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Moving to New York 3 years ago, I was ready to chase my dream of becoming a lawyer. Growing up in an orphanage, I had to work hard to become someone important. Life had always been a struggle and I was far from done. The scholarship that I had gotten covered only the tuition and I had to work several part-time jobs to be able to pay rent and other necessities as a university student. Especially during the last month, I had struggled to pay my rent so I had asked my roommate to cover my part.

Lisa, my roommate, was so fortunate to have a job which gave her enough to rent and more. I would always envy her for having time to date handsome men and spend her money on expensive shoes and bags. I could barely afford to feed myself at this point. Dating was another thing that I missed, I enjoyed dating and sex so I was naturally missing the intimate connection of a relationship. Working two part-time job and attending university was leaving me with almost no time to date or hookup with someone. I simply had more important things to worry about now so my focus was on survival not pleasure.

Today was one of the few days I had arrived home early. My shift at the bakery had ended early and I wasn’t going to the restaurant afterwards. This gave me a little time to look at the readings for my international law class, I thought. Opening the mailbox my mood had changed immediately noticing the bills for next month. I simply hated the sight of bills lately. After I had quit my third part-time job at the public library, I had suffered financially but I had no choice. I had been neglecting my studies so much that my grades were starting to take a hit. I had therefore decided to quit one of the three jobs I had and focus on getting a paid internship at a local law firm.

I had sent out applications but haven’t heard from any of the firms that I had contacted. I was trying my best to reach out to all the law firms I could, even the ones far away and required me to commute. I needed a job in my field so I could start my career and move on with my life. I couldn’t wait tables for the rest of my life, I thought looking at the bills in my hand.

Walking into the apartment, I put this bills on the kitchen table and removed my coat to sit down and calculate the expenses for next month. Grabbing a pen and paper I started writing down everything and sighed looking at the numbers. Keys tussled in front of the main door before Lisa unlocked the door and walked in.

Oh Blue… you are home early today,” Lisa stated walking in with her arms full of shopping bags.

Hi Lisa… you went out shopping?” I asked knowing the answer. I was trying to ease the conversation into the expenses for next month.

Yes! and I got this gorgeous dress, you can borrow it if you want,” she said showing the beautiful little black dress.

Well I can’t really afford going anywhere, where I can put that dress to good use,” I said and bit the end of the pen, anxious. I wasn’t able to pay the rent either this month. It was bothering me to rely on my flat mate.

What’s wrong?” Lisa asked taking a seat next to me by the kitchen table.

I… I can’t pay the rent either this month,” I said shoving her the bills that came in today.

No worries girl… You can pay me back later,” she said with a smile.

I will! As soon as I get a paid internship I will pay you back I promise!” I said hoping that the applications I had sent to several law firms was going to get me somewhere but it could take months before I found something, I thought.

Why don’t look for another part-time job that pays well?” Lisa asked with a serious expression.

Well paying part-time jobs doesn’t exists Lisa,” I said followed by a sigh.

I work part-time…” Lisa blurted out and I looked at her little confused.

But you work evening and night? How is that part-time?” I asked and she started laughing.

Well… I work for a few hours and only once a week,” she said and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed her being around most of the time.

I didn’t notice,” I said and she smiled.

Of course, you didn’t! Sometimes you arrive so late from your work at the restaurant that I am asleep by the time you make it home,” she said and looked into my eyes.

Tell me about this job…” I said curious to know what she was actually doing to make this much money in a month.

I am technically self-employed…” she said with a mischievous smile lingering on her lips.

Self-employed? How? I mean…” I said trying to form a proper sentence.

I have clients… who require my services in certain situations,” she said still beating around the bush. Clients? Services? What was my flat mate actually up to? “I offer services for men in need of a partner, inside or outside of the bedroom,” she said and I looked seriously at her.

You are… an escort?” I asked which explained all the money and expensive habits she had. She nodded with a smile and I couldn’t help but get a little curious.

How about your boyfriend?” I asked and she smiled biting her lower lip.

He is a client, someone I have been seeing regularly,” she said with a tint of blush on her cheeks.

