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Arriving at the restaurant I was still thinking about the report I read earlier. I was still trying to wrap my head around this whole situation and I wasn’t getting anywhere close to an answer. Taking a deep breath, I cleared my mind and walked over to Jack, who was head of staff at the restaurant. He was the one delegating tasks to the waiting staff and I was ready to know my tables for the night.

Hi Jack, how are you?” I said and approached.

Good.” He answered shortly and looked at his tablet to give me the information I came for.

You will be responsible for table 11, 12, 13 and 14 tonight,” he said and I nodded. I had gotten the tables at the far back of the room which was fine with me. The guests had started to arrive slowly and I was getting busier. From one table to another time was passing fast since I was running back and forth between the kitchen and the tables.

When I was clearing one of the tables I realized a familiar scent and when I looked up my eyes met his immediately. It had been so long since those blue eyes had looked into mine. My eyes landed on the woman next to him and I looked away immediately. Grabbing the plates in a hurry I ran back into the kitchen to hide. However, I couldn’t stay here for the rest of the night. Taking a deep breath I grabbed the electronic notepad where I wrote the orders down and exited the kitchen.

I felt a pull and I knew immediately who it was. He had been waiting by the entrance to the kitchen and pulled me away towards the guest restrooms. Pushing one of the doors open he pushed me inside one and locked behind himself.

What the fuck are you doing?” I asked furious.

I am trying to talk to you!” he spat back with fire radiating in his eyes. He was angry that I had tried to avoid him. I tried to walk past him to leave but he grabbed my arm forcefully and pushed me against the sink.

You don’t get to leave this restroom before we have talked,” he said and I looked into his eyes daring him to let me go.

We have nothing to talk about,” I said and his grip tightened painfully around my arm.

You have changed your phone number,” he said and I looked directly into his eyes not afraid of him anymore. What more could he do to hurt me?

I did…” I said and his eyes started to soften.

Why are you running away from me?” he asked and I didn’t wince once looking into his eyes.

I am moving on. I am trying to start over after all the shit you put me through,” I said feeling disgusted by the fact that he had asked his friend, Christian to do his dirty work for him.

Don’t blame me of something you have caused yourself. You became greedy and sold the video to the tabloids!” he yelled and I looked at him in disbelief.

What?” I asked and his eyes were turning cold again.

You heard me right! Christian found out that you were the one who had leaked the video. I guess they haven’t paid you the promised amount since you are back to being a waitress,” he said and scoffed to the comment.

Own up to your shit for once Liam. Tell me how you ordered your friend, Christian, to leak the video. Be honest just this once,” I said looking into his eyes. Doubt were clouding his eyes and he wasn’t sure what I was talking about.

Christian?” he asked and I nodded knowing he was confused. “It can’t be true. I have known Christian my whole life. He wouldn’t do this. Especially not when he knows my feelings for you,” he said and my heart skipped a beat.

A team of IT-specialists at Cromwell Group dug into the case. Archie helped me uncover the truth behind this whole mess.” I said and his grip started loosening.

How?” he asked confused.

Lisa knew my password to my e-mail which was connected to my cloud account. She was the one who had contacted the tabloids and negotiated with them under my name. The crew at Cromwell Group accessed their conversations on a messenger app where Christian had encouraged Lisa to carry on and made several transfers to her bank account,” I said and Liam took a step away. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard and he looked at me with a horrified expression.

Why?” he asked and I shrugged not knowing the answer he was looking for.

Christian mentioned several times during his conversation with Lisa that this was what you wanted,” I said and his eyes widened in shock.

I have never asked him to do this. I didn’t even know that video existed until it was leaked,” he said trying to convince me that he was telling the truth.

It doesn’t matter now. We are done and over. We should carry on our lives separately and forget the things that happened between us,” I said ripping my own heart apart. I was hoping I was doing the right thing by putting a distance between us.

No!” he said in a protest and took a step closer to me. “I don’t want to move on from this. I never wanted to. All I wanted was you,” he said and my eyes landed on his lips momentarily. I had missed feeling those soft lips against mine but I wasn’t going to let him walk into my life like nothing had happened.

Liam… this will never work out,” I said and tried to step away when he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to his body. The warmth radiating from his body was intoxicating my senses and I was struggling to stay calm when he was this close.

