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Her lips felt good against mine. Even though our connection was based on animalistic urges, I still enjoyed the exchange of warmth through the kisses we shared. Despite her vocal way of expressing her hate towards me, she failed to do so physically. She engaged in every intimate moment we shared which made it more enjoyable to torture her. A part of her enjoyed what I was doing to her and that awakened the devil inside of me. She was willingly accepting everything I offered her. The pleasure of being owned was stronger than the humiliation she felt when our interaction ended, I knew it… I could feel it.

Strip,” I commanded know she would follow my ordered like the good little slut she was. Stripping out of her clothes slowly she bared herself to me little by little. Her arousal peeked through when the last piece of fabric left her body. My balls ached to be inside her but I wanted to her begging first. Her begging to be filled by me and my cum. She loved it, the way her sleek pussy embraced me each and every time I came in her made it all clear. Taking her nakedness in, I observed her arms and hands trying to protect her naked body from my intense gaze.

A whore who is shy to display her nakedness isn’t very common, don’t you think?” I asked and her eyes avoided mine. She feared me in a way that both pleased and annoyed me at the same time. Moving closer to her, I stood behind her. Her arms hugged her body in a protective manner and I brushed my fingertips against her arms.

I have seen you in several different positions…” I whispered knowing her body craved my touches. She let out a shaky moan unable to control her body. “… every part of your body has opened up to me…” I continued while my lips found her neck. I started nibbling the skin slowly making her arms relax. “… stop resisting…” I whispered moving my hands over hers to disengage the grip she had around her body. Her hands gave in and followed mine. Her consent was sweet and excited every little cell in my body.

I had told her that I would turn her life into living hell but I wasn’t a jerk to take her forcefully. She knew deep down inside that she could stop this any time she desired. She was the one in control. Squeezing her hands gently I let go of them before I took a step away from her to move around and face her. Brushing her jaw gently my thumb moved across her lips. She opened up to me immediately sucking my thumb lightly to indicate that she was ready for me to take her. Smearing the wetness from my thumb across her lips I kissed them hard. My tongue invaded her mouth and I took every breath she could give me.

I have seen, every single part of your body…” I whispered, breaking the heated kiss. “… and I now I want the whole city to see it, to see who this whore belongs to,” I whispered, looking deeply into her blue eyes. Her body squirmed and I knew she was scared and excited at the same time. Moving her gaze toward the floor to ceiling windows that surrounded the most of my office, I smirked knowing where I wanted her.

Spread your legs and put your hands on the window,” I said and her eyes widened in fear.

Liam… there are people in the high-rise building next to ours,” she said in protest.

It’s after office hours and I thought you enjoyed an audience while getting fucked,” I said and watched her cheeks blush with the most beautiful shade of light pink.

Go…” I whispered encouraging her to do as I had requested. She moved away from me and walked over to the window, aware of her nakedness. Spreading her legs slightly apart, she put her palms against the window and waited for my next command.

Lean in towards the window, I want your nipples pressing against it,” I ordered and she followed every single step without a word of protest. I could sense the fear inside of her since there were people in the high-rise next to ours. I enjoyed the sight of her aroused body before I decided to undress.

Don’t even think about moving,” I said with a warning. I enjoyed watching her struggle with the knowledge of people watching her naked body in the high-rise across. After getting rid of my clothes I moved closer to her, jerking my hard cock to the beautiful sight of her body. I took in the heat of her body before I decided to brushed the tip of my cock against her clit. She whimpered in approval. Moving in closer I put my arm around her waist and brushed the length of my cock against her wet folds. She coated my shaft in her juices while moaning in my arms.

A sudden desire to drink her in washed over me and I let go of her body to fall down on my knees. Spreading her folds open with my fingers I buried my mouth in her welcoming pussy. Taking in her sweet nectar, my cock bobbed in excitement. My tongue lashed over her clit and I sucked it forcefully until her breathing became more urgent. Putting two fingers into her cunt I continued the sweet assault before I felt her legs tighten around my head. Her orgasm crashed over her in an instant and her moans echoed through the office. Sucking every drop of her nectar I continued my movements until she was begging me to stop.

