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Leaving the courthouse with another victory had planted a proud smile on my lips. I knew I was going to win this one and with a little help from Brandon we had crushed the plaintiffs’ case entirely.

How about we celebrate?” I asked with a mischievous smirk on my lips.

I like your understanding of a celebration Conner,” David said with a smile.

I am definitely in!” Christian said with excitement. It wasn’t our first time to ‘celebrate’ a victory. We had done this countless times before.

You have my attention,” Brandon said, interested to be a part of the cryptic conversation between us.

Christian here once brought an escort, to one of our previous celebrations. Ever since then, it’s been a tradition to bring women in to service us.” I said with a wink and Brandon’s eyes went dark with expectations.

I wouldn’t want to miss that…” Brandon said and Christian pulled out his phone and texted his contact.

Booked,” he said shortly with a smirk and I turned to unlock my Bugatti.

Meet me at hotel around 7 pm. I will notify the staff that we will use the penthouse,” I said and sat into my expensive sportscar before I got a nod from all three. I had to go back to the office and wrap up the last things before I could consider this case entirely closed.

Taking the elevator to the penthouse at the hotel, I knew I was going to enjoy myself tonight. I had deliberately asked the staff to not assign a butler tonight since it was always a hassle to get rid of them when the escort arrived. I had a reputation to uphold so I was trying to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. I wouldn’t want anything to damage my credibility as an attorney.

Entering the penthouse, I remembered the last celebration we have had in here. Hours of fucking and drinking. We had been inviting Lisa and some of her other escort friends to our celebration parties for the past year and a half. She was a trustworthy contact who provided exceptional service. We had kept on calling her back, knowing that she would bring in premium quality women along.

As requested the staff had put out a basket of king size condoms and I looked at the basket knowing what was going to happen later tonight. I could already feel Lisa’s needy cunt around my cock and it jerked alive with excitement. I liked fucking beautiful women, beautiful women who were paid to service me and my needs.

Walking over to the bar I picked up a bottle of Balvenie 25 and poured a little in a glass, adding some ice. Taking a sip, I let the whisky warm my body and senses. I loved the life I was living and I could only thank myself for it. I didn’t need a woman by my side to feel accomplished, I was stronger by myself and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The guys arrived when I had finished the whisky in my hands and I turned to greet them.

You’ve already started?” Christian said with a smirk seeing the expensive bottle of whisky on the bar.

Of course, only the best is good enough” I said and smiled. “Come over and grab a glass,” I said refilling my own glass. When we all had a glass, I rose the glass in a gesture and they joined in.

For many more victories together!” David said and we all cheered and clicked the glasses before we all took a generous sip of the burning alcohol.

This is some good shit,” Christian said and we laughed in unison. He was probably the one with the dirtiest mouth among us.

So far your understanding of a celebration is quite fine,” Brandon said and I couldn’t contain my laughter.

It’s such a shame that we can’t smoke cigars anymore. I should file in a complaint about that. I am paying a small fortune for this penthouse and I should have the privilege to do whatever the fuck I want,” I said and sipped my whisky.

You are indeed putting it to good use,” Christian said with a sly smile and I agreed. This penthouse was like our own personal brothel where we brought in whores to enjoy.

When will she arrive?” I asked and he checked his phone to confirm.

Around 9 pm…” he said and looked up to meet my eyes. “… she might even bring a friend tonight,” Christian said and my cock jolted in appreciation.

I’ll get the envelops ready,” I said and pulled out the cash from the inner pocket of my suit. Grabbing two envelopes from the stash of envelopes that the hotel staff had put out, I put in 50 bills of 100 dollars in each. Bringing in the envelops I put them on the bar and grabbed my glass of whisky to take another generous sip. After all I had worked hard for everything I had earned and I would most definitely play hard as well.

Let’s move to dinner,” I said and they nodded. Tonight, I wasn’t going to hold back on anything and I was for sure not going to hold back the animal inside of me that was craving to fuck a nice cunt.


Buried deep into my readings I heard Lisa approach the kitchen table. I looked up and smiled and I could clearly see that she was a little nervous.

What’s up Lis?” I asked using her nickname and she gave me an awkward smile.

Well… I know that we’ve just talked about it for a couple of hours ago but I have actually received a booking from one of my clients.” She said and took a deep breath before she continued. “I have told them that I might bring a friend…” she said and my eyes widened with the confession. How was it possible that this was happening so fast? What were the odds?

