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Little did I know when I had signed that contract. I had willingly handed out myself to Liam knowing he would do anything to destroy me. He had kept his promises and I was slowly getting a tainted reputation within the firm. I was being called into his office whenever he needed my ‘help’ and this didn’t go unnoticed. How could much help could a 24-year old intern offer the 32-year old owner of the firm? Rumors started to spread quickly and soon I was left with almost nobody around me. The only people who still wanted to talk to me was limited to only few people, including Christian, David and Eliza.

Eliza and I had started at the firm around the same time and I felt like she understood what I was going through. She was continuously telling me to ignore the rumors circulating around in the office. Eliza and I were similar in so many ways but yet so different. She looked like a saint next to me with her perfect track record in life. She had everything a woman could dream of power over her life and a loving boyfriend. Things I couldn’t have as long as I stayed by Liam’s side. I was taken out of these thoughts when I heard Eliza’s voice behind me.

I can’t believe our training period is coming to an end by the end of this week,” she said and took a seat across me.

Do you know which department you are going to?” Eliza asked with her dark brown eyes. She was perfection in one word with her long legs and beautiful black hair.

I haven’t received a notification yet,” I lied knowing that I was already destined to rot in Liam’s hands for as long as I stayed here in this firm.

I have a feeling…” she said glancing over to the hallway that lead to Liam’s office.

I hope not...” I said and she smiled knowing how I felt about Liam and how much I actually hated him.

Well at least he has a pretty face,” Eliza said and I smiled knowing very well the devil who were hiding behind that pretty face.

Have you made up your mind? Are you joining the company trip this weekend?” she asked curious to know if I had made my mind about it. It was a trip planned for the employees to relax and reconnect as a team. The firm had booked a camping site with cabins for the weekend and I was still debating if I should go when I had only 3 people I could talk to in this firm.

I don’t know… I don’t really have the biggest network of colleagues to reconnect with,” I said dryly. I had pretty much been left out of any gathering my colleagues had arranged since I was the slut who was sleeping with the big boss.

You have me… and Christian… and David,” she said with a smile. Little did she know about the me who had slept with these two men. I had allowed them to gangbang me for money and that made my reputation as a slut quite solid. “Come on Blue… it’ll be fun!” Eliza said and I smiled giving in. It was just a weekend anyway and maybe it could give me the opportunity to connect with some of my colleagues.

Okay…” I said with a sigh and earned a smile. “Aren’t you sad about leaving Archie alone for the weekend?” I asked knowing how much she loved her boyfriend.

He is out of town, he has this gig with his band so I am just letting him enjoy the life of a ‘rock star’,” she said and checked the time. “Lunch?” she asked changing the subject and I nodded with a smile. If I wanted to avoid Liam’s lunch call I had to act fast.

Let’s go!” I said grabbing my purse and following Eliza. We had recently discovered a small restaurant nearby the office so we decided to go there and order something delicious.

How are you lately?” Eliza asked and I sighed knowing that she was worried about me.

I am managing…” I said trying to avoid the whole Liam situation.

Look… I know what’s going on between the two of you,” Eliza said meeting my eyes. “… and I am not going to lecture you about it…” she continued with a sigh. “… but be careful. That man can destroy you in a heartbeat and I don’t want to watch you suffer,” she said reaching out to hold my hand in support. My eyes were red and ready to spill the tears forming by the edge.

It’s complicated…” I said knowing the whole mess I had created by myself. I wasn’t exactly enjoying the position I had ended up in as Liam’s sex toy.

Do you love him?” she asked with worry in her eyes.

No!” I said certain about feelings I had for him. I hated that man for taking advantage of me and my situation. There was a time I could have fallen for him but that time had passed and the only thing between us was physical now. No intimacy or excitement. It was just pure sex. I missed that weekend at the penthouse and I remembered how it felt to feel desired.

Then what’s the problem? Why can’t you say no to him?” Eliza asked digging deeper. I wasn’t ready to tell her the truth about Liam and I.

We have a past… and I can’t just walk away,” I said remembering the words Liam had uttered last week. He had told me to never think of running away from him. If I did, he would make sure to destroy me completely.

