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It had been a month since I had moved into Eliza and Archie’s life. I had moved out of the apartment where I had lived with Lisa immediately after I had talked with Eliza. I had decided to cut Lisa out of my life after our last conversation. She was hiding something from me and I couldn’t trust her anymore since I had no clue about her intentions.

I had spent the last two month regaining parts of the life I had lost. I had changed my phone number and I had found a job as a waitress at one of the high-end restaurants in the city. I was slowly starting to piece my life together and I couldn’t wait to get back to my old independent self. I was grateful that Eliza and Archie were letting me stay at their place but I wasn’t going to stay there for the rest of my life. It was temporary and I needed my own place.

I was grateful for the immense support Eliza gave me in this process. We had started to patch up our broken relationship and I finally felt like I had a sister. Archie had pointed out the similarities in our personalities that we were unaware of. It felt nice to know that someone I could call family existed and was by my side.

Blue…” Elisa said and I was pulled out of my thoughts. It still felt a little weird to know that I was living with my sister who were three years older than me.

Yes?” I answered from my room and she walked in.

I have some news for you,” she said and approached the bed. Archie had offered to help me figure out the people behind the video leak so he had put a team of IT-specialist from his company to dig deeper into this case. I was hoping that the news Eliza was talking about was related to this. It had taken so long to solve this case since the culprit had been smart enough to delete the digital footprint after it. Archie had reassured me that he was working with people who could dig deeper than the law allowed and he had told me that he was going to help me solve this.

I have received an e-mail form Mr. Peterson who is leading the team of IT-specialist who are dealing with the investigation related to the leak of your video,” she said and I looked at her in curiosity. “He has sent me the files and I think they’ve finally figured out who the person behind the leak is,” she said and my heart skipped a beat. I was finally going to learn the who it was.

I want to read the files,” I said and stood up immediately, following her into her office. Standing next to her I watched her click into the files that opened one after one. There were long logs of conversations and a list of IP-addresses that were used. Opening the last file, we started to read through the note that Mr. Peterson had wrote.

The video was leaked from an IP-address that Ms. Ellis and Ms. Jones have used. The conversation between Mr. Hall and Ms. Jones confirms that Mr. Hall have encouraged Ms. Jones to leak the video in exchange for financial benefits. Mr. Connor is mention in their conversation as the main person behind the leak as Mr. Hall continuously mentions that Mr. Connor wants to leak the video. However, there are no direct contact between Mr. Connor and Ms. Jones during this time period…

I continued reading the rest of the report with a lump in my throat. All arrows were pointing at Liam and I felt my stomach turn. The man I had loved despite it all had betrayed me. He had made his best friend do the dirty work for him while he watched my downfall from distance.

Son of a bitch…” I said and Eliza pulled me into a hug.

You don’t know if he is involved,” she said trying to calm me down.

He gave the orders Eliza. He did this all and made sure to delete all the traces so I couldn’t find out who was behind it all,” I said and she tightened her grip around me.

Don’t rush yourself into conclusions. I don’t want you to do something you will regret later,” she said and I sighed before letting her go.

I will do what I have done in the past two months,” I said and looked into her eyes. “I will focus on this clean chapter of my life and forget the feelings I have for Liam. I have to move on and I have to do it for myself,” I said and Eliza shook her head worried.

I don’t think that will bring you the closure you are looking for,” she said and I felt defeated.

What do you want me to do? Confront him?” I asked and she nodded.

That way you can get the closure you want and move on,” she said and I shook my head in disapproval.

I don’t want to see that manipulative piece of shit. He will probably feed me lies once we are standing face to face,” I said and Eliza sighed concerned.

I am afraid you are jumping into conclusion Blue. I know Liam and I don’t think this is his way of dealing with problems,” she said pointing at open document on the computer screen. Torn between my heart and mind, I looked at the screen once more. Was this possible? Could Liam have done this or was this another layer of lies I had to work through?


It had been a little over two months since I had last seen Blue. I had tried to reach her but she had stopped using her number so the only way I was getting any information was when I texted Eliza. Knowing that she was by Blue’s side made me feel at ease. She had moved out from the apartment where she was living with Lisa and she was doing her best to move on with her life. But I was stuck where she had left me.

I had been obsessed with finding the people behind the leak that I was barely sleeping. Christian was helping me with it but we had been unsuccessful so far. It was impossible to reach the culprit and it annoyed me to know the lengths the person went to in order to hide its footprint. I was an attorney and I solved mysteries but this was beyond me. I hated that I couldn’t bring the people responsible for this mess to the courthouse. Lost in thoughts I heard a knock on my office door.

Come in…” I said and Christian stepped inside with a worried expression on his face. I knew the news weren’t good and I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to hear them. Taking a seat across mine he handed over some documents.

We’ve identified the culprit,” he said shortly and my eyes shoot up immediately. I had been waiting for this moment for the past weeks and Christian had finally caught on to something. I couldn’t wait to hear what he had found out.

Tell me…” I said and my palms were itching to know who was behind all the mess that had caused Blue to distance herself from me. I couldn’t wait to tell her that I had caught the lowlife that had turned her life upside down. I wanted to resume what we had started and build something solid with her. I want her and only her. I had missed her like crazy for the past weeks and I was ready to bring her the name of the culprit.

You are not going to like this,” Christian said and my smile started to disappear. Something was wrong, I could feel it in my gut.

Tell me who the fuck it is!” I roared and Christian gestured me to look at the documents in my hands.

The logs are clear Liam. Blue was the one who leaked the video. Her e-mail correspondence with the tabloids and negotiations can clearly be seen. The money transactions to her bank account can be found on the third page. We have looked carefully and the IP-addresses match. She was the one behind all this.” Christian said and I was looking at the documents in my hands. I was dumbfounded by the evidence Christian had collected and I couldn’t understand what was going on.

She had planned this all along,” Christian said and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. It made no sense. Why would Blue willingly ruin her life by leaking this video, I thought and looked at the papers in my hand.

Her intentions were clear from the beginning,” Christian said and my blood was starting to boil.

Stop,” I said trying to wrap my head around the flow of information.

She went into that hotel room knowing what was going to happen. She planned everything with Lisa,” he said igniting the anger inside of me.

I said enough!” I yelled and looked into Christian’s eyes with anger. He got the hint and stood up from his seat immediately.

When you have looked through the documents please let me know about our next step,” he said and left my office. I looked through the documents in my hands and nothing made sense. Why would she have done this? Why would she have risked everything for a video? Something was wrong and I had to figure this out by myself. My office phone started ringing and I answered it immediately know Ms. Lee was calling.

Yes, Ms. Lee…” I said waiting for her talk.

Mr. Connor, I am calling to remind you of your appointment with Ms. Brown,” she said and I remembered that I had scheduled a dinner with my psychiatrist to tonight.

Is it possible to change the appointment?” I asked since I wasn’t in the mood to meet her this evening. I had requested these unconventional sessions over a dinner but today was just not a good day.

Unfortunately, not,” Ms. Lee said and I groaned knowing that I had to go.

Got it,” I said and hung up. I wasn’t looking forward to this dinner and especially not after everything that had gone down moments ago. My psychiatrist was going to dig deep and I wasn’t ready to confront the demon deep down inside of me yet.

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