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Looking at my reflection on the hall window, I saw nothing but a whore who had dolled up to offer her services. However, I needed this job in order to pay for rent and necessities. When I had found a better solution, I would move on with my life. I had to succeed despite all the setbacks I had faced in life. In order to achieve my dreams, I was ready to sacrifice my body. I had already promised that scared little girl from the orphanage that I would never become a big nothing. That orphan girl nobody wanted had to succeed no matter what.

Here we are, the penthouse…” Lisa said and pulled me out of my thoughts. Standing in front a huge door my heart was hammering against my chest. Agreeing to do this had taken so much courage and now that we were in front of the penthouse in a 5-star hotel, I couldn’t back out. I was nervous and scared of this little adventure I had put myself into but the pros outweighed the cons and here I was in a little black dress that barely covered the slutty lingerie underneath.

Looking at the huge door of the penthouse, I didn’t have to second guess that these people had enough money to play around in one of the most expensive hotels in this city. Rich men were willing to pay for companionship and I was desperate to offer it for money. Lisa had told me that this was just a little celebration party and we were there to entertain and serve the guests. I couldn’t help but feel a little jittery about this whole situation. Lisa had reassured me that her list of contacts was safe and I shouldn’t be worried but how could I not when this could also have the potential to affect my future significantly?

Lisa’s knock echoed through the hall and I looked up to watch the doors open. My eyes landed on the man who were standing at the other side of the door. Dressed in a navy suit his body was well built. He didn’t look that old either. His dark hair complemented his dark blue eyes.

Hi Christian…” Lisa said and he pulled her closer to place a lingering kiss on her neck. His eyes landed on me while his lips were still nibbling on Lisa’s neck. His eyes turned dark immediately and I felt a shiver run down my spine. Pulling away from her, he focused his attention on me. Looking at me from top to toe, I could see that he was appreciating what was standing in front of him.

Hi, I’m Christian… come in,” he said politely and I walked in following Lisa.

This is my friend, Baby,” Lisa said and I could still hear traces of sarcasm in her voice.

Nice to meet you Baby,” Christian said and pulled me closer to his body. The sudden gesture was unexpected and I had no clue about what I was supposed to do. “Loosen up Baby, we are all here to have fun,” he said and flashed me a mischievous wink that gave away the purpose of tonight. We were going to literally get fucked. Guiding us towards a room, he opened the door and motioned us to go in.

You can leave your dresses and purses in this room. I have put the envelops on the bedside table. Join is in the living room, whenever you are ready,” he said and left the room, leaving the door open.

Leave our dresses?” I asked Lisa a little confused.

Our job is to service them and that includes servicing their eyes as much as their libidos,” Lisa said while stripping out of her dress. I followed her and slid out of the dress and put it on the bed before I turned to face the envelops. Instinctively I grabbed one to see the contents of it. I wanted to know my worth as whore.

Fuck me…” I blurted out, shocked to see Benjamin Franklin’s face on the bills.

Believe me they will… for this amount, I am sure they will ask for additional services.” Lisa said and put the envelope in her purse. I tossed the envelope on top of my dress on the bed and adjusted the bra before I looked up and nodded at Lisa.

Let’s do this…” I said and followed her out of the bedroom and into the spacious living room of the penthouse. My eyes landed on the men sitting on the big and white corner sofa. My eyes focused on the blue-eyed monster who were wearing beige slacks and his sleeves were rolled up to display the ink that covered his skin. His dark blond hair was short but his curls were still faintly visible. When his eyes landed on me I couldn’t help but shiver. His eyes were intense and threatened to suck me up entirely.

Scared to keep the eye contact I moved my eyes to the man sitting next to him. He was another prime example of a well-built male body. Filling out the black suit he was wearing. His brown hair and green eyes were full of depth but he wasn’t as intriguing as the blue-eyed monster who were still staring at me intensely. I moved my eyes to the last man, who was sitting in a pair of gray slacks and the top 4 buttons of his shirt was unbuttoned. His tattoos were faintly peeking through the gap. His dark brown eyes were deep and dangerous while his slightly longer reddish-brown hair was a contrast to the rest of the group.

