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The past 6 months of our life had been tough. Liam’s recovery process was slow but I was with him through the hard times of his rehabilitation. We had decided to move out of the apartment since we needed a fresh start somewhere else where we could make new memories and forget about the day that almost changed our lives. We had found a cozy house outside the city which was close to both the Law firm and the holding. Building a home for the two of us was exciting and I couldn’t wait to finally settle down with the man I loved.

After Ethan had delivered the news of my readmission I had started the process of finding a new topic and a supervisor. Liam had recommended me to ask professor Anderson which had been his thesis supervisor back in the days. I decided to take the chance and asked if I could write under his supervision and he had agreed. Changing my area of research, I decided to build my dissertation on the criminal law and the flaws of it after attending the first court hearing of Christian’s case.

Being a lawyer Christian knew his way around the case that was being build up against him. He was being charged with second degree of attempted murder with a sentence up to 30 years in prison. The prosecution had dropped the other cases since there weren’t enough evidence to press charges and I couldn’t understand the argument they used. Christian had confessed that he had killed Liam’s mother and the security footage from the apartment building where Lisa and I had lived showed that Christian had been there, the day Lisa had died but the prosecution had decided not to investigate these cases.

Another charge that was dropped was the for the attempted rape that evening. I still felt sick to my stomach whenever I thought about it. He had somehow wiggled himself out of the mess by stating that I had previously worked as an escort and we had slept together. He referred to the video and told the court that I had been selling my body and he had misinterpreted the situation in Liam’s apartment and thought that I was offering him sex in exchange for money. It boiled my blood to know that he had killed and attempted to harm others but he still could walk away without a consequence. The court hearings were still going on with the attempted murder charges and Liam was sure that Christian would spend a good portion of his remaining life in jail.

However, today was not about Christian or the ongoing case. Today was about me. After years of hard work, I was standing in my here dressed in my graduation gown. I couldn’t wait to receive the piece of paper that stated that I had achieved the goal I had set when I was just a little girl. Holding Liam’s hand, I couldn’t wait to get up on the stage to receive my diploma.

Nervous?” he asked feeling my hand shake in his.

Yes! I can’t believe I am standing here with you by my side,” I said and smile. Pulling me into his warm embrace he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. “How can you be so calm when you are the one who is going to give this year’s honoree speech?” I asked and he shrugged.

I have done this before and we both know the reason for why I was invited to give this speech,” he said with a wink and I smiled. The generous donation Liam had made to the faculty had made put him on the spotlight and he was invited to give guest lectures and attended other important faculty meetings. Knowing Liam’s skills as an attorney, I knew he was good publicity for NYU Law School and they wanted to showcase that he was an alumnus.

I should better take my seat,” I said and pecked his lips lightly.

I will be waiting for you on the stage,” he said and my stomach fluttered wildly with the sexy wink he gave me before I found me seat among other students.

Here now, in the presence of candidates for academic recognition, members of the faculty and administration, alumni, trustees. New York University’s 2021 Law Faculty Commencement is hereby convened,” the dean of the faculty said and opened the ceremony. He took some time for his speech and congratulated the class of 2021 for our achievements.

When it was Liam’s turn to go on the stage to give his speech, I was more than nervous. He looked so handsome in his black designer suit and I couldn’t take my eyes away from him. He had for the occasion even worn a tie that matched the purple in my graduation gown. I had never thought of Liam as a romantic man until I started to explore a relationship with him. He was sweet and caring. For every day that I spent in his arms I was falling deeper for the man behind the surface.

Dean Carlton, distinguished faculty, family and friends, and most of all, graduates of NYU Law School, thank you for inviting me to share this day with you. It is such a privilege for me to be here today. And to the graduates of the class of 2021, congratulations! You have worked incredibly hard to get here, and I hope that you’re taking a moment to let the full weight of your accomplishment sink in and that you revel in it for a bit,” he said and my heart started to beat like crazy. His authoritive voice and composed posture oozed of power. I was proud of the man I had chosen to stand by me.

