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I couldn’t believe that I had convinced myself to come to this trip. Eliza had played a major role in the whole convincing Blue to join the trip thing but in the end, I had made myself cave in to her countless begging. I wasn’t expecting the trip to be any different from my reality right now. Every single colleague through that I was a cheap slut who had slept her way into the position of an assistant attorney in Liam’s team. The disgusted gazes of people had especially manifested themselves after the announcement of the placement of the hired interns. I was officially Liam’s prisoner now and I hated it. Especially now that I couldn’t stop my heart from skipping a beat whenever our eyes met.

He was constantly in my head and I hated it. I hated knowing how much power he had over me and how trapped I was in this whole situation. If I ran he would destroy me and if I continued to stay he would break me. I had to find a way to protect myself and my heart I thought while my eyes were drifting away to the distant spot by the horizon.

You are way too silent for such a long trip,” Eliza said while driving. She had offered to drive and I was more than grateful not to take the bus the company had booked.

I have a lot in my mind and I can’t just put it all on standby,” I said and turned to look at her. She was lucky to have a boyfriend who loved her and cared for her. He had even given his car keys her so she could drive to campsite without feeling all bunched up in a rented bus.

You know you can tell me anything, right?” she said and I smiled. I could tell her anything but I couldn’t tell her everything.

Yes, but I will keep this one to myself,” I said and looked at the interior of the car once again. “Your boyfriend…” I said and she looked at me curious to know the rest of my sentence. “… what does he do for a living again?” I asked and she started laughing.

Well… he is the lead singer of ‘Purple Fever’…” she said and I nodded knowing that little fact.

And?” I asked knowing that she was hiding something.

“… and the heir to the Cromwell Corporate Empire.” She said and my eyes widened in shock.

You are dating Archie M. Cromwell? You are dating THAT Archie?” I said in complete shock. Cromwell Group was the biggest shipping company active in ocean and inland freight transportation. In other words, Eliza’s boyfriend was the heir of a multi-billion-dollar business.

Yes,” she said a little shy. “Look… it wasn’t my intention to hide this from you but the way Archie and I started off was very complex and I am sure we need a bottle of wine to break that story,” she said and we settled into a silence. There were so many questions I wanted to ask her but I was going to wait for the right time.


When I had arrived at the camping site, my eyes found Eliza’s car immediately. I couldn’t wait to see if she had succeeded on dragging Blue with her. When Brandon had introduced me to Eliza, I wasn’t impressed. Eliza looked like any other woman out there ready to sell her love for money. She had succeeded in catching a big fish in the form of Archie M. Cromwell and I wasn’t sure why she wanted to work as an intern for my law firm when she could join the legal team at Cromwell Group.

Brandon had recommended her to me and asked for a favor. Having my doubts about her I decided to offer her an internship position since I didn’t want to turn a friend’s request down. Eliza had impressed me with her skills and confidence. In a way she reminded me of Blue and she was also the only person who didn’t care about the rumors. She was standing by Blue’s side and it impressed me. Knowing the power, I had in that firm she didn’t care about the consequences and stood by her friend’s side.

I had called and asked Eliza to convince Blue to attend the trip. The urge to see and feel her was growing stronger by day and weekends without her was becoming unbearable. My cravings for her was bothering me but I couldn’t stop myself from seeking her out. She was the drug I needed to set this burning fire inside of me. She was the only woman that could set this burning rage inside of me with her body. I needed her.

My eyes were roaming around looking for the brunette with blue eyes. Among all these people my eyes were only searching for one and my heart was beating like crazy with the prospect of finding her. When my eyes landed on her long wavy hair, I knew I had found her. I stood there and observed her for a minute before the heard an announcement. The organizing committee of the trip had planned a hike and asked us kindly to join.

My eyes never left her and I watched her every move while my pulse was slowly raising. Following the troop of people, I noticed that Christian had caught up to Blue and Eliza. A sense of jealousy spread through my veins and I hated every moment of it. The three of them were behind the rest of the group and I was following them like a creep. What was she doing to me? I thought hating all these feelings she was making me feel. Taking larger steps, I approached them and grabbed Blue’s wrist, pulling her closer to my body. Our eyes collided and she stood there in silence.

Christian and Eliza’s eyes were immediately on us and I gestured them to leave with the group. Pulling her away from the rest of the group I walked further into the forest where no one would be able to find us away from the main hiking trail. Pushing her against a tree I took her lips slowly feeling her warmth. Her lips responded to mine immediately and her warmth spread through me. Grabbing her long dark brown hair, I deepened the kiss wanting to feel her more.

