BLUE (18+)

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It had already been a week since I had spent the weekend in Liam’s arms. Lisa had not asked about the weekend or heard anymore from Liam. He hadn’t called me either so I was just confused with being ghosted after such an intimate weekend together. I had kept reminding myself of transaction but it wasn’t changing the fact that I felt something for that filthy bastard. He treated me like shit but deep down inside I knew he feared something that made him the man he was.

I had told myself to forget about him and focus on the interview I was going to have today. One of the law firms that I had applied to had finally invited me for an interview and I felt like there were finally a light in the end of the long dark tunnel that I was in currently. I was getting closer to my dream and I couldn’t be more thrilled to know that this job could give me the opportunity to finally work as an attorney. I had figured out that it would take around 30 minutes to commute to work if I got the position and I was totally fine with it. This couldn’t get any better I thought choosing the clothes I wanted to wear to this interview.

Looking through my boring selection of clothes I sighed knowing that I didn’t have something to impress. Walking out of the room I knocked on Lisa’s door to ask for advice or even to borrow some clothes from her.

Come in…” she said and look up from her bed still in it. I had heard her come back around 4 in the morning.

Lis… I have a job interview today and I need clothes,” I said and she smiled. Getting out of bed I realized that she had been sleeping naked. Covering her body with a baggy t-shirt the took from the floor she moved closer to me.

Let’s see what we can do…” she said and started roaming through her closet. Pulling out a white blazer and a white miniskirt, she handed them over to me.

Put these on with a black turtleneck,” she said with a wink. “I am sure you will impress them with this,” she continued and I knew what she was thinking.

I am not going to sleep with anyone Lis, I will just get interviewed for an internship position,” I said unable to believe that she had put images in my head.

You probably need shoes to go with those…” Lisa said and pulled out black stilettoes. “… since we wear same size in shoes I guess these will look good with the set,” she said and handed the shoes over to me.

Off you go little one… go out there and make me proud,” she said and swatted my butt playfully. “This old lady here needs her beauty sleep,” she said yawning and I left her room thankful for everything she was doing for me. After getting dressed, I packed my bag with a copy of my documents and left the apartment feeling all confident in my skin.

When I had reached the building where the law firm was located, I looked up to take in the situation. I hoped form the bottom of my heart that this place would hire me. If they did I was for sure off to a good start after graduation this summer. I entered the building and walked over to the reception desk, giving my information to the girl behind the desk.

If you take a seat by the waiting area, Ms. Lee will come down in a minute,” she said and I smiled with a polite nod. After a short wait, Ms. Lee came and greeted me. We took the elevator the 25th floor in silence. I was afraid of asking any question about the company or the recruiter I was going to meet today so I stayed silent. When we had made it to the meeting room where the interview would take place Ms. Lee knocked on the door and went in. She came out a minute later and looked at me for a moment before she spoke.

You can go in now Ms. Ellis, Mr. Connor is waiting,” she said and walked away from me and the room. Looking up when I entered the room my eyes landed on the blue-eyed monster and I knew immediately that the tables had turned once more.


I had invited her to a personal interview, something I never did but I was selfish with things that concerned her. I had wanted to see her cornered and helpless. Looking at the expression on her face, I had her where I wanted. She was shocked to see me in front of her and the shade of fear in her eyes made me feel joy. My eyes met hers and she took a sharp breath, knowing the she was in trouble. Standing up from my seat I walked closer to her without letting her gaze go.

Look who’s here? Baby… or should I call you Blue?” I said with amusement, enjoying the whole situation. Who would have through that this whore would have willingly walked into her own hell. After all the greed had tricked her into my claws and I wasn’t going to let her go until she was truly suffering for deceiving me.

Liam…” she said and our eyes met instantly. This little cunt had the guts to call me by my name inside this office. We were no longer in the penthouse suite and she had lost her rights to utter my name the moment I had learned about her devious plan to get under my skin. Taking another step closer, I could feel her breath on my lips. A sly smirk appeared on my lips. I enjoyed feeding on her fear at this very moment. It amused me to know that she was scared of what was going to happen.

I think we should leave Liam back in that penthouse suite… Inside of this office building and everywhere else outside of that suite, I am Mr. Connor…” I whispered close to her ear making her shiver. Her breathing became rapid and her flowery scent hit me with every breath I took. My fingertips were itching to touch her and fuck her brains out on my office table. “and you Ms. Ellis is still my little whore,” I continued manifesting the cliff separating us as Blue and Liam. The only thing that mattered in our relationship was the basic instincts of a man and a woman, the animalistic sides of our nature. She was just a hole to fill and she should stay like that, I thought looking into her eyes.

