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Watching his motionless body lie on the hospital bed I felt helpless. Whenever I closed my eyes, I could still hear the loud sound of the gun against my ear. I remembered everything vividly. Everything had happened so suddenly that I still couldn’t shake the thoughts away of that evening. It had been a month since Liam had sunken into this deep sleep and my hands were tied. I missed him but I couldn’t do anything to bring him back. He had risked his life to save mine but I couldn’t even feel grateful when I was so close to losing him. Every passing day the darkness was swallowing him deeper and I was terrified that he wouldn’t wake up again and look at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

Eliza was by my side during these hard times. She was making sure that I was taking care of myself and eating properly while I was waiting for Liam to wake up. I was by his side from 24/7 since I wanted to be there when he opened his eyes. Fears were swallowing me into the darkest parts of my mind and the scene of Liam getting shot was replaying constantly in front of my eyes.


After Christian had shot Liam the police had neutralized him by shooting him on the shoulder. He dropped the gun immediately and started to run towards the fire escape but the police were faster. When Christians tight hold was gone, I ran over to Liam but he had already passed out and blood was oozing out from the gunshot wound just above his heart. Paramedics had arrived immediately and started work on him while I was shaking with the fear of losing the man I loved.

You deserve to rot in hell Liam!” Christian screamed when the police was taking him away and I couldn’t stop my tears. My eyes drifted over to the gun Christian had dropped and felt the chills. A female police officer put a blanket around me and helped be to stand so I could be taken to the hospital. I was shaken to my core and I couldn’t speak for hours. Archie and Eliza had arrived to the hospital shortly after the incident. Eliza had hugged me for minutes to calm me down.

He promised me that I will never walk alone…” I said and Eliza’s arms tightened around me.

He will not leave you alone,” she said trying to reassure me that everything was fine.

Nobody is telling me anything about his condition,” I said and Eliza looked over to Archie.

He is currently undergoing a surgery,” Archie said and my heart dropped.

Surgery?” I asked worried and he nodded.

They are trying to get the bullets out from his chest,” he said and I couldn’t believe what I heard.

Bullet? He was only shot once.” I said but Archie looked at me with worried eyes.

Christian shot him 3 times,” Archie said and my heart sank. I had only heard the loud banging sound of the gun once but within seconds he had managed to shoot him 3 times. I collapsed into Eliza’s arms in defeat.

I can’t lose him again,” I cried out and Eliza tried to calm me down in her arms.

Shh…” she said and started hum a lullaby. My eyes closed with the calm of the melody she was humming. Something was familiar about this melody and I couldn’t keep my eyes open for much longer.


Liam’s surgery went well and they removed two out of the three bullets from his chest. Doctors had told me that everything was up to him from now on and we just had to wait and see. With time passing by the doctors started to lose their optimistic approach. The only thing I could do was wait.

After the incident, Eliza had told me that Liam had received a rather cryptic message from Christian on the day of the incident. He had told Liam that Lisa was dead and Archie had suggested to get the police involved since he suspected that Christian had caught on to something. Handing the information over to the police, Liam had agreed to get wired in case Christian attempted to approach him.

When Liam had arrived that day, a team of undercover officers were protecting him on distance and observing if Christian would approach but Christian had been a step ahead. He had sneaked into the building before the officers and Liam had arrived and the rest was history. The police had moved as soon as they had gotten enough evidence through the wired connection but it hadn’t kept Liam safe.

The police charged Christian with murder and attempted rape among other things. There was a long list of assaults committed by him and he could look forward to never seeing the daylight again. Lost in my thoughts I heard a slow knock on the door and I looked at the direction of the door before I answered.

Come in,” I said and the door opened slowly to reveal Ethan. It had been months since I had seen him and our last encounter over the phone had not exactly been pleasant.

Hi” he said awkwardly walking in.

