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Leaving Liam in that penthouse suite felt unsettling. I felt like the last 48 hours had established a connection we both had sensed deep inside. The way our bodies communicated with each other was amazing and I had caved into giving my number to him. I wasn’t expecting flowers and sweet whispers from Liam, I had finally understood that his words were a way of protecting himself from the fear he had nested in his eyes. I hadn’t asked and I would never ask him. We as man and woman only existed in that penthouse suite. Outside of it we were strangers with no bonds at all.

Checking my bag one last time before leaving for campus I felt a little nervous to see Ethan again. After what had happened in the penthouse suite, I wasn’t sure if things were going to be okay. I had no idea of what I should expect. Living close to the campus it took me 15 minutes to walk there and when I had entered the building where Ethan’s office was located, I felt a lump in my throat. Was I ready to face him?

Reaching the door of his office, I let out a sigh before I knocked. Waiting for his answer to enter, I felt that my hands hard started to feel a little moist with sweat.

Come in…” he said and I took the door handle and opened the door. My heart was beating like crazy we my eyes found his. He was sitting behind his office table wearing those glasses I had gotten used to seeing him with. Closing the door, I saw that he rose from his seat and approached me with a smile. Something had changed in the way he was around me and I couldn’t really understand if it was for better or worse.

You came…” he said and brushed his hands against my arms in a soft gesture.

Do I have any other options?” I said joking and he started laughing with his deep voice.

Take a seat Blue… we have a lot to talk about today,” he said and I nodded taking a seat by his office table. He went back behind the desk and it all looked like we were back to normal. “I was a little shocked to see you on Friday,” he said with a sexy smile. I could see that he was replaying our encounter in his mind.

I don’t know what to say professor. I wasn’t expecting to see you there,” I said and tried to divert my eyes away from his. I had slept with this man and I couldn’t understand how we were having such a calm conversation. If people found out about this, we were both doomed.

Look, I know how hard working you are as a student. It isn’t easy to keep that scholarship. I am not judging or asking you any questions. The only thing I want you to know is that I will not hold this above your head and force you to sleep with me again.” He said and wave of relief washed over me. “But…” he said with a sexy smile. “… I will never hold you back from approaching me if you want.” He said and my heart skipped a beat. Moments of Ethen inside of me flashed through my mind and I blushed know what he was thinking.

I don’t think that would be appropriate…” I said and his smile widened.

I know and we could get into very serious trouble if someone found out,” he said and I nodded.

We should probably keep that night as a secret between us,” I said and looked up to meet his eyes. I stared at me for a long moment before he breathed out in relief.

Don’t get me wrong, but I am relieved to know that you are willing to keep it as a secret. Can I be honest with you?” he said and I nodded. We were sharing a very dirty secret so what else could he tell me that would shake me?

It was a fantasy of mine to sleep with a student and when I saw you in front of that penthouse, I just knew I had to grab this chance to get a taste of how it would feel. I had been interested in you for a while Blue. You were not like my other students offering themselves willingly and that peaked my interest.” He said and rose from his seat, moving closer to me. Reaching out he brushed his hand against my cheek making me look into his brown eyes. They were still full of the same shade of desire I had seen in them on Friday.

But I promise… I will stay professional with you. I know how much this degree means to you and how hard you have worked to be where you are.” He said moving his face closer to mine. “However, if you change your mind after graduation… I will be right here waiting for you,” he said and sealed our lips. This was dangerous and my heart was beating like crazy knowing that someone could walk in any moment. Pulling away Ethan looked deeply into my eyes.

This was to seal the promise I just made you,” he whispered and released me gently. “So, tell me… how is it going with you research project,” he asked and went back into being the old Ethan I remembered.


My phone started buzzing the moment I walked into the office. Spending the weekend with Baby had proved to be the best medicine to sate my thirst for her but I wasn’t done yet. I still wanted to see her again and I didn’t care how much it was going to cost me this time. She could take my whole fucking fortune if she wanted to. Nothing compared to the connection we shared and I was craving to feel that connection again. Now that I had her number, nothing could hold me back from her.

//Yes?” I said and answered the call.

“//Liam, we have to talk.” Christian said and he had my full attention with the hint of worry in his voice.

“//Come to my office,” I said and the line went silent. I heard a knock on my office door after 5 minutes and I told him to enter.

