BLUE (18+)

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I hadn’t seen Liam since that night we spent together in his cabin during the office trip. He wasn’t at the firm and he wasn’t texting me or calling me for favors. I was relieved to have this kind of a distance between us but I still missed the physical connection. It was after all the only time I could get close enough to feel his heartbeat against mine. It made him more approachable, more human. I couldn’t believe that I was craving his touches despite all the hurtful things he had said and done.

Who was this Blue? I couldn’t look at myself at the mirror anymore. I used to have power over my life and feelings but after meeting Liam, I had lost that side of myself. I had willingly given up on myself. My mind and heart were in an immense battle and I had no clue of how I would be able to know what my real feelings were. I was messed up and Liam was the only one to blame for it. I grabbed my phone in confusion, wanting to call him. He couldn’t just ghost me for days when I was struggling to define my place by his side. This whole thing was fucked up and I had to sort it out with him.

Unlocking my phone, I entered the contacts wanting to call Liam but my phone shut off by itself, before I could make the call. My phone had been like this for the past few days and it annoyed me. I had to get it serviced since I was sure the battery was acting up again. Turning on the phone once more, I tried to enter the contacts once more. The screen went dark once more and I groaned in confusion, getting the unwanted attention of my colleagues.

Turning my phone back on again, a notification on my screen popped up. I had been logged out of my cloud account and it was asking for my password. Logging back in my phone turned off once again and I couldn’t deal with this anymore. I grabbed the office phone and called Liam. The phone rang twice before Mrs. Lee answered.

//Mr. Connor’s office, how can I help you?” she said and I hesitated for a moment before speaking up.

//Mrs. Lee, is Mr. Connor in office today?” I asked waiting for her answer. I was nervous and the lump in my throat was growing bigger.

//Mr. Connor will be working from his home office today. Is there anything else Ms. Ellis?” she said and I sighed.

//No, Mrs. Lee. I will e-mail Mr. Connor about the Collins-case,” I said and hung up. I knew nobody in this office was fond of me, not even Mrs. Lee. The reputation Liam had created was keeping them away and the disgusted look in their eyes were making my blood turn to ice. Even at this very moment, I knew what they were thinking of me and how disgusted they were with the rumors of me sleeping with Liam.

Despite it all it was the truth. I had slept with him for money and in order to keep this job but along the way I had given him a part of me that I couldn’t take back anymore. I could leave this firm and his life but I wasn’t ready to give up on these feelings and my dreams. I needed a break from my thoughts, I had to clear my mind and think straight.

Blue, are you okay?” Eliza said and I felt her hand on my shoulder.

No… I feel like shit and I haven’t been able to talk to Liam for days and it is slowly driving me crazy,” I said and she took the seat next to mine.

Have you tried calling him?” she asked and I nodded.

I called his office but he is working from his home office today,” I said and she looked over to my on the table.

Have you tried calling him on his private number?” she asked and I nodded once more.

I tired but my phone is shutting off whenever I try to make a call. Something must be wrong with it,” I said. Eliza took her phone out of her pocket and swiped the screen. A notification came in immediately. She looked at her screen and stood up immediately from her seat.

We have to get you out of here immediately,” she said and grabbed my hand. I grabbing my purse and phone in a hurry. I let her drag me away from the growing stares of my colleagues.

Eliza… what’s happening?” I asked unable to understand what was going on.

I will explain when we are in the car,” she said and continued to drag me towards the elevator. When we were in the basement and securely in her car she handed her phone over to me. When I looked at the screen, I was horrified to see the video Lisa had recorded of the first night at the penthouse. The video had been blurred on some part but it showed everything we had done that first night. I was in a huge trouble.

He will destroy me…” I whispered knowing Liam’s temper and the confidentiality agreement I had signed before that night. Yanking my arm violently Eliza made me look into her eyes.

He can’t do anything to you! That piece of shit deserved this! God knows how many more women that man has screwed over,” she said getting all protective of me. It was nice to finally know that someone was by my side in whole this mess. I wasn’t alone in this. I had Eliza by my side.

