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A year had passed since that day Christian had attempted to kill Liam. A long year that was full of achievements and growth. Christian was now behind the bars and looked ahead to spend the next 25 years of his life there. Liam and I were trying to balance family and work life so we could spend as much time as possible together. Now that I was running the law firm and he was running the holding we tried our best to make time for each other.

Liam had told me to clear my schedule for today a week ago and when I asked him about the occasion he was acting all secretive about it. Without questioning it further I cleared my schedule but waking up today I was still trying to figure out what he was up to.

Remember to wear something pretty,” he said from the shower and I smiled knowing how much he enjoyed me in a flowy summer dress. Getting dressed and ready, I tried to observe every move of Liam but I couldn’t figure out his plans for the day. When we were seated in his Bugatti he pulled out a scarf from his pocket and looked at me.

I have to cover your eyes with this scarf,” he said and I sighed annoyed. I couldn’t wait to see the surprise he was planning but he had other plans. Turning around I let him blindfold me before we took off in his Bugatti. After what felt like long minutes we had arrived to our destination and when I attempted to remove the scarf from my eyes he stopped me.

You have to keep it on for a little longer babygirl,” he said and helped me out of the car.

Liam… what are you up to?” I asked annoyed. My senses were on high alert since my eyes were covered.

Be patient…” he whispered against my ear making me shiver deliciously.

I don’t like surprises and you know it,” I said and heard his chuckle. He enjoyed pushing me to my limits not only in our everyday lives but also in the bedroom. Experimenting had become a fun challenge and we were exploring together.

Just imagine what I will do to you later tonight…” he whispered making my knees go weak for a moment. I loved this dynamic between us and I never wanted it to end. Stopping abruptly, he stood behind me and placed his lips on my neck. The kiss made my heart skip a beat. I felt the blindfold loosen.

Remind me that we have to use this later tonight,” he said tugging away the blindfold in the pocket of his jeans. I had gotten used to seeing Liam in his casual clothes. After all we were no longer working together so the only time we saw each other was at home in our casual outfits. My eyes drifted down to the grass where I saw a picnic blanket laid out. I looked around to discover where we were and I started beaming. He had remembered.

I can’t believe you have done this,” I said and his arms hugged me tightly from behind.

It might not be our first date but I still wanted to make this dream of yours come true,” he whispered. Tilting my head slightly, I placed a soft kiss on his lips.

Thank you,” I whispered and watched his smile grow. Over the past year we had grown stronger together and I loved every minute in his arms. Sitting down on the blanket we started to enjoy the picnic food Liam had prepared while we sipped some wine.

It is a shame we had to move from this area” I said looking into his beautiful blue eyes. I missed the view from the old apartment but the new house was bigger and closer to both the Holding and the Law Firm.

We can always get another apartment in the city,” he said with a wink and I shook my head.

I don’t need another place Liam. I just want a home with you in it,” I said and pecked his lips. We had settled down into a routine now and it felt like we were already a married couple.

I just want a life with you,” he whispered sweetly and kissed my lips slowly. When our lips parted we were both panting for air. I loved the effect this man had on me. Turning his eyes to the sky he started smiling.

Look!” he said pointing at the kite. Standing up from the seat I tried to read what was written on it. I squeezed me eyes a little and when the letters became more visible I couldn’t hold back the gasp.

Will you marry me Blue?

When my eyes moved to Liam, he was already on one knee in front of me. His eyes met mine and I covered my mouth with my hands knowing what he was planning to do. Marriage was not something we had talked about but I knew he desired this.

Blue… I had never thought that I would know what true love was until I met you. I had lost my belief in the existence of true love but you proved me wrong and showed me it was possible. Your innocence and determination rocked my world. I fell hard for you even though I denied myself the feelings I felt for you. In the end I realized that I couldn’t live without you. So babygirl, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He asked and I couldn’t keep the tears away any longer. My hands were shaking and I could barely manage to answer let alone look at the beautiful ring he was holding out.

Yes!” I said and he took the blue sapphire engagement ring out of the box and put it on my finger. Looking at the ring I couldn’t believe that we had finally taken another step towards becoming Mr. & Mrs. Connor. Standing up he took me into his arms before he claimed my lips urgently.

I will make you the happiest woman in earth,” he whispered against my lips. Cupping his face in my hands I looked deeply into his blue eyes.

I am happy as long as you are by my side,” I said and kissed him slowly. Our lips danced on each other’s for minutes and when we finally took a break to catch our breath I was ready to give him the news.

