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Standing face to face with the man who had haunted us for the past months made the fear inside of me boil over. I was afraid of what he was capable of and I had no clue about what to do now. Should I run or should I hide? My mind was going crazy with thoughts and I had to calm down. Taking a breath, I tried to think clearly.

I can see you’ve already heard the news about Lisa,” Christian said entering the apartment without even asking. Looking at the empty hallway, I considered running away for a moment before I heard his cold voice.

Close the door and come inside,” he said and I knew I couldn’t run away. If I didn’t want to end like Lisa, I had to somehow earn a little time by distracting him. Grabbing my phone from the coffee table he looked at it for a moment before he smashed it against the wall.

You won’t need that…” he said with a smirk on his lips.

Christian…” I said and his eyes landed on mine. The cold look in them made my blood turn to ice. Even if I tried to talk to him, he wouldn’t listen. He wasn’t here to listen or find common ground he was here to spread more fear.

If you are going to beg for your life, it is already too late,” he said while turning his attention to the television. ”Would you like to know how she begged for her life?” he said and I started shivering in fear. He was the one who had killed her and he was standing in front of me with a devious smile.

Why?” I asked and he shrugged nonchalantly.

She started to bore me…” he said and the anger inside of me started to boil.

So, you decided to kill her?” I asked coldly. Lisa had been a bitch towards me and Liam but she didn’t deserve to die in the hands of this psychopath.

She was after all a prostitute who thought she could play her little mind games with me,” he said with an expression of disgust across his face.

She started to ask for more like the previous ones…” he said and I knew he was talking about Amelia.

So, you killed them when you were done with them?” I asked and he started laughing.

Haven’t listened carefully? They took their own lives,” he said looking at the live coverage of Lisa’s case on screen. I scoffed and walked over to the couch to face him. Even though I was afraid of what he was capable of I didn’t want him to know the fear he was planting inside of me.

I guess you are here to kill me?” I asked calmly and he looked at my face for several minutes before he decided to speak.

I wasn’t expecting to find you here,” he said and I frowned to his confession.

You came looking for Liam?” I asked and he started smiling.

He started digging…” he said and I knew what he was referring to. He had made sure to cover up his tracks but now that Liam was digging deeper into Christian’s backstory he wasn’t happy. “I don’t like when people start digging too deep,” he said looking at me with intense eyes.

Why did you leak the video?” I asked feeling brave. Even if this was my last breath I wanted to know the reason behind. After all that little stunt had cost me the scholarship and I had been kicked out of the degree program that I had worked so hard to get into.

You looked so good in that video… stretched out in all your holes… pleasuring men for money,” he said scooting closer. “Don’t you want to get fucked like that again?” he asked with a smirk and I hated how he dodged every question I asked.

It was all a mistake,” I said and he started laughing.

You weren’t complaining while you were stuffed with cock in all of your holes,” he said licking his lips with a hungry expression in his eyes. “I still watch that masterpiece from time to time,” he confessed putting his hand on my exposed knee. I pushed it away feeling disgusted.

Stop!” I said but he wasn’t listening. I was pushing his hands away but he was busy forcing himself on me.

I have always wondered what Liam liked in you. I see it now…” he said and forced his lips on mine. I denied him and tried to push him away but I felt the cold metal against my thigh I stopped struggling. “… good girl,” he whispered and brushed the gun further up my thigh. I hated every moment of this assault but I couldn’t do a thing. He was practically threatening me with a gun and I was trying to withstand for another minute while hoping to be rescued.

Open your legs wider,” he whispered against my lips and I was shaking in fear. Following his instructions, I spread my legs slowly and he continued directing the gun further up. I let out an uncomfortable moan when he pressed the tip of the gun against my clit. “Once a whore… always a whore…” he whispered forcing his lips on mine once more. I wasn’t kissing back but I was also afraid of pushing him away. He had killed several women and I was sure that he would kill me in a heartbeat if I did anything he didn’t like. The click of the entrance door spread a fear across my body and I knew Liam was back.

Run away Liam! He is here and he will kill you!” I screamed before Christian slapped me hard. Grabbing my hair violently he looked into my eyes with a serious expression.