Aren’t you going to introduce us to your friend?” asked the brown-eyed man, interested.

This is my friend, Baby…” Lisa answered and looked at my direction.

We desperately need a refill,” the blue-eyed monster broke the tension inside the room while keeping his gaze on him. “Bring the bottle of whisky on the counter, Baby…” he ordered and my eyes landed on his immediately. Following his orders, I picked up the bottle and approached him. Pulling me down by my wrist he made me sit down in between him and his green-eyed friend. Pulling me closer to his body, he kept on gazing into my eyes with his blue ones.

Pour!” he ordered with gritted teeth and I remembered immediately the bottle in my hands. Unscrewing the cap I poured a little into the glass in his hands and turned around to repeat the action with the green eyed man on the other said of my body.

Thank you, Baby…” the green-eyed man said and I smiled faintly.

I’m Brandon and this is Liam,” the green-eyed man said and gestured towards the man in the gray slacks. “That’s David and I guess you’ve already met Christian” he said looking at Christian who was busy… with Lisa. I could sense that we were here for one purpose only and I was trying to wrap my head around what was going to happen in a matter of minutes. Feeling Liam’s blue eyes on me his hand found my thigh and started his sinful mission. His touch left my skin burning with an unknown desire to satisfy him.

Have a drink and relax,” he whispered while holding my gaze locked to his.

I will get a glass,” I said attempting to get up from my seat on the couch but he pulled me back to sit down.

No need for that,” he said and took a generous sip of his drink before his hand curled around the back of my neck and pulled me in to meet his lips. Pouring the burning liquid in his mouth into mine kissed me for a long minute before he pulled back.

Baby… what kind of a name is that?” He asked still keeping his hand on the back of my neck.

Ask my parents…” I blurted out and he started laughing.

I don’t think they would have liked to hear such a question from their daughters’ client who will probably end up fucking her by the end of tonight…” he said with a sly grin on his lips. Looking over at Lisa, I could already see where tonight was heading. She was in between David and Christian, stroking the outline of their erections. A little shiver ran through my body when my eyes met Liam’s and I could see the darkness of lust nested in them. Moving closer his eyes fell on my lips but he moved past and placed a burning kiss on my neck. Moving slowly up he breathed out hot air and made my body shiver with his presence.

Have you ever been fuck by two men at the same time?” Liam asked and I shuddered with the thought of it.

No…” I whispered out of breath while he continued his kisses down my shoulder.

Ever had anal sex?” He asked and I couldn’t form any proper sentences anymore. Shaking my head, I earned a low growl from the handsome stranger who was busy setting my body on fire. His lips moved up and stopped right before my lips, brushing them faintly.

Do you want to try?” he asked, making my stomach flutter with nervous excitement. Pulling away slightly he looked into my eyes and the only thing I could think of was his lips on mine. I nodded slowly, looking away from his eyes and his hand moved to brush my jaw slowly before he moved in to crash his lips on mine. I savored the moment and felt his tongue invade every corner of my mouth. I moaned into the kiss knowing that it had been a while since I have had sex with someone. His left hand went in between my thighs and found the moist spot he was looking for. Moving the thin fabric of the thong his brushed his fingers lightly against my wet folds making me whimper in need. Biting my tongue lightly he growled with need.

So wet…” He whispered pulling away and bringing his fingers to my mouth. Taking his fingers into my mouth I started licking my own juices. His eyes were watching me intensely and I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to touch him. Bringing my hand to his thigh, I moved it closer to his outlined erection and stroked it slowly. His hands were getting gradually inpatient and before I knew it he had lifted my body to straddle him. Pulling down the bra forcefully he had made my breasts bounce out of the cups and his lips were on them immediately. Arching my back to the sensation of his sucking, I started rocking myself on his lap to feel his impressive erection.

