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His lips against mine was soft and caring. I missed feeling his warm body against mine. It had been a long bumpy road and we still had to figure out why Christian and Lisa had leaked the video or accused Liam and I for doing it. Something was wrong and we had to work together to figure out the reason behind this mess. The lies we had been told and everything we had been through had brought us to this very moment and I believed genuinely in this man before me.

When I had confronted him with the information I had received he was taken aback by the fact the he was being accused of being the mastermind behind the leak. My heart believed in him when he had once again reassured me that he hadn’t known the existence of the video before it was leaked. I was tired of running away so I had decided to stay and fight this time. If Liam really loved and wanted me we could make this work despite everything we had been through.

Let me show you around,” he said when our lips parted. I nodded with a shy smile and followed him into the living room. My eyes landed on the beautiful floor to ceiling windows that were displaying the beauty of Central Park. My mind traveled to one of our first conversations in the penthouse suite and I smiled.

It looks much better in person, don’t you think?” He asked and I nodded.

Much better,” I said while smiling. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen in my entire life. Pulling me towards the other side of the living room, my eyes landed on the beautiful fireplace. He continued walking into the kitchen and my mouth dropped open when I saw the beautiful black marble countertops. The island was covered with it as well and the masculine hint of the room was overwhelming. Walking over to the island I brushed my fingers against the beautiful marble.

Beautiful,” I whispered and heard him chuckle behind me. Approaching me from behind he wrapped his arms around me and rested his head next to mine.

I look forward to see you in here every morning in my shirts…” he whispered and I felt his warmth spread across my body. It was like he was telling me to stay and it warmed my heart to know that he wanted me in his place.

Every morning?” I asked and he chuckled playfully.

Every morning you aren’t under the sheets with me…” he whispered making my heart flutter with excitement. Pulling away he took my hand in his once more and walked us over to the stairs in the hallway. Taking the stairs to the second floor he walked us into the first room on our left.

This is my home office…” he said and I looked across the room recognizing some of the books. He was a successful attorney after all and I couldn’t wait to sneak into this room to read some of the books.

You can use this room as your study room or you can have the room across from my office if you want some privacy,” he said with a playful wink. He was already planning on moving me in and I couldn’t believe how fast he was moving all of a sudden.

Your office is perfect,” I said without thinking further about it. I didn’t need my own study room when I could use Liam’s home office. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go back to studying again.

Good… I know how we can put the other room into good use,” he whispered looking at me with hungry eyes.

What?” I asked knowing that his mind was somewhere dirty.

Nothing,” he said and dragged me over to the room next to his office. I was greeted with the most beautiful master bedroom. The king-size bed was covered in navy colored sheets and the floor to ceiling windows opened completely, sliding to the side, giving us access to the roof terrace. Walking out I was met with the most beautiful view of the park and I could contain the butterflies in my stomach.

This was the dream apartment. I had for the longest time dreamt of living in an apartment close to the park but knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford it but Liam was living in my dream apartment. My eyes didn’t even register the pool let alone the beautiful way this terrace was decorated. I was mesmerized by the beautiful view when Liam approached me pulled me into his arms. Resting his head against mine he inhaled a deep breath and smiled.

I can’t believe you are here…” he whispered and my hands wrapped around his neck. I started brushing my fingertips lightly against his skin earning a deep approving growl.

I can’t believe you brought me here…” I said and pecked his lips lightly. His arms around me tightened and night breeze made me shiver.

Let’s get you into the warmth” he said and I followed him back into the bedroom and down the stairs. When we reached the fireplace, he started the fire immediately. Returning to my side he took my arms in his hands and started rubbing them gently to warm me up.

Better?” he asked and I nodded. This man before me was the sweetest man I had ever met and far from the Liam I had known in the past.

Thank you…” I said looking into his eyes and he cupped my face in his hands before placing a kiss on my lips.

No… thank you… for saving me from myself,” he said and pressed his lips against mine once more. We took time to enjoy each other’s lips and we were finally not in a hurry. We were pouring our love into the everlasting kiss.

Let me touch you…” he whispered and I closed my eyes in approval. Stripping me out of my uniform slowly his skin brushed against mine igniting a dangerous fire inside of me. My body was humming with a desperate need to feel him. He worshipped me with his caress and I melted into those gentle hands. Letting out an impassioned moan as his fingers brushed my nipples, I locked my gaze on his.