We will get you home and do some damage control,” she said and turned on the engine. Pulling away from the building, I started fell anxious once more. This video had ruined so many lives including my own. Liam could survive this but I had nothing or no one to hold on to. Eliza was the only person who was by my side right now and I had no clue about how long she would be by my side. Taking in a deep breath I let the streets of New York distract me. I had been so close to a dream and now everything had slipped out of my hands. I was that big nothing I had feared to become all my life. When the car pulled up in front of the small apartment building I was immediately greeted by flashlights and cameras.

Fuck!” Eliza hissed and started driving away. “I am taking you to my place,” she said and I was utterly confused by how my life had turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

How did they find out where I live?” I said feeling hysterical.

Believe me they might even know you better than anyone else by now,” she said focusing on the road. “I have had my fair share of encounters with the paparazzi and it’s never a pleasant,” she said shortly letting me into her life as Archie M. Cromwell’s girlfriend. I had known Eliza for little over 3 months and I couldn’t believe the strong bond I felt for this woman. It felt like I had known her for my whole life.

We will arrive in a minute,” she said entering the basement garage of a high-rise building. Parking at the assigned spot for her car she turned around to face me.

I know how it might feel right now but just take a deep breath and follow me. There won’t be any intruders in this building and Archie is still out of town. We will be alone so we can sit down and talk this through, okay?” she asked and I nodded. Following her out of the car, I felt lightheaded for a moment. All this stress was not good for me and I felt chills all over my body.

Swiping her keycard, Eliza activated the elevator and I hadn’t noticed it was private up until the speakers greeted her. Her life was far from mine and I couldn’t help but regret the way I had ruined my own life when I could have worked to have a life like Eliza. I should have never taken that escort job, I shouldn’t have signed the contract and I shouldn’t have fallen for Liam. I had messed up my own life and I had to clean this mess up, I thought when the elevator door opened into the modern penthouse apartment of Eliza and Archie.

Following Eliza into the apartment I breathed out in relief. I was safe from the looks of people and no flashlights were invading me personal space. Gesturing me to sit, Eliza took a seat across me and we looked at each other for a moment. Silence took over and I felt the tears form in my eyes.

I have fucked up, haven’t I?” I said and started crying. I should have deleted that video when I had the chance. How could I have known that it would be leaked like this. Feeling anxious, I tried to understand how this could have happened. Did Lisa leak the video? I thought and I started doubting her motives. Lisa had been a good roommate but I had no clue about how trustworthy she was. After all she was the one who violated the confidentiality agreement and recorded the video.

What’s wrong?” Eliza asked knowing that I had started to process everything.

I think my roommate might have leaked that video,” I said and met her eyes.

Are you sure?” she asked and I shook my head.

No, but she was the one who recorded it and I had a copy on my phone,” I said looking at her.

Give me your phone,” she said and I handed her my phone over looking at her a little confused. She turned it on and the screen blacked out again. “Do you have access to you cloud account?” she asked and I nodded. “Are you sure? Try to login from the computer over there at table,” she said and I followed her directions. I tried to login but a warning message showed up on the screen.


Trying again the same warning appeared and I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. How did this happen I thought and turned to face Eliza.

I can’t login…” I said and Eliza approached me.

Try logging in to your e-mail account connected to you could account,” she said and I did as she had told me. When I tried to login I was met the same warning. My accounts had been hacked! How was this even possible? I thought in panic. Opening another tab, I tried to log into the security e-mail address that was connected to my main one. When I securely entered that one, I could see that my password had been changed and my security e-mail had been removed from my other account.

Shit!” I hissed and started the process of recovering my main e-mail address. “I have been hacked, but how?” I asked and Eliza looked at me with the same confused expression.

Seems like your phone got some kind of a malware. It’s not acting normal at all.” she said, handing the phone back to me. The dark screen was not changing and I was now sure that my life had been fucked over by someone who made some good money out of selling that video to the tabloids. After all, working for Liam I had started to notice how big he was and everybody wanted a piece of him. I was just a pawn in all this and I hated myself for not deleting that video sooner.

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