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Dancing around in the little angel dress she turned around and started running towards me. Opening my arms, I greeted the warmth she came with. She was beautiful and had the same blue eyes as Liam. I loved her.

I am a little angel, aren’t I?” she asked and looked into my eyes.

Yes, you are,” I said and embraced her tightly. Afraid that she would run away again.

I hope you will stay together forever,” she said turning her gaze towards Liam. Liam approached us and embraced us both at the same time letting us feel his strong protective arms around us. We were loved and secure in those arms.

We will little one,” Liam said and pecked my lips lightly before he placed a kiss on our daughter’s head. My heart warmed and a tear of happiness escaped the corner of my eye.

I will always love you,” the little girl said and slowly turned into dust in my arms.

No!” I screamed knowing the pain. This wasn’t first time. She had done this before and it left me devastated.

NO!” I screamed and the next thing I saw was Liam and his concerned face. I had told him about the nightmares I had since I had learned about the pregnancy. I knew it was an unfortunate pregnancy and it wouldn’t have ended any differently in any other situation but it still hurt to know that I had lost a piece of us.

Nightmare?” he asked and I nodded. Bending down he placed a gentle kiss on my head.

It’s been two weeks since your surgery and I am worried that you are still having those nightmares,” Liam said and I sighed knowing how much this whole situation bothered him. He had told me that he was blaming himself for everything that had happened but I disagreed. We had both contributed to this downfall and I wouldn’t let him take the entire responsibility for this situation we were in.

I need professional help to overcome this,” I said knowing that I couldn’t deal with this situation by myself. I needed a professional who could help me overcome the events of the past months.

I can help you find a qualified psychologist,” he said and I looked up to meet his eyes. I had agreed to stand by Liam’s side when I woke up but I wasn’t ready for him to invade my life like he had done back when I was tied to him by a contract.

I don’t need your help Liam. You have already done enough by paying for this hospital room,” I said feeling odd about the change of dynamic between us. I was no longer his play thing. I was now his equal and he was struggling to accept the fact that I wasn’t just letting him do what he wanted.

Look… I know you are going through a hard time and I am solely responsible for it so please let me help you. Let me help my girlfriend,” he said using the title we still hadn’t agreed on.

I am not your girlfriend Liam,” I said harshly. My heart was beating for this blue-eyed monster before me but I wasn’t going to let him think that he could play with me like he had in the previous months.

Blue…” he said in protest and his eyes turned serious.

We haven’t even been on a date Liam Connor,” I said and he breathed out in relief. A cute smile spread across his lips and he took my hand in his before he placed a kiss on my knuckles.

I haven’t dated anyone before,” he said with a shy expression and I couldn’t believe that Liam Connor had never dated before.

You are lying,” I said bluntly and his expression was serious.

Have you seen yourself?” I asked and a smirk appeared across his lips. He nodded in approval and I couldn’t stop my laughter.

I have never dared to open my heart to anyone,” he said with a sigh. I knew he was hiding something but I was afraid of asking. “When my mother left my father for another man, my trust in women shattered. Growing up with my father since I was 3, I was told that women were only objects to enjoy and throw away. His hate for women tainted my view as well and I turned into this heartless man who paid for sex. My only goal was to use women for my own pleasure and discard them as soon as I was done. But then you happened and I lost control,” he said baring out his soul in front of me.

Liam…” I said trying to reach out to him but he took back a step and looked into my eyes.

Please let me finish,” he said and I nodded. “Something about you triggered the darkest parts of myself that I didn’t knew existed. I wanted you but at the same time I hated you. You made me feel things I had never dared to feel before and it frightened me. I kept on pushing you away with my words but I couldn’t help it when your body was calling for me. Your body accepted mine despite all the things I had said and I couldn’t stop my heart form desiring you,” he said and took a deep breath.

During the office trip, I overheard your conversation with Eliza. When I had learned about your situation and how I had taken advantage of it, I felt disgusted. I had cornered you and left you without a choice. I couldn’t believe that I had become the exact copy of my father. I loved him but I also knew that he was an abusive asshole to all the women he had been with. I had turned into an exact copy of him and it made me feel sick. I distanced myself from you since I had no clue about how to approach you after l had heard your story,” he said and took a step closer.