Seriously?” I asked and she nodded taking a seat by the table.

Look you don’t have to come if you don’t want to but I know the pay will be good. Since you don’t have to work at the restaurant this evening, I was thinking that you could tag along.” She said and I couldn’t stop myself from getting a little worried.

I don’t know Lisa, I am worried that this might not be my cup of tea. I mean, what if I mess up?” I asked and she started laughing.

Girl… you might not know it but you have a beautiful face and a killer body. Your natural beauty will attract men easily and if you enjoy sex, this is just the job for you. All my clients have a clean bill of sexual health, required to be renewed every month, so you have nothing to worry about. See it as your wildcard after all the hardships you went through in the past. Take it, enjoy it and leave when you have found the job you want,” she said and I looked at her, trying to process my thoughts. She was partially right about it. I enjoyed sex and missed it a lot lately. Why was I trying to deny myself a night of fun? I thought and formed a smile on my lips.

Okay… but I don’t have a dress or any appealing lingerie,” I said and Lisa giggled.

Don’t worry I have you covered,” she said and stood up from her seat before she took my hands and dragged me into her room.

Wear this dress,” she said tossing her new black dress at me.

You just bought this one…” I said and protest but she wasn’t listening.

Don’t worry about it, it will compliment you skin color more than mine,” she said and started digging through her drawer filled with delicate lingerie. Paying attention to her room, it was the very first time I had realized that Lisa was actually an escort. Her collection of dresses was exquisite and all the sex toys on her bedside table with different sizes of condoms gave away her occupation. How many clients had she brought home while I wasn’t around? I thought and decided not to think too much about it.

Here…” she said handing over a brand-new thong with tags on that would barely cover the v. She kept on building a pile on my arms with the garter belt and stocking being added to the dress and thong.

I almost forgot the bra!” she said and I looked at her a little confused,”

Your breasts are way bigger than mine, I will not be able to fit aby of yours,” I said in protest but she turned around and continued to rummage through the drawer and pulled out a black push up bra that barely had any fabric on it.

You are C-cup, right? I have never used this one since I got it by a mistake. It was too much of a hassle to return it,” she said and I looked at the price tag dropping my jaw.

Is this made of gold?” I asked and she started laughing.

No, it’s just a high fashion brand,” she said and added a purse to the pile in my arms.

Go get dressed and I will look for a pair of suitable heels. You are wearing US 7, right?” She asked and I nodded. “Perfect, you can fit my shoes then,” she continued and I left the room to go to my own. Putting on everything that she had given I felt like someone different. I wasn’t used to dolling up like this and especially not for men that were paying for my services.

The dress fitted my perfectly showing of the curve of my ass beautifully. Despite it all, I was hoping to impress whoever I was going to meet tonight. Lisa knocked on my door and walked into my room with a pair 6-inch hooker heels. I knew immediately that I wouldn’t be able wear those, I could barely walk with me sneakers.

That’s not going to happen Lis,” I said with a nervous smile.

Just put them on… they are more comfortable than they look,” she said and I stepped into the shoes. She was right about them, they weren’t bad after all but I had to get used to walking around in them.

Another thing you should consider is whether you want to use your real name…” Lisa said and I looked up to meet her eyes.

What do you mean?” I asked and she walked closer.

I know that you want to keep this as a little secret and I am just thinking that you can maybe use a different name when introduce yourself. They don’t have to know who you are in real life, Blue. You can just create a persona.” She said and I nodded.

Hmm,” I hummed thinking. “Oh, I think I know!” I said getting Lisa’s attention.

Tell me…” she said.

How about Baby?” I asked and she stared laughing.

Don’t get me wrong girl but you won’t find your Johnny in the hotel room we are going to,” she said and kept on laughing. She wasn’t entirely wrong about the Dirty Dancing reference but I also liked the sound of being called ‘Baby’.

Well who cares actually? Let me at least have this little thing,” I said and she nodded still laughing.

Baby, oh, baby… my sweet baby. You are the one…” she started singing and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Get out of my room and get dressed! When are we supposed to be there?” I asked.

In 30 minutes,” she answered and I felt a sudden tinge of anxiety. I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with the situation I had put myself in but I couldn’t let Lisa down at this point. Especially when she had gone out of her way to help me make some extra cash. Putting on makeup and fixing my hair, I was soon ready to introduce the new Blue to this world.
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