I have decided to quit birth control,” I said and his lips widened with a sexy smile. Liam had on many occasions expressed how much he wanted to have children with me but he hadn’t pressured me into giving up birth control. He had told me that he would wait patiently for the day I was ready. I had talked with Eliza about quitting birth control and she had encouraged me to talk with Liam first. So here I was giving him the news he had been waiting for the past seven months.

I can’t wait to knock you up,” he said with a mischievous smile on his lips. “Fuck…” he said biting his lower lips. “You are going to look so fucking sexy with a baby bump,” he said placing a kiss on my neck. “And I will have a hard on every time I look at you with the knowledge that I did that to you,” he whispered making me whimper.

Come on,” he said taking my hand in his. “I don’t want to waste any time,” he said and walked me over to the Bugatti parked close to the park.


The drive from Central Park had probably been the longest of my life and I couldn’t wait to bring my fiancée back home so I could molest her slowly in our bedroom. The thought of Blue getting pregnant with my child excited me to the point that my balls ached for a release. Unlocking the door and pulling her further into the living room of our new house, I claimed her lips in need.

I want to make babies with you,” I said determined. When she had told me that birth control was out of our lives I couldn’t contain the animal inside of me. The urge to mate had taken over and I wasn’t going to be gentle. Her small hands landed on my chest and she was already out of breath.

Lifting her into my arms I walked her into the master bedroom. Putting her down on the bed I took a good look at my future wife. I was a lucky bastard to call this woman mine. Taking a seat next to her on the bed I kissed her slowly enjoying her plum lips against mine. We started undressing each other slowly. Wherever her fingers landed on my skin, it was burning with an insatiable desire.

When did you stop taking the pill?” I asked wanting to know how long she had been hiding the good news from me.

3 weeks ago, and I had my period shortly after,” she said a little shy. I wasn’t going to let her leave this bed until her womb was overflowing with my seeds. I was determined to put a bun in that oven as fast as possible. Her hands moved over the scars I had gotten after the gunshot wounds on my chest. She brushed them gently and placed a kiss on each scar before she lifted her eyes to meet mine.

I want a family with you,” she said awakening the animal inside of me.

I want you on your hands and knees,” I whispered against her lips before I watched her take position. Her wet folds were inviting me to taste her but I had put my cock into her hot cave before I exploded.

You are so fucking hot babygirl,” I said and felt my cock ache with the need to fill her hot cunt. Her pink pussy was gaping with need and when I pushed the tip in she whimpered in need. Her walls embraced the tip immediately and I groaned in appreciation. Placing my hands on her ass I spread her globes open to see the wetness she was coating my cock with. She was drenched with excitement and I couldn’t wait to love her pussy thoroughly with my cock.

Pulling out entirely I pushed back in with a hard thrust until I was balls deep buried in her hotness. Her walls embraced me eagerly and my hand brushed her arching back. She looked so fucking beautiful with my cock deeply buried inside her. Towering over her, I brushed my hand over the small bulge my shaft created inside her and I gave an approving groan. Placing my hand on top at bulge I made my claim, she was mine and she would stay mine until my last breath. Lifting her torso, I held her possessively. Her back ached against me and I tilted her head slightly to look into her beautiful blue eyes. Moving my other hand in circles around the bulge my cock created inside her, I crashed my lips on hers.

This womb will house the future generation of the Connor family,” I whispered hearing her approving moan. I wanted this apartment full of our children.

I can’t wait to see you bloom with our child,” I whispered against her ear while feeling her walls tighten around my swollen cock. Letting her fall back on to the bed, I started thrusting harder and deeper. Her moans were the sweetest music to my ears and I knew she was getting closer to her release. Her pussy was embracing my cock tightly and I was barely holding back. The animal inside of me awakened and the only thing I could think of was to claim her over and over again until she was full and sated.

Thrusting my hard-pulsing shaft in and out of her burning cunt, I knew she was close when she started shaking slowly. He pussy tightened painfully around me already leaking cock and I couldn’t hold back any more. With one last deep thrust I emptied my load into her depths. Her orgasm arrived at the same time making her shudder with ecstasy. Her hands were clawing the sheets with the intensity of her orgasm. She looked like a goddess at this very moment. Jerking the last drops of my seeds into her hot cave, we collapsed on the bed. My body was crushing her deliciously against the sheets while my cock was enjoying the bliss of post orgasm in her warmth.

Mine” I groaned possessively against her ear. She purred deliciously to my words. Pulling out I let her turn around in my arms so we were face to face. Placing her left hand on my jaw she looked into my eyes with love. The warmth in them took my breath away.

Mine” she whispered and her eyes drifted over to the engagement ring I had put on it earlier today.

Forever…” I whispered and kissed her lips slowly. In a life full of pain, we had found love in each other. Our story had not been easy but despite it all this journey had led me to the love of my life and the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my days with.


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