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A week had passed since our conversation and Archie had just texted me about the intensive background check his people had done on Christian. I was curious to see if they had found anything suspicious about him but I was also afraid of waking the beauty in my arms. Everything had been a dream since last week. Blue was here in our apartment and we spent every minute in each other’s arms. The love I felt for this woman was so strong that I barely could keep my hands away from her.

Liam?” she asked in her sleepy voice and I placed a kiss on her head before pulling her naked body tighter against mine.

Good morning beautiful,” I whispered and her fingers started to dance on my skin. I loved every moment her fingers explored my skin. She was setting me on fire with every sinful brush her fingers made. Placing butterfly kisses on my chest she looked up to meet my eyes with the most stunning smile.

Good morning handsome,” she said and placed an innocent kiss on my lips but I wanted more. Brining he face closer I slowly started to explore her beautiful mouth. She opened up immediately letting my tongue infiltrate the depths of her mouth. I enjoyed devouring her mouth. Grabbing her thigh, I made her straddle me while her body weight was entirely on me. I enjoyed feeling her weight on my body and my cock jolted in excitement against her wet opening.

Well hello Mr. Connor,” she said playfully. Biting her lower lip, I gave her a mischievous wink. Teasing me with her wetness she started grinding her wet folds against my hard cock. Our kisses had turned lazy while our moans for more echoed inside the bedroom.

Ride me…” I whispered and she lifted her torso to display her beautiful breasts. Reaching to play with her sensitive nipples, I enjoyed the expression of pleasure she gave me. It was probably selfish of me but I wanted to knock her up as fast as possible. I wanted to watch her grow a life we had created while I would be proud to know that I was the man she had chosen to bloom for. Lifting herself slightly, she guided my erect cock to her entrance.

Eager to feel her warmth I made a hard thrust hitting her cervix immediately. She gave out a dazed moan while my mind went back to the first morning in the penthouse suite. I remembered how she had ridden me that morning, making me want her more. I had asked for a kiss and that was the moment my destiny was tied to hers. I knew I wanted her from that moment on.

Kiss me…” I said and her chest fell against mine before our lips united. Her eager pussy was sucking me deeper into her warmth and I couldn’t help but thrust harder. I wanted her to climax so I could fill her to the brim with my white essence. Her breathing quickened and her walls tightened around my pulsing shaft. Her body started shaking with an intensive orgasm and I couldn’t hold back anymore. Groaning deeply, I started shooting load after load into her womb praying for miracle. I came hard emptying my balls content deep into her. We stayed like that for minute drinking in the afterglows of our lovemaking.

I love you…” I whispered breaking the silence. I wanted to tell her again and again how she made me feel.

I love you more…” she said with a lazy smile and my arms tightened around her. I was above the skies with her but a part of me regretted the time we had lost because of my stupidity. We could have spent the last months loving each other instead of hurting, I thought looking at the ceiling.

What are you thinking?” she asked and I shook my head.

I am thinking of how foolish I was to hurt you,” I said and her eyes landed on mine with a soft smile.

We both made mistakes,” she said and pecked my lips.

I don’t know how I managed to go through the past two months without you,” I confessed and we drifted into a long silence. Our breathing matched each other and the calm of holding one another was enough to calm my soul. It was finally time to take a look at the report Archie had emailed me earlier.

Archie texted me that the report is ready,” I said and felt Blue tense in my arms.

I don’t like this Liam… I am worried that something will happen to you,” she said holding me tighter.

Nothing will happen babygirl,” I said reassuring her that everything was under my control. At least for now. Sliding out of bed I put on a pair of boxers before I went into the office to turn on the laptop. Blue followed me shortly after wearing a robe. Pulling her to sit on my lap, I clicked into the email Archie had forwarded. The document was big and it took some time to load but when it was on the screen Blue looked into my eyes looking for reassurance.

Nothing will happen to me, I promise. I will do anything to protect you and our love,” I said placing a kiss on her lips. I understood her concern. This dangerous game that Christian was playing with me was freaking her out and she was right. I had no clue about who the man, I had called a friend, was anymore. Reading through the document the lump in my throat grew and I started to feel cold shivers run down my spine. Christian had never been the person I thought he was.

You can’t meet him!” Blue blurted out visibly scared by what he was capable of doing to me.

I have to… I need that evidence to lock him into a cell for the rest of his life,” I said while looking into her eyes.

I don’t trust him Liam… he is dangerous and he will try to harm you as soon as he knows that you have acquired this information about him,” she said and I want silent. Blue was right but I had to gamble on this. I needed that confession and when I got it, he would be out of our lives forever.

I can’t risk him coming after you,” I said looking into her blue eyes.

I can’t let you do this…” she said while a tear escaped down her cheek.

Shh… I promise. Nothing will happen. Archie and I have this whole situation under control. I will acquire the evidence we need and he will be out of our life forever,” I said reassuring her. I had to be strong for the both of us.


After we had gone through the report Archie had sent to Liam, I wasn’t feeling well. I knew Christian was out there to harm Liam and the thought scared me. Liam had reassured me that he was going to be fine but reading that report had solidified my fears. Christian was a sick soul who should be locked away. He had done things that even I couldn’t have imagined and I was now fearing for what he was capable of doing to Liam.

When Liam had left earlier to meet with Archie, I wasn’t feeling great about the whole plan they had made to take Christian down. Something was not adding up and I was afraid that Christian had been passive for the past week. Nobody had heard from him and nobody knew what he was up to.

Turning on the television, I decided to drown my thoughts with some time in front of it. I needed a distraction from my fears. Changing the channel, I was having difficulties finding something to watch so I had decided on the news channel in the end. Listening to one news after the other, my fears were still persistent on ruining mind. Standing up I went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. The television was still loud at the background.

BREAKING NEWS! A woman in her late 20’s was found dead in her apartment this afternoon…

The lump in my throat grew bigger and I ran back into the living room. Looking at the footage, I knew immediately where this place was. Out of fear I grabbed the phone and dialed her number. She couldn’t be dead. The call went to voicemail right away and I felt the fear grow inside of me.

…the woman was found hanging from the ceiling of her bedroom. Police is investigating the case as a suicide.

I was devasted when I saw the body bag begin pulled through the main door of the apartment building, I once called home. The footage made me realize that we weren’t just against a regular man. He was a monster. The doorbell when off and I opened the door without giving it a second thought. Liam had probably returned from his meeting with Archie and I couldn’t wait to tell him about the news.

You are not going to believe this…” I said still looking at the running television.

Believe what?” he said and a cold shiver ran down my spine. Turning my head around, I realized that I was standing face to face with the devil.

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