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Spending the night in Liam’s arms I felt sore all over. We had poured our love into each other until the first rays of sunlight and had fallen asleep on the bed cuddling. I woke up to Liam’s soft kisses few hours later and whined not wanting to wake up. Liam’s hard on poked my thigh playfully and I sighed knowing he was ready to go again.

Again?” I asked and he groaned in response. “Liam… we fucked until dawn and you still haven’t gotten enough?” I asked. This man was unbelievable.

I can’t get enough of you…” he whispered and I felt a delicious shiver run down my spine. His hand travelled in between my legs and spread me open to discover my wet folds.

What were you dreaming of?” he asked in his husky voice.

What do you expect to find when you come inside of me round after round?” I asked sarcastically.

It’s turning me on to know that your womb is full of my seeds,” he whispered sending another shiver down my spine.

Are you planning on knocking me up?” I asked playfully. I was still on birth control but we had already experienced that prevention was not enough to keep his seeds away from fertilizing my eggs.

Hopefully… I can’t wait to watch you grow a life we have created together,” he whispered making my loins go weak. The prospect of carrying Liam’s child was making my stomach flutter. We had already experienced a loss together but this time we would make sure to protect the life we would create together. Feeling the tip of his cock at my entrance I shifted my face to look into his eyes.

Fuck me…” I whispered earning a deep growl from Liam. His lips crashed on mine immediately and his cock entered my warmth without waiting another second. Stretching me open from behind he pulsed intensely inside of me. Feeling his rapid heartbeat against my back I melted into his delicious invasion. I moaned into our kisses while his body worked mine in the most delicious way. Sucking his cock deeper into me, I felt his hard shaft pulse intensely with the tight hold my pussy had around it.

Mine…” he growled deeply before I contracted around his pulsing shaft. Moaning into his mouth, I milked his shaft eagerly to drink every drop of his essence.

Fill me up… I want to feel you deep inside of me even when your cock is gone,” I whispered and his lips crashed on mine.

I fucking love this filthy mouth of yours,” he said biting my bottom lip.

Mmmh,” I moaned and felt his cock relax after emptying his seeds inside of me. Pulling out he bit me lightly on the neck with a growl.

Spread your legs and show me,” he whispered in a sexy low voice. I enjoyed this possessive Liam who wanted to look at his master piece. Rolling on to my back, Liam pushed the covers to the side before he moved in between my legs. Spreading my legs, I showed him my full pussy. I was dripping with his cum.

So, fucking beautiful,” he said parting my wet folds to take a close look. His fingers brushed across my swollen clit and he wiped every drop of the leaking cum. Pushing it back into my pussy he gave me a mischievous smirk.

Don’t even spill a drop,” he said with a wink, making me whimper with need.


After a few rounds of morning sex, I was happy to know that her womb was full of my seeds. It made my cock ache deliciously. Like the caveman I had turned into, I enjoyed marking my territory and I was ready to protect her from any threats out there. She was the love of my life and I was going to make sure to catch that lowlife that had tried to hurt us by leaking that video.

Blue had told me about the team Archie had hired to look into the case and I wanted to the see the files in question. Blue had called her sister to notify that we were on the way so Eliza and Archie were expecting to see us any minute. Looking at our hand intertwined, I couldn’t help but smile like a fool. She was finally mine and I was officially meeting her only family in a moment.

When the elevator door opened into Eliza and Archie’s apartment, we were greeted with an excited Eliza. She jumped up and hugged Blue excitedly. When Eliza had first told me about Blue being her sister, I hadn’t believed her but now that I looked clearly at the two women, I could see a resemblance. The DNA test had confirmed it all and looking at the love Eliza had for Blue warmed my heart.

Son of a bitch!” Eliza said and punched my arm before pulling me into a tight hug. “I you hurt her again, I swear to any holy thing out there that I will cut your dick and feed it to you,” she whispered in a serious voice.

I love your sister and I have no intentions of letting her go,” I said reassuring her about my feelings.

Good…” she said letting me go. Leading us into the living room we walked over to the couch where Archie was seated. Standing up he greeted me politely with a handshake.

