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It felt all weird to come back to this apartment after two weeks. Nothing had changed but this place felt awfully unfamiliar which was a new feeling I tried to overcome. Breathing out in defeat I went over to the kitchen table where the bills were stacked and I felt uncomfortable knowing what was ahead of me. Following me from behind Liam approached and hugged me from behind noticing the immediate change in me.

What’s wrong?” he asked and I shook my head.

Nothing,” I said lying but he turned me around to face him.

Don’t lie to me Blue,” he said with a serious expression and my eyes darted over to the bills on the table. Those had started it all and now that I knew the future ahead of me I had to decide. I had to find a cheaper place to stay and I needed a job.

I just feel exhausted. I know it’s going to be difficult from here,” I said and looked into his eyes. Pulling me into a tight hug he gave me the support I needed.

I have told you before. I will always be by your side and you can always come to me if you need help with anything,” he said reassuring that he was capable of making it all disappear but I was stubborn. I wanted to take care of it on my own. I had been alone my whole life and it was normal for me to depend on myself instead of a man.

I know…” I said with a sigh and took his face in my hands. “…but I have to do this by myself,” I said and placed a kiss on his lips. His grip tightened around me.

I will protect you with all I have while you fly on your own,” he whispered making my heart flutter. I felt protected in his strong arms and this was the only thing I needed from him. His love and protection were enough.

Thank you,” I whispered and melted into his warm embrace. We stood like that for minutes holding each other. It felt great to know that we were slowly moving towards something beautiful. This relationship had started out the worst way possible but now that I was in his arms and in love, I felt content.

I wish you could just come and live with me,” he said while his arms were protectively wrapped around my body.

It’s too early for us to take such a major step,” I said resting my head against his chest.

We lost a child Blue. We are beyond the major steps here. I just want to be with you all the time,” he said reminding me of the unfortunate pregnancy I had been through. He was right we had lost a piece of us but it had miraculously brought us to this point here.

Time Liam… We need time to grow and love. If we do anything hasty right now I am afraid of ruining what we have or could potentially have in the future,” I said knowing that we still had to work through our issues from the past. Nodding silently, he caved in. Hearing the sounds of the keys, I knew immediately that Lisa was back. Releasing Liam, I turned towards the door and saw her enter. She looked like she had spent the night out. When her eyes landed on me, a sense of relief spread though her facial expression.

Blue! You are back!” she said and moved across the room to give me a hug. She reeked of alcohol and cigarettes but the gesture felt warm and welcoming. Lisa had visited me at the hospital a couple of times and she had expressed how much regret she felt about recording that video. I had stopped Liam from interrogating her at the hospital but I was afraid that he wasn’t going to hold back now.

Go and take a shower. We have things to discuss later,” Liam said and I squeezed his hands knowing his terrifying his eyes looked at Lisa. I had seen those eyes directed at me countless times so I knew he was furious. Lisa nodded silently and disappeared into to bathroom.

Stop treating her like trash,” I said feeling Liam’s eyes pierce through mine.

She recorded the video!” Liam hissed and I let go of his hand wanting to distance myself from this Liam. I hated him when his eyes were full of vengeance. Grabbing my writs gently he turned me around to face him.

You are my priority and I will do anything to protect you,” he said getting all territorial.

I am perfectly capable of protecting myself,” I said furious. I hated it when he looked at me like a fragile porcelain doll.

You know what I mean Blue and don’t make me repeat myself. I don’t trust Lisa and I don’t want her near you,” he said and I yanked my wrist free from his grip.

Well you better get used to seeing her around me then,” I said wanting to bite the head off of this Liam. I hated this version of him. I hated it when he only saw things through his perspective.

Fuck,” he said and went silent. I turned around to face him but noticed the bulge in his jeans immediately.

Don’t tell me this excites you,” I said unable to believe that he had gotten a hard on just by arguing.

I just happen to like this fierce side of you a lot,” he confessed which made my heart flutter dangerously. We hadn’t touched each other since the office trip and I knew he was trying hard to contain himself when I was still trying to recover from the surgery. The doctor had told me that sex was off limits for at least a month or two depending on how fast my body would recover but I understood the need to connect on a more intimate level.

