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Resting my body against his I placed butterfly kisses on his chest while my fingers roamed over hard chest. I had missed feeling his body against mine and I was a fan of this version of Liam. His hands were protectively wrapped around my body while his cock nested inside of my warmth. I loved this moment. I loved him.

Move in with me…” he whispered and lifted my body immediately to my meet his eyes. His semi hard cock plopped out and he smiled covering his face with his arms. I couldn’t believe Liam was blushing. Biting his lower lip playfully I made him reveal his blushing cheeks. He looked so cute and I couldn’t wait to discover these different sides of him.

Aren’t we going a little too fast?” I asked still feeling a faint doubt inside of me. We had been through so much in so little time but I barely knew anything about Liam.

Fuck. I could marry you right away if I could,” he said and my eyes widened in shock. What was he taking about? “Believe me one day I will be more than happy to give you my name,” he said and placed a kiss on my forehead making me feel butterflies in my stomach. Liam was serious about us and it had just hit me. He wanted it all. He wanted me. My heart fluttered like crazy and I smiled knowing that I wanted this as much as I wanted to become his entirely.

Okay…” I whispered and felt his hands immediately on my face. Locking his eyes to mine there was a mischievous smile across his lips.

Okay to what? Marriage?” He asked and I shook my head with smile.

No Liam… I will move in with you to begin with and we will see where this thing between us goes,” I said and saw a hint of disappointment in his eyes. Since when had Liam become a man who desired marriage, I thought looking into his eyes.

You have turned me into a man who wants it all. A wife, kids and most important of all a family. I want to build a life with you Blue,” he confessed making my heart melt. We had come a long way. He was still dealing with his issues and getting professional help while I was still struggling with the thought of loving a man I barely knew. I had been alone for so long time that it felt difficult to entrust myself to other people but thanks to Eliza, I was changing. My sister had helped me in a lot of ways and I was grateful to have her in my life.

I have always wanted a family…” I blurted out remembering the pain I had hid in the depths of my heart as an orphan. I had hoped to have a family but gave up when I realized that no one wanted to adopt me. Finding my sister had given me the hope back I had lost as a child and now that Liam was in my life, I could actually see myself forming my own family with him.

I haven’t exactly grown up in a family either,” he said with a deep sigh. “My mother left when I was small and my father was dominant and distant,” he said and his eyes were turning cold which put my mind on alert. I was afraid of facing the old Liam again.

We can create our own little family,” I said brushing my fingertips against his jaw. His eyes locked on mine and warmth returned to the dark blue eyes I loved.

We will create a family based on love only,” he whispered and I nodded with a smile.

Only love…” I confirmed and his arms tightened around my waist.

You will from now on never walk alone Blue. I will always be by your side protecting and loving you,” he said and I placed a kiss on his lips.

And I will always be the support you need to overcome hardships,” I said and he gave me one of his heartwarming smiles spreading goosebumps across my body.

Are you feeling cold? I can bring over a blanket,” he said and I kissed his lips to shut him up.

You can be my blanket…” I said biting his bottom lip playfully.

Fuck… I want to make love to you until you understand how much I am into you woman,” he said and I giggled knowing how demanding Liam was in bed.

How can I be so much in love with you when I barely know anything about you?” I said looking into his eyes. Our naked bodies were warm next to the fireplace and I never wanted to lose this man who was holding me tightly against his body.

What do you want to know?” He asked and I shrugged with a smile.

Everything?” I asked playfully and his smiled melted my insides.

Okay…” he said and placed kiss on my lips.

I think it’s about time you get to know about your boyfriend’s family…” he said and my stomach fluttered with his use of the word ‘boyfriend’.

My great great grandfather Charles D. Connor built a legacy for his family. He arrived to the states penniless and worked during the day to attend law school at night. He started Connor Law Firm, but his sons Joseph and Patrick went into business instead, investing in real estate and small companies, which grew into a small family fortune. My grandfather, Daniel L. Connor took the Connor family business to a new level establishing the Connor Holding while his sister Patricia L. Connor married Joshua A. West and bought a famous hotel in Los Angeles. Over the years they turned their investment into a large chain of West hotels all over the world. My second cousin, Aiden West is currently the CEO of West Hotels,” he said placing a kiss on my head.

