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When Eliza had texted me, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to face Blue. I had turned her life into a living hell with my existence and I wasn’t sure if we could repair the relationship between us anymore. The leaked video had caused a lot of havoc but in the end, everything could be erased with money and power. The headlines of today would be the past tomorrow and lost business relations could be replaced with new ones but she was suffering the real consequences of this video.

Ethan had filled me in on the cancellation of her scholarship and she was no longer a student after the disciplinary committee of the university had expelled her. I couldn’t continue to employ her either with all the headlines hanging over our head. She was no longer a law school student so I couldn’t justify keeping her around. I was worried about her and the future she was looked ahead to face. The video was a direct violation of the confidentiality agreement she had signed and anyone in that video had the right to sue her for a breach in the agreement. However, I was capable of shutting them all down and I was going to. When she woke up tomorrow, it would be like nothing had happened but I couldn’t revoke the damages that the video had caused so far.

We had created this mess together and I was cleaning it up for her, for us. It was the least I could do when she had suffered by my side for months, agreeing to everything I had demanded from her. I was disgusted with myself. I was no different from an abuser, I was messed up and I needed help. I knew but I couldn’t keep my mind away from her. I had distanced myself from her to protect her from me but I couldn’t stay away any longer. I needed to see her to make sure that she was okay.

When I pulled up in front of the building where Eliza and Archie were living, I knew this would probably be the last time I would see her. After all this I wasn’t even sure if she would even want me to be around. Taking a deep breath, I approached the doorman and told him I was here to meet Eliza. I was led to a private elevator that brought me to the floor where the penthouse was located. When the doors opened and my eyes met hers, my heart tightened immediately.

She looked pale and her eyes were red with tears. She had cried and my heart ached knowing the pain this wicked physical relationship had brought her. I couldn’t stay by her side, she wouldn’t let me after all this but a little part of me wanted a piece of her, a piece of her heart. I had fallen so deep for this woman in such a short time. She took a step towards me but I realized she was bleeding. Coming to a stop she collapsed on the floor and her eyes closed into darkness.

Blue!” I screamed and ran over to her while Eliza was trying to call 911. The gushing blood scared me and the fear of losing her filled my mind.

Please… don’t leave me,” I whispered like a prayed while the tears trailed down my cheeks. I needed her in my life. I needed her warmth against my body and I would do anything to stay by her side. I would beg her to take me back if that was what she wanted but most important of all I needed her alive. Eliza’s voice faded in the background and the only thing I could see, hear and feel was Blue.

They are on the way,” Eliza notified with tears in her eyes. We were both so shook by the horrible scene in front of us and I couldn’t thank her enough to being by Blue’s side when I had failed to protect her. The ambulance arrived short after and took her away immediately. Her condition wasn’t good and I feared the worst. When I heard the sirens of the ambulance the fear of losing her solidified inside of me.

Go…” Eliza said and I jumped into the ambulance sitting by Blue’s side. Holding her hand tightly all I wanted was for her to look at me once more with those blue eyes. The ambulance crew was putting on tubes and wires to monitor her condition and I was getting more anxious with every worried expression on their faces. The blood between her thighs were bright red and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Why was she bleeding? She was on birth control so she couldn’t be pregnant. If she was, she would have told me, I thought feeling confused. When the ambulance arrived at the hospital she was immediately taken into the ER.

24-year old female with abnormal uterine bleeding. Her pulse is low and her condition is critical,” the ambulance crew announced and swiped her away from me into a surgery room. I wasn’t ready to let her go yet. I followed them but I was stopped immediately by the staff.

You can’t enter sir, I am sorry but you have to wait here,” the nurse said and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I have to see her! Please let me in,” I said begging. It felt like this was the last time I was ever going to see her.

The doctor will talk to you soon,” she said and disappeared behind the doors. Eliza arrived shortly after looking all worried.

How is she?” she asked and I shook my head.

I don’t know, they won’t let me in and nobody is talking to me,” I said getting furious. I started walking back and forth in front of the surgery room and I couldn’t calm myself down. After the first examination, the doctor came out to talk with us.

How is she?” I asked desperately wanting to know her condition.

Are you her family?” the doctor asked and I went silent. I was her nothing. I had made sure that I was her nothing and it pained me to know I couldn’t just say that I was her boyfriend because I wasn’t. I wasn’t even sure if I deserved that title anymore.

I am her sister,” Eliza said and a cold chill ran down my spine. Looking at her in shock I couldn’t even grasp the situation. She was her sister? That was impossible. She must be lying I thought but the possibility bugged my head.

She is suffering from an abnormal uterine bleeding caused by an ectopic pregnancy. She has to undergo surgery immediately so we can remove the fertilized egg. Her condition is life-threatening so we have to end the pregnancy immediately.” The doctor announced and I was utterly confused.

How?” I asked like an idiot. “She was on birth control. How is this even possible?” I asked feeling a lump in my throat. I was to blame for all this and I had once again fucked her life up with my decisions.

Contraceptives can’t guarantee 100% protection,” the doctor said. I knew it but now that her life was in danger I couldn’t help but feel like shit. I wanted to take away all the pain I had put her through. I wish I was the one fighting for my life in there and not her. “She have lost a lot of blood so we need to find donors. She has a rare blood type and we don’t have enough to supply her during the operation,” the doctor said and I nodded.

What’s her blood type? I will ask around,” I asked worried.

AB negative,” he said.

I am AB negative,” Eliza announced immediately and I looked at her once more starting to get suspicious. Who the fuck was this person?

The nurse will come and prepare you for the procedure,” the doctor said and left us. I grabbed Eliza’s wrist and yanked her violently, forcing her to face me.

Who the fuck are you?” I asked looking for answers. Trying to yank her wrist free her eyes were filled with anger.

You knocked her up and caused all this! Grow some balls before you ask me questions Liam,” she said looking directly into my eyes. She wasn’t answering my question and it was making me furious.

Answer the fucking question Eliza… who are you?” I asked but the nurse came out of the surgery room looking for Eliza. Letting her go, I watched her leave with the nurse. I had to wait for the surgery to end before I could question Eliza’s motive to be around Blue. Did Blue really have a sister? The possibility was small but so was the possibility of a pregnancy while she was on birth control.

“Shit!” I hissed knowing I had fucked this whole game up. It had been a wicked game in the beginning but our feelings had gotten involved along the way, creating a mess. I didn’t know if this was love, I had never felt loved to understand that concept so I was confused with those feelings I had for her. All I knew was that I wanted her by my side despite all this, despite everything I had done to her.

I was in deep thoughts when panic erupted inside of the surgery room and the staff started running in and out of the room. Standing up from my seat I tried to approach the room to look inside but I couldn’t see anything. The only thing I could hear was the deafening sound of the loud beep coming from the patient monitor.

“We are losing her!” the doctor announced making my heart beat in anxiety. Launching myself towards the room I started scream her name. I couldn’t lose her now. I couldn’t lose the woman who had taught me to feel again. Not now, I had just found her and we had lost so much time playing my stupid game. We had a future together, a future I had never dared to think of before this very moment.

“Blue! Don’t leave me! Please! I love you!” I screamed while I was being pulled away by two male nurses before I entered the surgery room. They were barely holding me down and I wasn’t giving up. I had to see her and she had to listen to me. I loved her, I really did and she couldn’t leave this world without hearing those words from my lips.

“I love you Blue Ellis and you will come back to me!” I screamed once more while the loud beep was still echoing through the halls.

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