When the video was leaked I went crazy knowing what a video like that could cause. I blamed myself for dragging you down this path and making you appear like something you weren’t. I hated myself for everything I had done to you and I decided to get professional help. It was not easy for me to tell you all this but I want you to know how important you are to me. When I realized how much you meant to me I was on the verge of losing you and it made me go insane. I couldn’t lose the only woman I had ever loved in my life,” he said and took my hand in his once more. Our eyes collided instantly and I squeezed his hand lightly.

It was hard for him to tell me all this but I also felt a lot closer to the man behind the surface. We had explored each other on countless occasions but the emotional one was new. We were still unknown to each other when it came to our past and feelings. Pulling his hand, I forced him to bend over the bed and our lips were only inches apart while our eyes were making love to one another.

I want to go on a picnic in Central Park,” I said with a smile and he looked a little confused. “… for our first date.” I continued and his smile broadened knowing how obsessed I was with the park.

Anything for you,” he said and kissed my lips slowly savoring every second of our connection.

I can’t believe you haven’t dated before,” I said and smiled mischievously. Something about being his first made my heart flutter like crazy. We had been through so much together but the prospect of seeing this loving side of Liam excited me.

I waited for the right woman to devote myself entirely,” he said melting my heart all over again. I enjoyed this soft side of Liam and I could see the change in him.

I regret nothing,” I blurted out the moment our eyes met. “Everything that happened between us led us to this very moment and I wouldn’t change a second of it,” I said knowing what this whole relationship with Liam had cost me. I was forced to let go of a dream for this man but I regretted nothing. We were still on shaky ground when it came to our relationship but I was ready to work on it. Work on our issues so we could explore the hidden feelings inside of us. We were in the end two people who had never tried to love anyone before. The feeling was foreign and we were slowly discovering it together.

I can’t say the same,” he said with an expression of regret flashing in his eyes. “I regret putting you through all this shit and I will for the rest of my life be sorry for all these things I forced you into,” he said letting my hand go. I was fast to react and I grabbed his wrist stopping him from putting a distance between us. We had just started to work on this relationship and I didn’t want anything to ruin this.

Don’t you ever blame yourself entirely for something we have done together. I could have walked away any minute from you if that was what I wanted. Becoming a lawyer was my dream but now that I have lost it all, I am more terrified of losing you Liam. What we did was conventual. I agreed to your terms and I willingly handed myself over to you. I regret nothing,” I said looking deeply into his eyes. Reaching out he cupped my face in his hands before he placed a warm kiss on my head.

I love you,” he said simply making my heart flutter with three words.

I love you too,” I said knowing my feelings for the man before me. We had walked through hell together and now that we were on the other side of all this mess we were ready to grow together. Resting his head on mine he brushed his thumbs over my cheeks gently while his scent intoxicated all my senses. I loved begin held by him like this. I loved feeling him like this.

Ehm…” Eliza said, interrupting us. “I can come back if you guys are busy,” she said and I smiled at Liam before he released me and back off to greet Eliza. “It’s good to see you guys working through your issues,” Eliza said and gave me discrete wink. The foolish grin on my lips said it all.

We were talking about where to go on our first date,” I said and looked over to Liam with a smile. “I told Liam that I want to go on a picnic in Central Park,” I said and Eliza smiled knowing how simple yet cute the suggestion was.

I can’t wait to hear more about it,” Eliza said with a smile and stepped closer to the hospital bed.

I have just talked with the doctor and you will get discharged tomorrow morning,” Eliza said and reached to hold my hand. “I have talked with Archie and we would be more than happy to have you over at our place until you are fully recovered,” she said and I was utterly confused. Eliza had been a good friend but I couldn’t understand the sudden gesture.

Thank you for the kind gesture but Blue will be staying with me,” Liam said and I looked more than confused now. I had a perfectly fine apartment I could return to.

Thank you both for your concern but I have a perfectly fine apartment,” I said feeling a little annoyed. I wasn’t a little child. I could take care of myself.

But!” they said in unison and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I will be fine and I have Lisa so don’t worry about it,” I said and ended the conversation there. Even though I had lost everything and I had no idea about what I was going to do from now I knew one thing. I wasn’t a charity case and I wasn’t going to become one. I was perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

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