Hi,” I answered looking at him. I was trying to understand what he was doing here. The silence between us was unbearable so I decided to ask the question that was bugging my mind.

What are you doing here?” I asked and he looked at me with concern.

I came see my old friend and to ask if you need anything,” he said politely.

Don’t worry Ethan, I have no recording of you from that night,” I said remembering how he had treated me after the leak of the video.

Blue… I am sorry about the way I treated you,” he said avoiding my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I looked at him once more.

Whatever…” I said and turned my attention to Liam. “Tell me the real reason behind your visit,” I said and he sighed.

I came to deliver the news. You have been readmitted to the faculty,” he said and I looked at him confused.

What do you mean?” I asked and he smiled faintly.

Liam made a significant donation to the faculty. His only condition was that you got readmitted to the degree program you were kicked out of.” He said and I looked over to Liam’s motionless body on the hospital bed. He had managed to surprise me even when he was fighting for his own life.

When?” I asked and he looked at Liam.

Little over a month ago he called me. He told me that he wanted to make this donation to the faculty on one condition and that was you,” he said and I felt the tears form in my eyes. Moving closer to the bed, I bend over the bed and brought my lips closer to his ear.

Thank you…” I whispered placing a soft kiss on his head. Looking back at Ethan I nodded politely.

You can return any time you want and finish your thesis,” he said and I shook my head.

I will find a new supervisor and topic for my dissertation,” I said looking away from Ethan. I was going back to the faculty but I wasn’t going back to work with a man like Ethan. I simple didn’t trust him anymore. He nodded awkwardly.

How is he?” he asked and I took a step away from the bed.

He is still fighting to come back,” I said and Ethan nodded awkwardly. The awkward silence broke when Eliza entered the hospital room with a cup of coffee in one hand and a pack of sandwich in her other hand.

I should better get going,” Ethan said and I nodded.

Thank you for delivering the good news,” I said and he nodded politely before leaving the hospital room. Eliza’s eyes landed on me and looked at me questioning who the hell he was.

Ethan is a friend of Liam. He was also my professor at NYU Law School,” I said and she frowned. “He came to tell me that I have been readmitted into the degree program I was kicked out of,” I said and realized a smile on Eliza lips.

How come?” she asked and I looked at Liam’s sleeping face.

This wonderful man here made a donation to the faculty with the only condition of me returning to finish my degree,” I said and Eliza started nodding in approval.

I have told you this before but I will say it again. Men like Liam can make anything happen little sister,” she said with a wink. I knew how powerful he was in terms of wealth and power but the only thing I needed was him and his warmth. I couldn’t bear to spend another day away from him and this current state of darkness scared me. I just wanted him back.


Blue…” I tried to say with a husky voice. I was trying to find my voice but my chest was hurting like crazy. My eyes opened slowly and I looked around, trying to understand where I was and what had happened. Tubes and wires were attached to my body and the patient monitor was the only sound that echoed inside this room. My eyes darted over to the couch where my eyes landed on the beautiful brunette. I had no clue about how long I had been gone but I had missed her.

Blue…” I said once more and she started moving. Her eyes opened and looked over to me with red eyes. She had cried and it broke my heart to know that she had been worried about me. When she realized that my eyes were open she jumped up and came closer to the bed. Taking my hand in hers she kissed it.

You came back to me…” she said in a husky voice with tears in her eyes. My heart dropped knowing that she had be worried about me. However, I didn’t remember what had happened.

What happened?” I asked and her eyes met mine.

Christian…” she said and I groaned remembering bit from the encounter we had had in the apartment. “… he shot you,” she said and looked worried into my eyes. “I have waited for you to wake up for weeks,” she said kissing my knuckles once more.

Come here,” I said and opened my arms. I could see the worry in her eyes and I wanted to comfort her. She eased into my arms and I took a deep breath. I had missed her scent.

Haven’t I told you before babygirl… I will never let you walk alone,” I said and hugged her tighter.

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