I have missed you,” he whispered against my lips. My eyes moved down to his lips and I knew exactly where his thoughts were going. My eyes moved back up to meet his and we were only inches away from colliding.

I want you,” he whispered baring out the thoughts nested in his mind. My gaze was reflecting the nervousness I was trying to hide behind my composed body. Leaning in he moved closer to my ear knowing how much it turned me on.

I want to make love to you,” he whispered caressing my skin with his hot breath. I wanted to put everything past us tonight. I had spent the past month missing his touches and I couldn’t help but falling deeper for him. I wanted him like nothing else in this world. My hand came up to caress his jaw lightly before his eyes landed on mine.

Love me,” I whispered and he knew it was his cue to take what had been his for the past months. His lips crashed on mine sucking my breath out of my lunges. I had missed the feeling of his lips on mine. His hand caressed my thigh slowly lifting the skirt of my uniform. Breaking the kiss urgently I stopped him.

Not here…” I said out of breath and he let the skirt fell. Resting his head on mine he smiled like a fool.

I am crazy about you. I want to start a life with you and I am ready to accept all of your conditions,” he said and I cupped his face to bring his eyes back on mine.

No more games,” I said and he nodded. I pecked his lips lightly before he took my hand in his and unlocked the door of the restroom. Holding my hand tightly he pulled me through the restaurant and I was trying to make sense of it all.

Liam… let me go,” I said trying to pull myself free.

We are leaving…” he said and I tried to stop him.

I will lose my job,” I protested and he stopped for a moment and looked into my eyes.

You don’t need this job,” he said and I sighed knowing we were back to square one.

Liam… I told you before…” I said but his lips were on mine once more while the whole restaurant was watching us.

You will finish that law degree and I will do anything to support you while you achieve your dreams,” he said and my heart melted to his words. He continued his stepped towards the exit of the restaurant.

How about your date?” I asked and he stopped once more to flash me a sexy grin.

I am sure my psychiatrist will be fine by herself,” he said and I couldn’t stop smiling like a fool. I had really thought that he was over me when I had seen him tonight but it turned out to be his cousin.

Let’s go…” he said and I nodded.


I couldn’t wait for a second longer. It had been so long since I had held her in my arms and I was over all this mess. I wanted her and I was going to have her tonight and for the rest of my life. I was ready to tie the knot and put it on paper if that was what she wanted. I loved her and the past two months had changed nothing. My love for her was stronger than ever and I was going to make her feel it tonight.

When the valet handed my keys over, I watched Blue step into the car and I took the driver seat. Speeding away into the night I rested my hand on her thigh wanting feel her presence next to me. Her hand rested on mine and the shade of light pink on her cheeks reflected the innocence she carried with her. I was crazy about this woman.

Entering the basement of the building where my apartment was I parked the car and looked over to her. I couldn’t wait to have her in my apartment. She was the first woman I had brought home and I couldn’t stop my heart from racing. It was a major step for me but I was ready to invite her into my life completely. The time I had spent apart from her had made me realize how much I really loved her and I wasn’t going to let her go this time.

Stepping out of the car I moved over to the passenger side to open her door. I took her hand in mine and helped her out of the car before I pulled her closer to inhale her intoxicating scent. She was inviting all my senses to take her here and now. Linking our hands, I moved us over to the elevator that would take us to my apartment.

When we reached the top floor the elevator doors opened and I walked out holding her hand tightly in mine. I was still afraid that she would change her mind and run away. I wasn’t going to let that happen. Walking over to the only door on this floor, I entered the passcode that unlocked the door and when I pushed it opened I gestured Blue to walk in first. I followed behind her after closing the door. Putting my arms around her waist, I pulled her into a back hug.

Welcome home…” I whispered and placed a kiss on the crook of her neck. Goosebumps spread across her body and she turned around in my arms to face me. Cupping my face in her small hands she smiled.

Home…” she whispered and I nodded. She was home, in our home. Starting from today, we were going to make memories behind these four walls and I would let her redecorate as much as she wanted. I wanted her to mark her presence in this place. Our lips met in a slow lazy kiss and I was finally complete. My woman had finally returned to her rightful place next to me.

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