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Blue’s reaction had been priceless when she had realized that I was going to move in for a short while. I had planned all this when she had refused to come to my place yesterday. I had to figure out the person behind the leak and I was going to start with Lisa. She had recorded the video despite the confidentiality agreement and I wanted to know the reason behind. Now that Blue was out of the hospital, I could focus on this matter. The person behind this whole mess should pay for it all. Blue was now mine to protect and I wasn’t going to let her get hurt again.

I had asked Christian to help me track down the culprit but he wasn’t getting any closer either. It was like the person who had caused all this mess had vanished into thin air and we couldn’t track its path. If we couldn’t do it the right way I was willing to get my hands dirty for the only woman I had ever loved in my life. The need to protect her was strong and I was instinctively embracing this foreign feeling. I had fallen for her so deep in the past weeks that it had taken courage to embrace those feelings. Now that I knew her feelings for me I was ready to make this work with all the power I had in my hands.

Do you want coffee?” Blue asked and I smiled when her arms wrapped around my waist and her cheek rested against my back. Her warmth spread across the back of my body and I enjoyed the butterflies I felt inside of my stomach. Turning around in wrapped my arms around her and looked down to her beautiful blue eyes. Her name was a perfect match, she had the most beautiful blue eyes that I had seen in my entire life and I could spend the rest of my life looking into those.

I would love that,” I said and pecked her lips lightly. I loved the innocence she carried on herself. I had experienced the most intimate moments with her yet she never failed to look this beautiful and innocent. My heart skipped a beat knowing that I had been lucky to gain her trust. I had done everything to fuck it up between us but this newfound intimacy between us was way more precious than all the times we had spent having sex. Holding her tightly, I refused to let her go.

Let me go so I can make the coffee,” she said blushing slightly. I loved hearing her voice. I loved hearing her protests and remarks. She had gained her voice back and I loved every second of it. She was like the Blue I had met that first night, beautiful and confident.

I don’t want to let you go. In fact, I want to keep you like this in my arms forever,” I whispered and placed another kiss on her moist lips. I loved feeling her lips against mine. It was the most wonderful feeling of commitment we exchanged with those affectionate kisses.

I am so head over heels in love with you woman,” I groaned and she giggled.

I love it when you kiss me slowly,” she confessed and I brushed my lips against hers. I could stay like this for hours if she wanted. I had officially handed my balls into her hands.

Ahem…” we heard from the other side of the living room and Lisa was finally back. Blue took an awkward step away from my arms and I looked at Lisa annoyed. She had ruined the moment entirely.

Take a seat,” I said gesturing her towards the chairs by the kitchen table. Their apartment was small so the living room was basically connected to the kitchen. Taking her seat, she looked at Blue. Taking a seat across Lisa, I made sure that Blue sat next to me facing her. I had known Lisa for the past five years but I wasn’t sure if I could trust her. I had fucked her countless times over the years and she had respected the confidentiality agreement but the video she had recorded had forced me to re-evaluate my trust in this woman before me. Taking a look at her, I realized how different she looked without make-up. She looked much younger and tired. I had no sympathy for her. I knew she was hiding something from us and I was willing to push her to her limit to find out her secret.

Talk,” I said dryly. I looked at her with disgust knowing that she had a finger in all this mess Blue went through. Taking Blue’s hand in mine I tried to give her the mental support she needed while face Lisa.

What do you want me to say?” she asked annoyed and it boiled my blood.

The truth,” I fired back and her eyes looked directly into mine, challenging me.

I might have recorded that video and it is easy to blame the whore but think for a minute Liam. Why would I do something so reckless? I have a fucking confidentiality agreement hanging over my head. Why would I risk my freedom?” she asked and I took a deep breath annoyed.

Greed is toxic Lisa and I think you got more greedy over time,” I said knowing as much. Lisa enjoyed the easy money escorting provided her. She was a woman with zero morals.

I might be greedy but you should fear the innocent ones. Maybe you shouldn’t look that far to find the real culprit,” Lisa said and glanced shortly at Blue. She was implying something very dangerous and it boiled my blood to know that she was accusing Blue of something she hadn’t done.

What are you implying?” I asked while still holding Blue’s hand tightly. Blue was still a stranger to me despite all the time we had spent together in or outside a bed but I had a strange feeling of trust towards this woman holding my hand tightly like her life was depending on it.

I am just telling you not to trust anyone that’s all,” she said playing mind games with me.

Don’t even dare to play games with me Lisa. I can ruin your phatic life in a heartbeat,” I said knowing the power I held in my hands. I had walked in the light for years knowing my way around the system and I could make her disappear from one day to another. He laughter echoed inside the small apartment and gave me uncomfortable chills.

I wonder what happened to Amelia? Did you ruin her life as well?” she asked and my blood turned to ice the very moment she mentioned her name.