Shut the fuck up little whore! If your boyfriend runs away, I will make sure that your life will end in my hands,” he said and Liam stepped into the living room. Pulling my hair, he lifted me from the couch and made me face Liam. Putting the gun against my head, I could her his heavy breathing behind me. This twisted game excited him.

Look who we have here… Liam Connor… I was just about to fuck your woman,” he said with a deep laugh which made me feel sick.

But now that you are back… I think you should watch me take care of your needy little girlfriend before I kill her,” he said and I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.


When I had heard Blue’s trembling voice I couldn’t just walk away knowing that she was in danger. That fucking psychopath had taken Blue hostage and I hated to know that my hands were tied when she was being held at gunpoint.

Let her go Christian. She is innocent in this whole thing,” I said facing him. His vengeance was meant for me so I wanted Blue out of this hell before he made an impulsive decision to hurt her.

Falling for a whore like your pathetic father… you are a shame to mankind,” he said pushing her back on the couch. Spreading her legs forcefully he looked up to meet my eyes. “She is just like your mother. She will spread her legs for any man who is offering her enough money and power,” he said while I watched Blue struggle under him. The gun in his hand was holding me back.

That whore of a mother you have ruined my life… she took away the only person who mattered to me,” Christian said unbuckling his jeans while he was forcing Blue to spread her legs wider.

And now I will do the same to you…” he said and forced the gun down Blue’s mouth. ”Spread your legs little whore… I will show your man here how real men fuck a whore like you,” he said and the tears in her eyes broke my heart. Tearing her panties violently he looked at me with a smirk. I knew I had to do something or it would be too late. I took a step closer but Christians eyes landed on mine immediately.

If you take another step, I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger,” he said and I froze. Freeing his cock from his boxers he moved closer to penetrate her but Blue’s struggles knocked him over momentarily but he was back on her again grabbing her hair. He forced the gun against her head once more.

Another step and I will make sure to blow your brain into pieces,” he whispered against her ear. Turning his eyes to me he looked at me with disgust.

When your mother walked into my life and ruined it, I was just a little boy. She took away the only person I loved on this planet. She made sure that my mother took her own life since she couldn’t live with the thought of being replaced by a whore. My father was a weak man who only thought with his dick instead of his head. He adored your mother to the point that it made me feel sick. I wanted that whore gone and out of my life so I took care of it when I was old enough. Do you know what I did to her?” he asked with a devious smile on his lips. He was sick and I was scared that he could pull the trigger any moment. I shook my head not wanting to hear anything about how he killed my mother. I had deceived that woman since I was a child and nothing would change it now. I still hated her for ruining my life up until this point.

Well… I feel like telling so what should we do about that?” he asked with a smile on his lips.

Just let go of Blue and we can talk,” I said but he wasn’t very happy with the idea.

Your mother was a true whore, Liam. I had caught her spread her legs to other men occasionally when my father was on business trips. I was only 14 back then and I hated her enough to want her dead. She had broken my family into pieces and taken my father away from me. I was entirely alone and she was the only one to blame.” He said looking deeply into my eyes.

During one of those business trips she had spent days fucking other men. One night when she came back, she went to bed right away exhausted after a long day of pleasuring her lover. I had been hiding under the bed waiting for her arrival. When she had fallen asleep, I came out of my hiding with the sharpest knife I found in the kitchen. Looking at her face I moved the knife closer to her throat. Her eyes opened immediately but I slit her throat open within seconds and watched her bleed to death in front of me. She begged for her life until her body gave up on her and she died,” He said looking at me with disgust.

You know what I hate the most about you?” he asked but I shook my head. I wasn’t going to trigger any emotions when he was holding that gun against Blue’s head.

Your eyes… you remind me of that whore,” he said and pulled Blue’s hair violently. His finger was on the trigger ready to kill at this very moment.

Let her go and we can talk,” I tried to calm him down.

There’s nothing to talk about,” he said and we heard the entrance door break with a loud sound. I looked over to the couch where Christian stood and heard the gun go off with a loud bang. Everything went dark in a moment and sounds faded out. The nightmare was just about to begin.

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