How is it that I find your body even more tempting than when I first took you?” He asked out of breath. He had managed to strip me out of my uniform when his lips landed on my neck. Grazing his teeth lightly against my skin he made me cry out for more. I wanted him.

I am burning with need, Liam.” I whispered out of breath.

Undress me…” he said in a husky voice and I started slipping his suit jacket off. Unbuttoning his shirt slowly, I inhaled his musky scent into my lungs. His scent was calling for me and made me gush with more wetness. Placing my hands on his toned chest I slowly explored downward, brushing my fingertips against his toned stomach muscles. Going down on my knees I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his slacks, releasing his hard shaft.

I am on fire for you…” he whispered and wrapped my hand around his pulsing hard shaft. Moving closer I placed a kiss on the tip of his cock and Liam growled in protest.

Stop!” he said and I looked into his dark blue eyes confused.


I need to be in you… I have never wanted anything as badly as I want you now,” I said feeling my balls ache painfully. She purred in approval and I slowly helped her lay down on the soft fur carpet by the fireplace. I lay down next to her while watching her beautiful eyes roam my body with thirst. When her eyes were locked on my cock she let out a whimper and bit her lips. Her eyes came up to meet mine moments later struggling to breath.

Make love to me Liam…” she said and I claimed her mouth in a hungry kiss. Moving between her legs I spread her wide open. Her glistening pussy greeted me with need and all I wanted was to make this moment memorable for the both of us. I wanted her to remember the first time we made love. Kissing down her torso I moved further down to lick her excitement.

Fuck…” I grunted against her pussy. “You have never tasted this sweet…” I said and continued my invasion. I licked and I teased until her hands were pushing my face further into her depths. She was close and I moved my head back and forth, while my tongue was dancing over her sensitive clit.

Liam… please stop. I am going to come if you don’t,” she said and I met her intoxicated eyes with a smirk.

Come as many times as you want babygirl. I want your body ready to receive my cock,” I said and she threw her head back giving into the pleasure my tongue was offering. I knew her body well and she was close. She bucked her hips just before her climax washed over her and I drank in every drop of come she offered me. Groaning in appreciation I wiped my mouth and crawled up from between her legs. Meeting her eyes, I moved down to claim her lips slowly.

I can’t get enough of you woman…” I whispered against her lips and she squirmed under me. My eyes were locked to hers while my fingers ran through her hair. She was so beautiful and she was all mine.

I love you Blue,” I said feeling every single word from the bottom of my heart. “All I want is you,” I said and positioned my hard cock against her wet opening. Keeping our eyes locked I sank into her warmth inch by inch while feeling her pulsing around my cock.

I love you…” she whispered against my lips and I brought her arms above her head and linked our hands intimately while I pressed my lips against hers. I felt her pour her love into our kiss while our bodies were mating. Forcing my shaft deeper into her depths I grunted with pleasure. It was the most beautiful moment in my life. She was here in my apartment, in my arms and I was making love to her. She was all mine.

Becoming one…” I whispered against her lips feeling her shudder with the first wave of her orgasm. I continued thrusting deeper to feel every wave of pleasure her body offered me. My balls ached to fill her with my cum and I gave into the euphoric feeling of becoming one with the woman Ioved. I came hard inside her filling her womb with my seeds. I claimed her as mine once again marking her in the most intimate way I knew and she accepted every drop milking my balls dry.

Our eyes were locked on each other while we were trying to catch our breath. Our hands were still linked and our hearts were beating like crazy against each other. I wanted to stay like this for hours and watch her beautiful blue eyes look into mine while our bodies were one. I didn’t want to pull out of her warmth yet. I didn’t want to break this deep connection.

I want to fall asleep with you inside of me…” she whispered and I grunted in approval. Moving my hands downs to her waist I rolled her on top of me without pulling out. Her hands brushed my jaw slowly before placing a kiss. Her head rested on my chest and I felt our love juices leak slowly down my cock. It felt my heart was full of pride to know that I had finally claimed her as my woman. Both her body and heart were mine and I couldn’t wait to start a life with her.

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