So how did you end up becoming an attorney?” I asked knowing that it was in his blood from the beginning.

My father had taken over the holding after getting his law degree. He had always told me to continue the legacy of my great great grandfather. I never even questioned him once. It was second nature to me to follow the path my ancestors had chosen for me. When I graduated my father made sure that I became the new owner of the Connor Law Firm that my great great grandfather had started. When my father passed away almost 3 years ago, I was expected to take over Connor Holding but I couldn’t let go of the law firm. I loved the feeling of being in a courtroom and winning. It was my very own ecstasy. Chloe, came to my rescue,” he said with a smile.

?” I asked and he smiled.

My other second cousin Victoria…” he said and I nodded. “Aiden’s cousin and Jeremiah’s sister,” he said, placing a kiss on my lips. Liam came from a family with deep roots and I couldn’t believe what I had stepped into. Now wonder the tabloids wanted every juicy detail about this man. Pushing these thoughts away I was curious to know more about him so I continued my questions.

How did your mother and father meet?” I asked and heard him scoff to the question. Did I say something wrong? I thought and rose my head to meet his eyes once more.

I can for sure say that they have probably met the same way we did,” he said and I couldn’t understand what he was implying.

My mother was a prostitute,” he said making my heart skip a beat. “They fell in love fast and hard. My grandfather was against their marriage so he cut my father off, taking everything away from him. He started to work as a lawyer but he wasn’t earning enough to keep the living standard he was used to. After I was born things got more complicated. After 4 years of marriage my mother ran away with my father’s best friend, leaving him alone with me,” he said and I could see the tears in his eyes.

Growing up with a father who was heartbroken I learned to hate woman from when I was a little child. He taught me to never respect them or love them. I remembered him telling me to use women as objects for pleasure and I had,” he said tears trailing down from his eyes. It broke my heart to see how much it really hurt him.

I treated you like that… and I will never be able to forgive myself for the things I have done to you in the past. I was scared of confronting the feelings you made me feel and I tried to push these feeling away by treating you like my toy. I hated everything you made me feel until the moment I realized why I felt the way I did. When your heart stopped at the hospital even for a moment I felt like I couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to hold you again,” he said spreading goosebumps all over my body.

I had loved you from the very first morning in that penthouse suite when you refused to give me your number. I had fallen for the woman who stood up for herself. The woman who had told me to go fuck myself,” he said with a smile in his teary eyes.

Can’t you see it Blue? I am head over heels in love with you and I could marry you in a heartbeat if that is what you want. I want this. I want us and I want a family we can call our own,” he said brushing a strand of hair away from my face. He was so sweet at this very moment but there was still a little something in my head that was bothering me.

Liam…” I said afraid to ask but I had to know who Amelia was. “Who was Amelia and why did she kill herself?” I asked looking into his eyes. His hand came up to my face and brushed away a stand of hair. His eyes were gentle but I wasn’t calm about the words I was about to hear.

She came to the penthouse suite with Lisa around four years ago. We had sex a few times and she got obsessed with me. I had already told her that I wasn’t a man who was looking to settle down. I could only offer her to become me and my friends’ bed warmer and she accepted that without a question. She was a true masochist and enjoyed every dark fantasy we offered her. She started appearing everywhere I went and even tried to break into my apartment once. I got a restraining order issued and a week later I got the news that she was found dead in her apartment,” Liam said without meeting my eyes.

The letter she had left accused me of a number of things including sexual assault and prostitution. The police started investigating and I was brought in to questioning. I told them the truth about having slept with her and her attempts of stalking me and the restraining order. They let me go same night since my father had connections within the department and the allegations were dropped the day after,” he said taking a deep breath.

However, I have never understood why she killed herself. She didn’t seem like a woman who could do that. Reading the investigation reports later on it said that she had put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger but something had felt odd. Her apartment had been turned upside down and they never managed to find her phone.” He said which made feel uncomfortable.

I wasn’t involved in her death… trust me Blue,” he said and I nodded. I trusted Liam enough to know that he wouldn’t kill someone. He was fucked up in his very own way but killing someone was not something he would do but something about this story made me feel uncomfortable. It was like someone was deliberately going after the man I loved and I feared for his safety.

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