’t seen on her lips before.

I will leave now…” she said and walked awkwardly towards the door. I stayed there dumbfounded by the situation. My heart had skipped a beat when I had seen that smile on her lips and she was the only woman in my life that had triggered this feeling and I hated her. I hated her for making me feel all these emotions.

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