Wow…” I said, unable to form a proper sentence. “You have been working for very delicate men,” I said remembering all her previous clients that she had brought home.

Yes, and I pick them very carefully,” she said with a wink. I couldn’t imagine doing what she did for living but I was intrigued to hear more.

So tell me about these services you offer,” I said looking at her interested to know more about her occupation.

I am an escort; my clients are upper class men who are looking for a companion. I don’t sleep with them the majority of the time but if I do, I get paid for the additional services. I have my own client list and they call me whenever they need my services.” She said explaining simply her way of living.

So, it’s not always sex?” I asked to confirm and she nodded with a smile. “And how much do you make again?” I asked and she looked a little shy.

A couple of grands per client. As I have said it depends on the services required,” she said and I looked at her not believing my own ears.

I could definitely use a part-time job as flexible and well-paying as that,” I blurted out.

Look… Blue… if you want I can introduce you to some of my clients.” Lisa said and my eyes widened with shock and excitement. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this whole escort thing but I sure as hell needed the money.

I am not very sure about offering as many services as you do,” I said, feeling a little shy about selling my body for money.

As I have said, sex is optional and no one will force you to do anything you don’t want,” she said and smiled. Looking into her eyes I felt that I could trust Lisa. I needed a job to survive and graduate so taking a deep breath I nodded.

Let’s do this,” I said and she smile.

I will let you know when there is a ‘booking’,” she said with a wink and rose from her seat to go back into her room. She stopped abruptly and looked at me. “Blue… have you tried applying for Connor Law Firm? It’s 30 minutes commute from here. I have heard that they are looking for seasonal interns lately,” she said and I shook my head.

I never really considered them since their law firm is very competitive to get into. They are one of the biggest in New York so I haven’t really thought about sending an application to them. I don’t think they will consider me as candidate,” I said knowing that my grades from last semester had shattered any dream of making it big. The only thing I wanted now was to have a job, any job within my field of expertise.

I think you should try… ” she said with a mysterious look in her eyes.

Okay… I will send an application,” I said and pushed away the bills before I turned on my laptop and started reading the materials for my international law class.


Sitting and discussing the final detail of the court case we were currently working on I felt drained. This case had been going on for months and all the digging for evidence and witness testimonies had taken a life time to achieve but we were ready to go into that court room in a couple of hours to prove the innocence of our client. Since this was an international case I had been working together with an old friend to solve it. Brandon and I had met at University of Cambridge, when I was studying abroad for a semester in UK.

Brandon had been a good friend since then but he had been through so much shit in the past 2 years because of his long-term girlfriend Amy. She had apparently been knocked up by her stepfather and realized it after a huge fight with him. Brandon had loved her so much that he had even offered to raise the child with her but she had apparently reconciled with her step-father in the end and married him instead. Amy was another typical example of a woman who were always searching for an upgrade and in this case, she had willingly stolen her stepfather from her mother.

I had asked for Brandon's assistance since this case involved transactions with UK and I needed his advice on some of the issues that had arisen during the initial phase of the investigation. Having similar work ethics, I enjoyed working with Brandon as much as my team of attorneys I had built for the past two years since I took over Conner Law Firm. This law firm was the only legacy left from my father and I had promised him that I would grow it even bigger to become one of biggest in this country.

Now that I had lost the only family I had in my life, nothing was holding me back from drowning in more work. I had given up on the concept of family for decades ago when my mother had left my father for another man. For me, women were only objects I needed to set my sexual thirst. When I was done I could move on to the next one and continue my life without the responsibility of getting attached. After all, women were all the same; greedy whores who would willingly warm your bed in exchange for money and security. Like the mother I once had.

I don’t need that kind of a distraction in my life. All I need is success to concur more. Grow and become an unstoppable attorney that was what my father had taught me through the years and I was set to make him proud. He wouldn’t be able to acknowledge my effort but deep down in my heart I knew he would have been proud to see his son work hard.

I guess this is a wrap,” Brandon said and I nodded wrapping up the last team meeting before the court. We were going to win this case and I was going to celebrate it the best way I knew… with alcohol and whores.

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