We had fucked countless times but next time we were going to have sex it would be different. It would be much deeper and more meaningful, I thought looking at his slightly blushing face. Taking a few steps closer I brushed my fingertips against the fabric of his jeans. He shrugged slightly while his eyes were screening mine intensely.

Blue…” he hissed when my fingers unbuttoned his jeans and zipped it open. The thin fabric of his boxers had a visible stain with his precum. Biting my lips lustfully, I looked into his eyes finding the courage to take the lead.

Let your girlfriend take care of this…” I whispered against his lips before his lips crashed on mine. The kiss took my breath away immediately and my fingers found its way into his boxers. I wrapped my hand around his hard as steel cock and started jerking it slowly. His lips were busy devouring mine and I moaned into his mouth knowing how electric his touches were. Sex was off limits but we could still find ways to enjoy each other.

Parting our lips, I looked into his blue eyes seeing my own reflection in them. This was the very first time I felt comfortable holding his gaze. He was looking at me differently now. He wasn’t looking at me with disgust anymore. His eyes were filled with warmth. Unbuttoning his shirt slowly I continued kissing down his body until I was on my knees. Tugging his jeans and boxers down, I freed his erection.

Our eyes collided once more and I placed a kiss on the tip of his cock. Keeping our gaze locked I licked his hardness from the base to the tip where I tasted his salty precum. A tint of sweetness surprised me and I smiled. Opening my mouth, I greeted his cock with my warmth. His eyes closed momentarily to savor the moment. I was in control now and I liked every bit of it.

Bobbing my head eagerly, I wanted to take more of him in my mouth. His approving grunts made my core flutter and I knew he was enjoying it. His loving gaze was on mine when he brushed the hair away from my face. His massive body was towering above me and I liked the shadow his cast on me. Placing my hands on his hips I moved my mouth further down on him. Inch my inch I opened my throat up to take more of him.

Fuck,” he hissed and I knew he loved every second of this. His cock pulsed eagerly and I looked up to meet his eyes once more. I had sucked him countless times before and sometimes he would just call me into his office to fuck my face but this time was different. This was spiritual in a sense. Moving my head on his cock, my throat created the tight friction he needed. His cock pulsed in a warning and a deep grunt escaped his lunges before he released his hot semen down my throat.

I drank every drop of him slowly savoring this very moment. When he had finished emptying every last drop of his cum, I released him and placed another kiss on the tip of his cock. He eyes were on mine observing every second and it warmed my heart to know that he had given me the lead to satisfy him for the first time ever. Brushing his fingers gently against my jaw he lifted me to stand on my feet. His eyes were gazing deeply into mine before he crashed his lips on mine with force. It felt like the animal inside of him was finally unleashed.

I want to fuck you so bad right now,” he whispered after he broke the kiss. “I want to fuck you against this table and I want to hear you scream my name in pleasure. I want to fill your pussy to the brim and watch you drip with my seeds,” he whispered while his lips kept on brushing against mine.

But we can’t,” I whimpered knowing that I had awakened the beast inside of him.

I know,” he said almost out of breath. I was as desperate as he was to feel the deeper connection between us but we both knew it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Taking a step away he composed himself before he started to fix his clothes. It took a moment before he turned around to face me.

We have to be careful baby girl,” he said making my heart flutter. He was already comfortable enough to use a pet name to refer to me.

I know…” I said approaching him slowly. I was drawn to him like a moth was draw to flame. Placing my arms around his neck I pecked his lips gently before I looked into his eyes.

Don’t you have a firm to run?” I asked since I was curious to know who was handling everything when Liam was devoting all his time to me.

I do… but I also have people to do the work for me while I take care of the most important matters in my life right now,” he said putting his arms around my waist. “Your wellbeing is my number one priority. Christian can take care of the firm while I ensure your wellbeing and safety,” he said and I looked at him suspiciously.

Liam…” I said and a sheepish smile spread across his lips. “Don’t!” I said and he nodded. “You can’t stay here!” I said and his smile was still present.

Why?” he asked and I thought for a moment to find a good excuse.

You just can’t!” I said and his laughter filled my ears. My hands around his neck fall to his arms and he looked deeply into my eyes.

I am moving in to my girlfriend’s apartment. What’s wrong with that?” he asked and I shook my head in disbelief. This man in front of me was just so persistent and I had no clue about how to handle a man like him. After all he was my boyfriend.

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