I have stumbled upon something.” Christian said and looked up to meet my eyes. He was holding some documents in his hands and I was trying to understand what was going to happen. “We are currently in the process of hiring seasonal interns and when I was doing the screening I came across something or should I say someone,” he said and handed over the documents to me. My eyes were on the CV photo and I looked up to meet Christian’s eyes.

No… this can’t be true… right?” I asked and Christian looked at me with serious eyes.

I have called Ethan to confirm,” he said and I felt a burning rage build inside of me.

Who?” I asked trying to reconfirm that I had heard him correct.

Our friend, Ethan, the one who is a professor at NYU Law School. He recommended her to us knowing that she was applying to the firm,” Christian said trying to understand why I had gone all pale. That son of a bitch had not mentioned about Baby being a student at NYU Law school on Friday.

Fuck me…” I blurted out and continued to read her CV.

I think she did…” Christian said trying to be funny but I wasn’t in the mood for jokes right now.

Everything she had told me were lies,” I said laughing hysterically and stood up from my seat with the documents in my hands. “Don’t talk about this to anyone. I am heading out to talk with Ethan,” I said and walked out of the office. I couldn’t get to NYU fast enough. I had to confront Ethan about keeping me in the dark regarding Baby or whatever the fuck her name was.

My Bugatti roared into life want I hit the engine button and I was soon on my way to Ethan. I was trying to calm my thoughts down but I was fuming with anger. The drive took me around 20 minutes and when I pulled into an empty parking spot. I stepped out of the car while students were looking at me, knowing that a Bugatti was a rare sight on campus. Heading towards the faculty building I took the stairs in a hurry to see that son of a bitch. He had some explaining to do.

When I reached the last step, I had stopped seeing the two people I had a problem with together. His hand was on her shoulder while they were giggling together. I was probably the topic of conversation and they were having a good laugh over how they had screwed my over. I had known Ethan for over a decade and I wasn’t expecting him to stab me behind my back but Baby was a woman, I excepted her to be unreliable that was in her nature. When Baby moved away from the door to leave I had seen the look in Ethan’s eyes. Baby was the student he had described so passionately on Friday, the student he had wanted to screw and I had made that a possibility.

Taking my steps closer to his office door, I stopped the door from closing with my hands. Ethan jumped back unable to understand what was going on.

Liam… what are you doing here?” he asked and I looked directly at him. I was burning with rage.

Did you have a good laugh with her about how you fooled me on Friday?” I asked and he looked at me a little confused.

What?” he asked and I shoved the papers into his hands. Looking at the contents he looked up to meet my eyes.

You should have told me…” I said and he scoffed.

Told you what? That she was my student that I had recommended to your law firm? What would have happened then? You would have probably trashed her application at that very moment without looking back. She needed that position and I tried to pull some strings.” He said and I was getting even more furious with every word that left his mouth.

YOU MADE ME LOOK LIKE A FUCKING FOOL!” I yelled knowing what they had done together, planed together. What a wonderful plan it was right? I was going to sleep with the beautiful girl and make her a part of my firm meanwhile she was whoring herself to my friends.

Look I had no idea that she would be there on Friday,” Ethan said and I laughed at his worthless comment.

Sure… but you stayed silent about her real identity. Why?” I asked wanting to know what he was thinking by keeping this secret away from me.

You would have kicked her out that very moment and believe me she needs the money,” Ethan said and I was going crazy with thoughts.

She slept with me knowing who I was… you should have warned me as my friend. Fuck! How have I been this blind to all this shit happening around me?” I spat out the words knowing that I had been fooled by a fucking whore.

I don’t think she knows who you are…” Ethan said and my eyes landed on his immediately as a dare.

Don’t!” I said and all my senses turned numb with the thought that another woman had betrayed me.

Give her a chance Liam… she needs this. You can’t let all this affect your judgment.” Ethan said and I laughed hysterically to his words.

You think I will hire her now, knowing who the fuck she is and how she lied to get into my head?” I asked Ethan and his eyes were filled with disappointment.

Of course, you wouldn’t… she got your briefs all twisted that you would be scared to be around her every freaking second.” Ethan said knowing me well but he was wrong about the fear I had inside of me. That fear was growing every time I looked at her scattered documents on the table.

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