Why Blue? Why can’t you just walk away?” Eliza asked frustrated.

It’s just the way it is… I can’t change it,” I said and the tears started to fall. I couldn’t tell Eliza about my previous self. I couldn’t just tell her how I had slept with Liam and his friends for money and I couldn’t tell her that he was holding that simple fact over my head to keep me locked into that office with him. If I did tell her the truth, she would like the others leave my side and I needed someone to desperately be by my side. It felt so lonely to be out there by myself.

Shhh… calm down…” she said and moved to the chair next to mine to give me a hug. “I know how it can feel to be helpless…” she said brushing my back gently. “… Archie and I didn’t really have the best start either,” she said bringing her boyfriend into our conversation. “But that’s a story for another day,” she said and our food arrived. We ate in silence, letting each other have some room. 3 months ago, I had signed that contract determined to grow and become a successful attorney but sitting here I was broken into pieces by the man I had learned to trust in that penthouse suite.


3 months had passed since she had willingly walked into this office and into my trap. I had enjoyed her body at any opportunity I had had but I wasn’t satisfied. I had isolated her completely from the other employees and I made sure that everyone knew that I was sleeping with her. I wanted her to hurt but now that I had gotten everything I had planned on, I wasn’t satisfied. It bothered me to know that she was only spreading her legs for me only to keep the job.

I wasn’t stupid, I could see her hard work and effort. She was one of the best among the group of interns we had hired this season and I was feeling proud to know that she was determined to make this work despite her position. She was going to join my team next week and I couldn’t wait for her to be around me all the time. I enjoyed her presence and I loved being inside her dripping cunt. No matter how much I had taken her in this office, I couldn’t get enough of the territorial feeling that spread through my veins when I emptied my load inside of her.

It had been a hot minute since I had last claimed her. She had gotten her period a couple of days ago and I wasn’t a complete asshole. Although I have had the thoughts of wanting to fuck her despite her period, I refrained from creating a mess. Throughout the 3 months she had been my employee I had observed her enough to know that her periods were short and she was ready to go on the 5th day. My balls ached to fill her and checking the time, I knew the office was slowly getting empty. It was 5 pm and the workhours had just ended.

Grabbing the office phone, I pushed on number 5 and called Blue. I had made sure that she had her own shortcut on my office phone. It rang once and twice before she picked it up and answered the call.

“//How can I help you Mr. Connor?” she asked with her soft voice.

“//Ms. Ellis, can you bring me the case files for the ‘Marina-case’,” I asked and she knew exactly what was going to happen.

“//Yes, Mr. Conner. I will be there in a minute,” she said and ended the call. I waited for another minute before her knock sounded on my door.

Come in…” I said and my cock jolted with excitement. Whenever she walked through these doors I knew I had her for myself and I enjoyed every second of it. Approaching my desk, she handed over the case files with a polite smile.

Thank you, Ms. Ellis…” I said and looked up to meet her eyes. “… did you remember to lock the door?” I asked with a smirk and she nodded. “Good,” I said and rose from my seat to walk closer to her trembling body. She was still a bundle of nerves around me and it excited me in a way.

How are feeling?” I asked knowing how hard her period cramps could br.

Better,” she said shortly avoiding to look into my eyes. Brushing my hand against her jaw, I directed her gaze to meet mine. I liked to look into those blue eyes, I liked to see the helplessness in them. She was mine, her pain and pleasure were in my hands and I loved giving both to her.

Are you ready to… service me?” I asked and her eyes dropped to my pants. The silhouette of my half erection was there to greet her. She bit her lower lip and I knew exactly what she wanted from me. As much as she was trying to get away from my toxicity, she enjoyed the twisted terms our relationship existed on. She had told me how much she hated me on many occasions but she was still coming back for more and I was like an addict, craving my fix of her. Grabbing her hair violently I yanked her head to bring back her gaze to mine.

Here we are again my little whore…” I said and lifted her skirt to get a taste of her awaiting wetness. How could a woman be so aroused when she hated a man as much as she hated me? I thought with a smirk and crashed my lips on hers. This was twisted… we were twisted but it felt so good.

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