Breaking the kiss, I found her blue eyes staring directly into mine. Despite all the dirty things I had done to her I could still see the innocence in those blue eyes and it made my heart ache. I had done everything to break her but the only thing I wanted at this very moment was her warmth.

What are you doing to me?” I whispered against her lips and she took a deep breath fighting the words she had in her mind. I was fighting myself at this very moment. If I caved into the feelings I would be a lost cause like my father was once. If I continued to hurt her I was certain that I could save myself from getting hurt in the end. Grabbing shoulder firmly I pushed her down to squat in front of me.

You know what to do my little slut…” I said making my mind up. I wasn’t going to let myself fall. I wanted her body not her heart and this was the only way for us. Her hands came up to loosen my jeans and she pulled down my jeans and briefs slowly to greet my erection. I was always hard for her. Her tight little cunt was calling to me whenever I caught her fragrance close by. She was dangerous but I was in control.

Her hand wrapped around my cock and she jerked it slowly while her eyes were on mine. I wanted to capture this moment in my memories. Despite all the dirty things we did together, I couldn’t stop myself from seeing her beauty. Brushing her lower lips with my thumb, I parted her lips to take me. Her tongue greeted the tip of my cock and allowed a sleek passage. I watched her lips slowly move from the tip of my cock down to its base as she took my entire shaft down her throat.

My good girl…” I groaned in ecstasy. I had never felt my balls ache this much before. The urge to fill her mouth with my seeds were tempting. Grabbing her head, I started fucking her mouth slowly, feeling the tightness of her throat. Her moans of approval were making my balls ache even more but all I could think of was her tight cunt. I wanted to fill her pussy with my essence. Pulling out of her abruptly, I lifted her body. My lips crashed on hers and I felt my cock jolt in excitement. My hands moved down to her jeans and I unzipped the hard material and pushed it down while my lips were busy on hers. Pushing her thin lace panties down I brushed my fingers against her swollen clit to confirm her arousal. She never surprised me with her willingness. Turning her around I bend her down so I could take her from behind.

Hold on tight… I am not going to hold back,” I said and her hands rested against the tree. Spreading her open with my hands, I pushed the tip of my cock in to her warmth. I shuttered slightly to the temptation. Grabbing her shoulder, I pushed the rest of my cock inside her until my balls were resting against her clit. Letting out a load screaming moan she relaxed. I knew I had hit her cervix. I started moving in heat. I wanted to fuck her hard and I wanted to give her every single drop of my cum.

Please…” she said and begged for more. She talked barely these days, only when she was begging to get fucked. I remembered our first fight at penthouse and it fueled the fire inside of me. I wanted her to talk, I wanted her words as much as I wanted her body. Why wasn’t she speaking to me anymore? I thought while I was still pumping in and out of her. Her moans were getting louder and I had to do something about it. Lifting her torso to rest against my chest I covered her mouth.

You are too loud little whore… we don’t want any of our colleagues to see what we are doing here, do we?” I asked knowing she was unable to answer that question when the only thing she could think of now was my cock in her pussy. Holding back my climax a little longer I was fucking her to bring her closer to her own release.

I am going to pump my seed deep into your pussy when you come my little whore,” I whispered and felt the tight embrace of her pussy. Brining my other hand under her sweater I cupped her breast like the hungry beast I was. I was feasting on her body and she was letting me do it without any obligations. Moving my lips closer to her neck I placed a kiss before my teeth dug deeper into her skin. I wanted to mark her, I wanted to fucking mark her so no other men could come close to what was mine. Her pussy contracted the moment I bit her and her orgasm milked my cock eagerly. Letting go of control I released my white essence into her womb and claimed her over and over again. Drop after drop I gave her everything and stayed inside her until I had emptied myself completely.

Pulling out I felt the urge to cup her pussy and feel our mixed juices leak from her horny hole. Keeping her a prisoner in my grip, my hand still covered her mouth when my finger was exploring her drenched sex.

Come to my cabin tonight…” I whispered against her ear and earned a whimper when my finger brushed against her swollen slit. “… come and I will feed you my cock over and over until you can’t take it anymore my little whore,” I said, spreading our mixed juices all over her folds. Letting her go I licked my fingers clean while she was fixing her jeans. Her eyes met mine and she said nothing before leaving me in the woods and heading for the hiking trail, I had dragged her off of. I was balls deep into her and I couldn’t do anything but deny myself the luxury of falling for her.

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