I’ve been really excited about the opportunity to talk with you today. But as the date grew closer, I began to get a little anxious about what I would talk about. This is a big moment for you, and I wanted any message I had to be commensurate with the occasion. So, I went back and read the letter of invitation I received from your class marshals. And let me tell you, they write a heck of a letter. The letter of invitation from your class marshals said that this is the last opportunity for you to receive the wisdom and advice from someone outside the law school before you embark on your career as lawyers and advocates around the world.”

“So, I thought back on my years of being a lawyer, the vast majority of which was with Connor Law Firm that my great great grandfather had started. For me, being a part of the law firm, my ancestors had built was not just a job, what I did, it was a big part of who I was and still am. And that’s because I believe so strongly in the opportunity and responsibility to use the special gift of being a lawyer to try to move this world a little closer toward justice. And as I thought back over those years, I came to realize that I envy you. I envy that you’re on the front end of this wonderful, challenging, rewarding, sometimes gut-wrenching, but sometimes uplifting adventure of being a lawyer.”

“And so, I thought I would share with you observations or lessons that I’ve learned over that time about what it means to be a lawyer and what being a lawyer has taught me about life,” he said and continued his speech. My eyes were focused on him during the rest of his talk and I couldn’t move my eyes away from him for even a moment. After his speech was over we started clapping and he took his seat by the dean on the stage.

When it was finally time to go on the stage to receive our diplomas, my heart fluttered like crazy. Our names were called one by one. When it was my turn, I walked up the stairs and shook the hand of the dean before my diploma was handed over to me.

Congratulations,” the dean said and I answered with a low thank you before I walked over to Liam to shake his hand as well. Holding my hand for a moment longer, he brought it up to his lips and kissed my knuckles gently while his eyes were on me.

Congratulations babygirl,” he said and my heart melted at this very moment. Knowing that I had to move to make some space for the people behind I hurried over to the next person and shook their hand. When I was back in my seat I looked up to the stage and saw his eyes were on me. A warmth spread over my body and I blushed knowing where his mind was.

The ceremony ended shortly after and I went over to my family. I couldn’t believe that I was holding the piece of paper I had worked so hard to achieve. Running into Liam’s arms, I gave him a kiss. Holding me tightly he looked into my eyes with love.

I am proud of you babygirl,” he said and placed another kiss on my lips.

Thank you for making this possible,” I said and he shook his head.

You did all the hard work,” he said and let me out of his arms so he could give me the folder in his hands.

What is this?” I asked and he smiled.

Open…” he said and I opened it. My eyes landed on the legal document which stated that I was the new owner of Connor Law Firm. Unable to believe what I was holding in my hands I gasped covering my mouth.

Liam…” I said and he kept on smiling.

It was about time I took my CEO seat at Connor Holding,” he said and winked.

This is too much…” I said looking at the papers on my hands. He had handed me the legacy of his ancestors. Taking a step closer he lifted my chin to meet his eyes.

I am giving it to the woman who will raise the future generation of Connor lawyers,” he said and pecked my lips. All these promises of a future together excited me. When my sister and Archie approached, I jumped into Eliza’s arms and hugged her tightly.

Congratulations little sis,” she said and tightened her grip around me. “Mom and dad would have been proud,” she said and I nodded knowing that we still had a long way to uncover the truth behind our parent’s death. Easing her hold on me I turned to give Archie a hug.

Congratulations,” he said with a smile and handed me the gift they had picked out.

It’s nothing compared to Liam’s gift,” she said mocking him clearly. I opened the giftwrap and found a beautiful necklace with lady justice holding the scales of justice. The date of my graduation was engraved behind it.

Thank you… this is so beautiful,” I said and handed the necklace to Liam so he could help me put it on. Moving my hair to the side Liam put the necklace around my neck and placed a kiss before he took a step behind.

So, what are your plans for today?” Eliza asked and I looked over to Liam.

I was thinking that we could have dinner together,” Liam said and I nodded with a smile. Now that I had achieved the childhood goal I had set, I wanted to celebrate it with the most important people in my life. I couldn’t wait to explore what life had in store for me.

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