Feeling another pair of hands on my skin I noticed Brandon standing behind me while I was still on Liam’s lap. Pushing me gently down, Brandon went down on his knees and grabbed the thin fabric of the thong and ripped it apart. Liam lips had traveled up to my neck, burning every little part of my skin he was in contact with. Grabbing my buttocks Liam spread me open for Brandon. I felt Brandon’s tongue on my clit immediately while I was listening to Liam low sexual grunts.

I will take that virgin ass of yours…” Liam whispered making me shudder even more. I was already at my limit with the delicious assault Brandon’s tongue was putting me through. I felt a sudden coolness when lube landed on my asshole, Brandon started moving his fingers in and out of my ass stretching the tight hole slowly. I was burning with a desire to climax.

We are going to stuff you with cock…” Liam whispered and I came undone immediately with Brandon’s skillful tongue and Liam’s filthy mouth. Throwing me on the couch Liam stood up and started undressing while Brandon helped me get rid of the bra that had been pushed down to my abdomen. I was bared only wearing the garter belt and stockings. Watching both men undress excited me to the point that I wanted to touch myself just by the sight of their well-defined bodies. Looking at their muscular bodies and thick erections, I wasn’t that skeptical of this job anymore. If all of my clients would be as gorgeous as those men, I think I could survive doing this until I got a permanent position at a law firm.

Spread your legs…” Liam ordered when he was all naked in front of me. Grabbing a condom from the table next to the couch he teared the foil and rolled the thin latex down on his hard shaft. Following his orders, I spread my legs and opened myself entirely to welcome him. Pulling me closer by grabbing my thighs he entered my pussy slowly. I felt him stretch me inch by inch and I was almost out of breath when he was balls deep buried inside of my aching cunt.

Fuck…” he hissed pulling out a little to thrust deeper. “You are so tight considering you are a whore…” he said and made my heart jump uncomfortably. I was after all a whore now, selling my body to men who wanted companionship and sex.

Brandon moved closer jerking his erection while looking at my body getting fucked by Liam. Going down on his knees he grabbed my hair violently and directed my lips to greet his erection. Opening my mouth, I took him in and he pushed his erection further down my throat immediately to feel the tightness. Groaning with satisfaction he started fucking my mouth while Liam was devouring my pussy with his rapid thrusts. My contractions hit me violently and I started milking Liam’s cock immediately.

Good girl…” Brandon said pulling out of my mouth to grab a condom. Liam pulled out of my still contracting pussy before I was pushed towards Brandon. I straddled him before he grabbed my hips and directed his cock into my pussy. I shuddered with the sudden introduction of his length. Laying down our bodies slightly he opened up space for Liam who was immediately behind me. His fingers found my aching asshole and he put on more lube on it to stretch it. Brandon was thrusting eagerly when Liam was giving my ass time to adjust to his fingers.

When my asshole had relaxed to his fingers he pulled out and replaced them with his cock. I felt the growing pressure at my anal entrance and he breached it slowly with the tip of his cock. I moaned out loudly to the motion and he continued inching deeper inside my ass. He buried himself in my ass while I felt Brandon pulse inside of my pussy.

We will tear you apart, Baby…” Liam said before they started thrusting in harmony. I lost myself entirely to the painful pleasure of their thrusts. Closing my eyes, I savored the moment, moaning with every single friction. I was so lost in the moment that my eyes flung open when I Christian shoved his cock into my mouth forcefully grabbing my hair. I was occupied completely by three men and it wasn’t long before David joined in. From the corner of my eyes I had seen that Lisa had passed out already so it was now my job to satisfy all four men at the same time.

You think she can take one more in her pussy?” David asked and my body went into another blissful contraction with the thought of getting fucked by all four men at the same time.

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