Amelia wanted to leave. I had nothing to do with it,” I said and felt that Blue’s grip around my hand was loosening. Lisa was turning the tables around and I hated to watch the effect her words had on Blue.

Really Liam?” Lisa asked and I was barely holding back.

It was her own choice,” I said standing my ground. I wasn’t going to explain anything to Lisa. If Blue wanted to know about this story she could ask me in private but Lisa was not going to know the details about Amelia and my connection to her.

You and your sick fantasies,” Lisa said and looked at me with disgust in her eyes. “Have you told your girlfriend about how many times we have fucked Liam? How many times have you claimed we for the past years we’ve known each other? Have you told Blue about your sick fantasies and how you enjoyed almost choking me to death while claiming me over and over?” She said making my stomach turn. She was right. I was fucked up and I knew but hearing those words from her mouth I was afraid that Blue would know my true nature.

You are avoiding the question!” I said with gritted teeth.

Come on Liam… why don’t you tell her the truth? Why don’t you tell her that you enjoy making women feel powerless? Tell her the darkest parts of your mind Liam and how you willingly ruined Amelia’s life so she had no choice but to kill herself. You could have been the one who leaked Blue’s video as well,” she said and my eyes landed on her in shock. She was thinking that I was the one? The mind games she was playing was getting me all cornered. How could she think that I would sink so low? Amelia had nothing to do with this situation and she was twisting and turning it around so I looked like the culprit. My eyes landed on Blue’s and she looked at me horrified.

Blue,” I said trying to reach out to her but she stood up from her seat and took a step back from me. The fear I had seen in her eyes before was back. She was afraid of me, she was afraid of what I was capable of.

Stop confusing her with your lies Lisa!” I yelled reaching out for her wrist and yanking it violently.

I have nothing to hide Liam but I guess you might have a dirty secret somewhere,” she said with a smirk across her lips.

Look I am trying to figure out who leaked the video. Either you help me figure it out or you stay out of my way,” I said trying to warn her.

Let me tell you one thing Liam. If you think I am stupid enough to go against that confidentiality agreement go ahead and put me on the stick.” She said and yanked her wrist free from my grip. She stood up from her seat avoiding Blue’s gaze. She had been awfully silent during this conversation and I was afraid that she was still thinking about Lisa’s words.

I haven’t leaked the video,” I reassured Blue but the concern in her eyes were far from gone.


Every word coming out of Lisa’s mouth had solidified the doubt I had hidden deep inside of my heart. In the end I was still not trusting Liam. I knew I had feelings for him and how strong they were but I also knew him. I knew who he was and what he was capable of. He had hurt me countless times before and he could easily do it again. I wasn’t sure of who Amelia was but her connection to Liam scared me. I wasn’t sure who to trust anymore. Lisa’s words put seeds of doubt inside of me and I wasn’t sure if Liam had actually changed.

He could have easily have leaked the video himself. He had told me that he wasn’t aware of the existence of the video but Liam could have leaked it as much as Lisa could have. I was alone in this. I had to figure this out by myself. I had to get out of here and get far away from Liam. Looking up to meet his eyes I tried to force the words out of my mouth.

We should take a break from this,” I said gesturing to the thing between us. “I don’t think we can build something solid on the ruins of the past,” I said gathering all my courage to push him away.

Blue…” he said in protest and stepped closer but I put up my hand up to stop him.

Liam… I want you to respect my choice this once,” I said and he looked devastated. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing anymore but I knew this was necessary to fix everything that had gone wrong. We needed this if we wanted to start a clean chapter together.

Okay…” he said dryly, avoiding my eyes. The disappointment in his voice was radiant. He moved closer to the door and unlocked it before he turned around to look at me one last time before he left. Lisa was watching this whole scene with a distant smirk on her lips.

That asshole deserved that,” she commented and looked over to me. “What?” She asked when my expression turned sour.

Are you any better?” I asked and she was clearly shocked. “Why did you even film that video?” I asked, knowing that she was going to lie.

I have already told you that I just did it. No particular reason,” she said shrugging.

If you were that into watching homemade porn videos you could have put up a secret camera and recorded yourself with the guys,” I said knowing that Lisa wasn’t a woman to take lightly. In fact, she was more dangerous than I thought she could be.

Blue… I have had your back when nobody was there for you. Is this your way of being grateful?” She asked annoyed and I couldn’t believe my own ears. “You have the fucking audacity to ask me if I have leaked the video when you aren’t even shy about standing next to the man who turned your life upside down,” she said and her eyes were burning with an unfamiliar rage. “Can’t you see that you are another one of his victims? He could have very well leaked that video himself. He enjoys watching women suffer and he will go great lengths to achieve his goals,” she said and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Enough!” I said feeling my heart ache with pain. What if she was right about him? I thought and rushed into my room to pack a bag. I wasn’t going to stay here and listen to her anymore. I had to get out of here I needed a place where I could think peacefully.

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