Tell me Blue… How did a NYU Law School student end up whoring herself out to rich men?” I asked wanting to break her completely. I wanted her to feel the betrayal I had felt when I had found out that she had done all of this to get under my skin. She had deceived me knowing who I was and what I was capable of and it made me feel stupid. She had been the first woman that I had allowed into my head and she had betrayed me like all the other woman had. The conflict in her eyes reflected clearly and when she decided to face me, her eyes were filled with a newfound confidence.

That’s none of your business Mr. Connor,” she said looking into my eyes. She was daring me pushed her further. She was challenging me to hurt her even more.

You are going to become my employee Ms. Ellis which makes this my business,” I said sarcastically and dared her to challenge my authority.

My private life is none of your concern sir,” she said standing her ground. Taking a step away from me she tried to put distance between us but I wasn’t going to let her run away this easy. Grabbing her wrist, I tugged her close to my body. Her radiating heat was telling me that her thoughts were going dangerous places.

When I am a part of your private life, it becomes my concern Baby…” I said using the fake name to address her. My eyes landed on her lips and I felt the urge to claim them. “… if you accept this job offer, I will make sure you regret it every single day of your life,” I said and she dared to look me in the eyes.

I have seen far worse…” she uttered and I loved the challenge. Grabbing the back of her neck I brought her face closer to mine. I crashed my lips on hers, smearing her lipstick with my lips. I tasted her mouth slowly, enjoying every little whimper she gave me. Sliding up my hand under her skirt, I found her damp panties and growled knowing that she was excited and in need of my cock. Weaving my other hand through her hair, I yanked her face away from me to look into her eyes.

What an exceptional whore…” I whispered pushing the fabric of her lace panties aside to feel her sensitive clit. “… if you sign that contract, I will make sure to turn your life into living hell,” I whispered sliding my fingers further to her entrance. Her legs parted lightly to give me access and I knew she was just where I wanted her.

Remove your panties and bend over the desk,” I ordered pulling away from her. Her eyes were filled with a familiar desire and it made my balls ache. Sliding her panties down she handed them over to me with a mischievous smile on her lips. Moving over to the desk, she lifted her miniskirt to expose her bare ass and bent over the table.

I am ready Mr. Connor…” she said, spreading herself open with her hands. This dynamic between us was like a dangerous dance on broken glass and I was certain that I was going to cut myself at one point or another. Her glistening pussy welcomed me with her addictive scent and I moved closer to take my offering. Going down on my knees, I licked her cunt making her whimper in need. I sucked in every drop of her nectar and felt my balls ache with the need to fill her up. Standing up I zipped open my slacks and pushed my briefs slightly down. Precum was already leaking from the tip of my cock and I brushed it against her swollen bud, earning a moan from her lips. I teased her for a moment, before I entered her sleek hotness.

Bringing my gaze to where our sexes united, I noticed the glistening wetness her pussy was coating me with. The sound of my balls slapping against her skin was music to my ears and I just never wanted to leave her craving cunt. Grabbing her hair, I lifted her upper body to bring her lips closer to mine. Tilting her head slightly she welcomed my lips eagerly. When I had invited her to this interview my intentions were to hurt her but now that I was deeply buried inside her the only thing I wanted was to feel her contractions around my cock.

Every single day you work for me I will fill this cunt of yours with my seeds. No more condoms or panties… you will drip with my white cream and feel no shame,” I whispered against her lips. I had never in my life felt this territorial with a woman and this little whore under me was bringing out all the animalistic instincts that I had locked away. If she was going to play dirty, I would do it too until we both were covered in filth.

Shut up and fuck me harder Mr. Connor,” she said breathing heavily. Thrusting deeper into her I was making her cry for more and I loved every second of being inside of her again. I kept pumping in and out knowing that she was getting closer to her orgasm. Her breathing hitched and her eyes closed with the blissful release she was experiencing. Her tightness started milking me eagerly and I couldn’t hold back much longer. Pump after pump I emptied my load into her and waited until the last drop to pull out. Taking a glance at my work I smirked seeing the drops of cum trickling down her folds before we heard a knock on the door.

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