Please… Liam…” she said and I loved her begging voice. It was like the sweetest music to my ears. “Please… I need you…” she said desperately out of breath. Letting go of her sweet pussy I stood up and moved behind her once again. Brushing the tip of my cock against her opening I felt her whimper in need.

What do you need me for?” I asked teasing her.

I need you to fuck me…” she said shamelessly. One of the things I liked about this woman was how straightforward she could get when she was aroused.

Mmm… and?” I asked dragging the torture a little longer.

I need you cook inside me…” she said, breathing heavily.

“…and?” I pushed her a little further.

I need you to fill my pussy with your seeds,” she confessed and I last it completely. I plunged into her sleek hole with a deep grunt.


He filled me completely with his hard cock and I couldn’t help but cry for more. His thrust was pushing e further against the window and my nipples were hard against the cold window. His groans were sweet against my ear and I could feel him pulse deep inside of me. Despite everything he had done to humiliate and hurt me I still couldn’t let go of him. There was an invisible bond between the two of us that neither of us could let go of.

His groans mixed in with my moans and I felt his lips on my neck. Nibbling the skin lightly he bit me before his hands joined mine. Intertwined intimately, I couldn’t help the swelling of my heart. Pumping in and out he groaned until we both started contracting. His cum hit the deepest parts of my womb while I embraced his cock tightly while riding out the last waves of my climax.

Mine…” he whispered against my neck while he kept our hands intertwined. My heart ached this very moment knowing that I had already fallen for this monster. Despite everything he had done to hurt me, I loved him and I loved being his even as his dirty little whore. I knew deep down inside that we were an impossible match in the real world but here in his office a version of ‘us’ was possible. I could be his and he could be mine but only in this office. Placing butterfly kisses on my shoulder he moved his hands down my arms and pulled out of me.

Thank you for your services…” he said and I knew the connection had disappeared when his warmth was gone from my body. “… I will make sure to pay for the overtime you have done today,” he said and broke my heart into pieces once more. How long would this continue? How long could I continue to allow him to use me when I felt like this about him? I wanted to run but I was bound by a contract to this monster and now that I was aware of my feelings for him, I was doomed.

Moving away from the window, I walked over to my clothes to get dressed. Feeling his cum trickle down from my legs I felt a tinge of shame wash over me and I hated myself for what I had agreed to when I had signed that contract. My eyes welled in tears and I felt like I was suffocating. After I was fully dressed, I moved towards the door, wanting to leave in silence.

Ms. Ellis,” he said and my heart clenched with the pain of hearing my official title. “… will you be joining the office trip this weekend?” he asked casually, like nothing had happened just minutes ago.

I am still considering,” I said trying to compose myself in front of him.

Considering?” he asked with a hint of disappointment in his voice. “Do you still accept clients on weekends?” he asked casually asking if I was still working as a whore.

I don’t think this is an appropriate question to ask an employee Mr. Connor,” I said trying to avoid giving him any details.

If my reputation is at stake, I can ask you whatever the fuck I want,” he said getting furious. “You work for my firm and none of my employees can behave irresponsible when my name is at stake,” he said moving closer to me.

I can’t change the way our paths crossed Mr. Connor but you have to stop acting like a jerk. I admit that I have made mistakes but I am not stupid enough to return to the life I had before I started working for this firm,” I said feeling angry. I hated every part of this conversation. He was forcing me to explain myself while the only thing I wanted from him was a little space. “For your information, I was going to work on the final touches of my dissertation before the deadline which is why I considering if I should join the trip or not,” I said and grabbed the door handle to open the door and walk out of this hell Liam had created in a matter of seconds.

Pushing the door to close with his hand he towered over me. His heat warmed my back and I felt weak when I felt his breath against my neck. I hated my body for giving in. I hated myself for letting him have whatever he wanted from me.

Remember…” he whispered against my ear without touching my body. “… when you are mine, you are mine entirely,” he continued making my heart beat like crazy. “I don’t want another man to touch or fuck you…” she whispered and his gaze turned me on to a point that I was afraid of moving. “… do you understand that?” he asked with a tinge of anger in his voice. My heart was fluttering like crazy when our eyes met and I couldn’t stop craving those lips again. I nodded in approval and his lips brushed over mine slowly taking away all my control to fight against him. I needed to feel the sense of belonging he gave to me when I was in his arms.

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