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Taking a step away from me Liam tugged his spent cock back into his briefs and zipped up his slacks. I followed his example and brushed down my skirt to cover my leaking pussy but I needed the panties he had taken from me.

Can I have my panties back?” I asked, feeling a little hot.

Not a chance… I told you that I would fuck you, fill you and let you drip,” he said with a dirty smile on his lips.

Come in…” he said immediately letting the person behind the door in. Panic erupted inside of me and I felt dirty knowing what we had done for only a minute ago. I had spread myself open to him shamelessly offering myself.

The door opened and my eyes went to shadow that entered the room. Seeing the dark blue eyes of Christian sent a shiver down my spine. What was this? An interview or a replay of the first night at the penthouse suite where I had willingly given access to four men at the same time. My core flipped and I felt a drop of cum leave my folds trickling down my thigh. I blushed knowing that the skirt wasn’t long enough to cover the trailing path of Liam’s cum. Looking me up and down Christian noticed the moist path and smirked.

I can see that you are putting the new intern to good use,” he said looking over to Liam.

A very good use…” Liam said licking his lips. Knowing where those lips had been not too long ago I felt my core tighten again. I was so horny for this man and I hated it.

I am here to offer my services,” Christian said and gave me an inviting wink. Handing the documents over to Liam, he took a look at it before me motioned me to move closer to the table.

This is the contract,” Liam said giving me one of the papers in his hands. “Read it carefully… and remember everything I have told you Ms. Ellis. I will not go easy on you if you decide to become a part of Connor Law Firm.” He said reminding me of his words of ruining me completely if I worked for him. Taking the document, I skimmed through it and realized the term of contract was longer than a seasonal.

This contract does not have an end date…” I blurted out and Christian smiled looking at Liam.

You will start as an intern but after you have received your initial training, you will join my team as an assistant attorney,” Liam said and I looked at him unable to understand why he was offering me such a good deal when he had clearly told me that he was going to turn my life into living hell.

After the end of your first month you are going to wish you never had stepped a foot into this firm,” he said warning me again for the future I was facing if I took this job offer. Looking at the signature part my eyes landed on Liam’s title and my heart skipped a beat. I had slept with the ‘Owner’ of the Connor Law Firm and I had no clue. I had been too busy surviving that it had never crossed my mind that I would end up in a lawyer’s penthouse suite while whoring myself. I had screwed up so bad this time.

Meeting Liam’s eyes once more I had made my decision. I had no other option but to accept this job offer. I needed the financial stability and the career boost to grow in this field. I knew the consequences if I accepted and I had already made peace with the fact that I was becoming Liam Connor’s personal fuck toy. I was willing to take that risk. Handing me the pen with his initials engraved on it, I signed the contract. Liam’s gaze was on me the whole time and I was feeling more uneasy to know that I was in an office with two men I had slept with before.

Standing up from his seat Liam approached me while my eyes were nervously on Christian. Grabbing the back of my neck he pulled me into a long kiss. His tongue invaded the depths of my mouth and I was slowly melting into his captivating touches. His other hand brushed my inner thigh and lifted the skirt up lightly, finding my clit. A groan escaped his lips as he accessed our mixed juices from moments ago.

You will come to my office every morning…” he whispered against my lips. “… and I will fill that pussy of yours with my seeds.” He said biting my lower lip. The promises of being marked over and over made my loins contract with excitement. “From now on you are my personal slave Ms. Ellis and I intend to make you feel like one,” he said letting me go. Bringing his fingers to my lips he parted them, making me taste our mixed juices. Fearing what I had signed myself into I couldn’t let go of this desire to please him.

I will see you Monday morning 8 am,” Liam said releasing me entirely. Gathering myself together, I picked up my copy of the contract and my bag before I walked over to the door.

I can’t wait to work closer with you,” Christian said and my heart skipped at beat. I had just signed a contract to become a part of this law firm but it felt like I had just signed off a deal with the devil himself, offering my body as sacrifice.


Watching her leave I was satisfied with the deal I had closed. Her contract was ordinary like any other employees around here but the verbal contract was something else. I planned to take advantage of having her under my wings as my employee. It was dirty and it was probably not very ethical but I didn’t care. She had to pay for making me feel like a fool.

She had looked surprised to see me here and when she had read my name on the contract her eyes were filled with regret but I still didn’t believe in the little story she and Ethan had fabricated. She had known me, she had known who I was when she had willingly warmed my bed in that penthouse suite. Now that everything was out in the open and she had agreed to work for me we could move on to the next stage. I was determined to make her pay for the betrayal and the best way I knew was to humiliate her as she did with me. I would make sure that everyone in this firm knew her position as my little sex slave.

So, you decided to bring her in…” Christian said with a smirk.

I did… I have an unfinished business with that woman,” I said and thought about the moment we had in the office before Christian had arrived. It hadn’t been a part of the plan to fuck her but when I had seen her sultry body in the white set of formal yet sexy clothing, I couldn’t help by devour her.

What did she do to upset you like this? Seems like she is letting you fuck her…” Christian asked looking into my eyes.

I don’t like it when woman like her thinks that they have me wrapped around their little finger…” I answered still feeling furious about the whole Ethan thing. Even though Ethan had told me that Blue had no clue about me or my firm when she had applied, I had difficulties believing. I wasn’t exactly invisible to the tabloids, coming from old money and having a successful career. She knew me and who I was form the very beginning, I was almost certain about it.

Shouldn’t you give her the benefit of a doubt?” Christian said looking serious at the contract sitting in front of me.

Never…” I answered shortly. If I lowered my defenses she would take me down and destroy me. I wasn’t going to end up like my father did and I wasn’t going to let her believe that she had a chance to ruin me. I wanted to destroy her before she had a chance to destroyed me.

Well I guess we will have a lot more fun coming our way since she is a part of the team now,” Christian said with a wink.

Don’t get me wrong old friend, she is not going to become the office slut… you still have to find another intern to suck you cock. Blue will entire service me when she is under my payroll.” I said putting out the limits. I wanted to humiliate her but I would do it all by myself. My days sharing her was over, now she was only a toy for my pleasure only.

Getting all territorial there, I see… but don’t you think it’s reckless to fuck her bare? I mean knowing you and how important that latex protection is for you, I have to admit that I was surprised to see her leak with your cum earlier,” Christian said trying to understand why I had done such a reckless move when the thought of children made my blood turn to ice.

She is on protection and I have already taken her bare several times at the penthouse. I have no intentions of knocking her up and if it happens there are always options to get rid of the issue.” I said, knowing that I was being a total asshole but the last thing I cared about right now was Blue getting accidentally pregnant. The possibility was there but it was very small to even consider as a threat.

Well, if you think you have it all under control…” Christian said with a hint of skepticism in his voice. He had been by my side since my childhood and it was the first time he had expressed doubt about something I had said. I wasn’t going to question his judgment but it bothered me to know that he wasn’t sure about my methods of handling this Blue situation.

Don’t worry… I have it all under control. She will be gone before the first month is over. No woman with a little self-respect would accept the type of humiliation I have in mind for her.” I said feeling content. I was going to turn her life into living hell and enjoy breaking her apart. In the end she was just like my mother, who had lied and broken our family into pieces, and I hated every little thing that reminded me of that bitch I refused to call mother.

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