Nice to finally meet you Liam,” Archie said and I nodded.

Nice to meet you too,” I said and he gestured us over to take a seat. A laptop was on the coffee table and several documents were scattered around it. “I wish we could have met under different circumstances” I said looking at Archie and Eliza.

Desperate times…” Archie said looking at the screen. “I don’t know what you have done but it seems like you have upset someone,” he said.

I don’t understand how we ended up in this situation,” I said unable to understand why someone would come after me or Blue.

The team of IT-specialist I have hired to investigate this case is the best in this country,” Archie said looking into my eyes. He was trying to reassure me that he knew what he was doing. “The conversation logs between Christian and Lisa are as clear as it can be but Christian mentions that you have told him to leak the video,” he said with a serious expression. I had Blue’s hand in mine and I felt a light squeeze.

I didn’t know about the video until it was leaked,” I said and Archie looked away for a moment. He was in deep thoughts.

Christian is lying then…” he said and I felt an uncomfortable tug in my stomach.

Christian would do something like this… he is my best friend,” I said feeling uneasy about the suggestion Archie had thrown into the conversation.

How long have you known him?” Archie asked and I spaced out for a moment remembering our high school days. We had clicked right away, spending every second of a minute together. He had become my best friend before I even knew.

Since high school,” I said and Archie’s brows furrowed for a moment.

How well do you know him?” he asked and I started to feel like he was suspecting my best friend.

Look… I don’t think it was Christian.” I said and Archie grabbed started scrolling through the document on the laptop screen. He found the part he was looking for and turned the screen so I could read it. My eyes darted through the screen and I started to feel uneasy.

I swear to God Lisa… I will do worse things to you than I did to Amelia.

Why is he talking about Amelia?” I asked feeling a lump in my throat.

Do you want to hear my opinion?” Archie asked and I nodded. Something was wrong and I couldn’t understand why Christian was threatening Lisa by implying to Amelia’s death.

I think Christian is behind this whole thing. I have looked into Amelia’s case as well. Her death was considered suicide but there were so many conflicting evidences that the case was closed before it was investigated. The culprit tried to frame you back then but came out emptyhanded when you were released. Whatever happened to Amelia that night was caused by Christian,” he said and blood drained from my face.

He somehow convinced Lisa to be a part of this scheme and made her record the video which was going to be leaked. He planned this from the very beginning Liam and I am sure that Lisa is another pawn in this game Christian is playing,” Archie said, sending cold shivers down my spine. Archie was right about one thing. Christian knew something and I had somehow figure out what.

So, you are telling me that my best friend was the man behind all this mess?” I asked and Archie nodded.

This and many more,” he said and I felt the lump in my throat grow.

But why? Why would he plot against me?” I asked feeling utterly confused.

That is the question you have to figure out,” Archie answered. “There is a motive behind this and the leak of Blue’s video is not the first time he has tried to take you down.” Archie added and Eliza’s eyes flashed concern in them.

Liam… I don’t want my sister to get any more involved in this,” she said and looked at me.

I will protect her with my own life,” I said without hesitation. She was the woman I loved and I wouldn’t allow anyone to her hurt her.

I… I never thought that my best friend would plot against me,” I said feeling uneasy about this whole situation. I was still trying to figure out the motive behind his vengeance. “In order to build a case against him we need more evidence,” I said and looked at Archie.

Yes, and I know just the way to approach this,” Archie said and I frowned my brows.

I don’t know how you handle your issues but I prefer to do it the lawful way,” I said trying to be clear about my way of dealing with problems.

When you are dealing with a man like Christian Hall, nothing is lawful. I would advise you to be very careful about your next step. Especially if you are going to confront him,” Archie said and my eyes moved over to Blue. Worry was written all over her face and I had no clue about how to deal with this situation.

Tell me about your approach,” I said and Archie nodded before he started to explain about his plan. If everything went according to the plan, I would have the evidence I needed to bring Christian down. He was responsible for this whole mess and I couldn’t wait to hear the motive behind all this. I couldn’t believe that the only person I had considered as a friend had done everything to bring me down and it was now my turn to pay him back.

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