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Opening my eyes, my body felt sore and I couldn’t talk because of the tubes attached to my mouth. How long had it been? What had happened? My eyes were roaming helplessly around when they landed on a familiar face. What was he doing here? I thought looking at his sleeping face. His hand was holding mine tightly while his upper was draped over the lover part of the bed. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. A moment later the door opened and Eliza entered. She came to a stop when she realized that my eyes were open.

She is awake!” she yelled running out of the room. Liam was startled by the sudden scream so his eyes darted over to mine and a warm smile spread across his lips.

You came back to me…” he whispered and placed a kiss on my knuckles. Eliza came back with a nurse that helped me out of the tubes and I was finally free to breath and talk.

W-what happened,” I said in a low whisper.

You went through an important surgery,” Eliza said and her eyes moved to Liam.

The bleeding was caused by an ectopic pregnancy,” Liam said and my eyes widened in shock.

Wait? How is that even possible?” I asked while my body was aching immensely. “I was on birth control the whole time…” I said feeling shocked. “What is an ectopic pregnancy and how is the baby?” I asked instinctively wanting to know if the baby was okay. Eliza’s face fell and my eyes drifted over to Liam who had difficulties looking into my eyes.

The fertilized egg was growing outside of your uterus so the doctor had to end the pregnancy by removing the fertilized egg. Your condition was getting worse and this was the only way Blue,” Liam said and my heart skipped a beat when I learned that the baby was already gone. A tear slipped down the side of my face knowing that I had lost a part of Liam and I. Even though our relationship had been twisted I still felt something for the man before me. His fingers wiped away the slowly trickling tears and he cupped my face with his warm hands before he forced my eyes on his.

You will bear a child when the right time comes,” he said with a smile. Moving closer to my face he pecked my lips, letting me feel his warm lips against mine. “I will make sure to breed you with care when the time comes,” he whispered with a low growl and I was trying to make sense of his words. Why was Liam talking about this? I thought staying silent. There were still so many things we had to talk through but having him here by my side made me feel somehow peaceful.

Let her be asshole… you have already created enough trouble for her,” Eliza said and I couldn’t believe the way she was talking to her boss.

What happened here?” I asked wanting to know the silent language between Eliza and Liam. Something was going on and I couldn’t put a finger on it.

Nothing you should be concerned about right now,” Eliza said and approached the bed to hold my other hand. It felt nice to have a friend like Eliza, who was there through thick and thin.

Thank you…” I whispered feeling grateful.

Don’t even mention it,” she said and kissed my head before she let go of me. “I have to call Archie. Haven’t talked to him for the past three days,” she said and left the room. Turning my attention to our linked hand, I looked up to meet Liam’s eyes.

How long was I gone?” I asked wanting to know how bad it had been.

Three days,” he said and my eyes widened in shock. “I thought I was going to lose you Blue,” he confessed which made my heart flutter like crazy.

Being like this doesn’t really suit you,” I blurted out. I was used to seeing the tough side and this side was an entirely different man.

You prefer my tough love?” he asked with a sexy wink and I rolled my eyes knowing where this conversation was going. We still had so many things to talk and work through.

When can I leave?” I asked wanting to get out of this bed. I couldn’t even afford to pay for this medical treatment. I had nothing left now that I had lost my education and work at the same time.

Why are you in a hurry to get out of here?” Liam asked concerned.

I can’t afford this Liam. If you haven’t realized it yet, I have nothing but myself left,” I said feeling his hand tighten around mine.

You have me…” he said and my eyes met his immediately.

I am not getting indebted to you,” I said sharply wanting to make it clear that I wasn’t going to warm his bed anymore. Those days were over. Now that I was free and had nothing to lose, I was ready to start a new life.

Blue…” he said in protest knowing where my thoughts were at.

You don’t have to feel an obligation to stay by my side Liam. We created that mess together and now it’s over. I am setting you free,” I said with a smile and I felt his grip tighten even more around my hand.

You can’t set me free when you are holding on to the only thing that keeps me alive,” he said with a longing in his gaze.

What is that?” I asked wanting to know what he was implying.

My heart… and I promised you in front of that surgery room that I would beg you to take me back if that’s what you want,” he said being serious.

Liam… we don’t function well together. We are not good for each other. Maybe physically but not mentally and I am not ready to fight a lost battle,” I said feeling defeated already.

I love you…” he said in a whisper and my heart skipped a beat with the three words I had never heard in my life. None of my previous boyfriends had told me they had loved me. No one around me had told me those three words of affection before until Liam. Liam was the first and it gave me the chills.

Don’t mess with me Liam… Don’t even joke about this,” I said feeling vulnerable at this very moment. He could hurt me with any words except those three. If he used those against me I would shatter into million pieces. I couldn’t handle that.

I. Love. You.,” he said spelling it out for me word by word. “… and I will do anything to earn your heart Blue,” he said with a genuine smile on his lips. “I went crazy outside that surgery room when I heard that you were struggling to hold on to life in there. Two male nurses could barely hold me down when I tried to reach you in that room. I called for you until your heart started beating again. That minute was the longest of my life and I can’t afford to lose you anymore,” he said and moved closer to place a kiss on my lips.

The kiss warmed my body immediately and I couldn’t help my fragile heart from giving in momentarily. Bringing my free hand to his face I brushed his stubble gently and pulled him in for another kiss. Scooting over I gestured him to lay on the bed next to me. The small hospital bed could barely fit us both. Taking my fragile body into his arms, he brought me closer to his warmth. This was the first time Liam had truly embraced me and I couldn’t stop the tears.

Shh…” he said in a low voice and started humming an unknown melody. My eyes closed slowly and I drifted into a peaceful sleep in his arms while listening to his rapid heartbeat. I was home.


I couldn’t get the mental image out of my head. I had been so close to losing her and yet she was here in my arms now. When her heart started to beat again that day in the surgery room, I had promised her that I would do anything to make her happy. I had decided to seek professional help to overcome my trust issues with women and I knew I had a long way but I was willing to sacrifice anything for her even myself.

After the surgery, Blue was taken into another room where she could rest and Eliza had come to find me. We sat down in the cafeteria of the hospital and had a long talk. She explained me everything and I couldn’t wait to tell Blue that she had a sister. Eliza had apologized for the way she had approached us and wanted to make it right by telling everything to Blue but we had decided to wait until she was discharged.

The video was taken down from the internet and all traces of it was erased within 24 hours of its release. I was still trying to figure out who was behind the hacking of Blue’s phone. I had decided to hire professionals to track down the lowlife who had dared to hurt the only person that mattered to me. I wasn’t going to give up until that person was caught.

The past three days had been a wild ride and I was ready for a life time of adventures with this woman by my side. I knew it would take some time for her to trust me but I would do anything to earn her trust. After all, she had risked her life because of me and I had ruined everything that she had built up until this point.

Little by little, I would make sure that her life was back to normal. I would use all my power to fix all the wrongdoings she had faced because of that video and money was the way to do it. I would make sure that they respected her as much as I did. All I wanted was to fix everything and make her happy. Looking at her sleeping face, I saw the innocent girl who had walked into that penthouse suite, afraid of what was awaiting her. I saw the woman who had bloomed in my arm that I had claimed countless times and I saw the woman who had gotten her voice back. I loved this Blue, she was my Blue and she was all mine to love and protect.

Mmm…” she moaned in her sleep which made my balls ache. She had her way of awakening my deepest desires but the doctor had warned me about complications that could occur after the surgery. Sex wasn’t an option for the next couple of weeks and I was complete fine with that. Shaking the dirty thoughts away I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent into my lunges. I was where I belonged. I was home.

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