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Moving closer to my face, David started jerking off his erection in front of me ready to fuck my face when Christian was done. I felt Christian’s cock jolt in the depths of my throat and he released his hot cream into my mouth. I felt Brandon and Liam pulse intensely in my holes and their grunts echoed through the room. Releasing their white essence inside the thin latex protections they pulled out and discarded it in a bin close by while I was still trying to calm down. My body was so stimulated that I was afraid of melting into a poodle of burning desire.

Grabbing my hair violently, David yanked me closer to his cock. Circling my lips with the tip of his cock, he spread the precum across my lips and crashed his lips on mine fucking my mouth with his tongue. Pulling away he admired my swollen lips and his brown eyes darkened with desire.

You want us to fill you up completely, don’t you?” he asked and a desperate whimper escaped my lips. I couldn’t believe my own body, I was craving more.

You want to feel two hard cocks fill your pussy at the same time while your ass is being claimed by another one. You want to get fucked roughly by all four of us, don’t you?" David continued while holding my chin up with his fingers and looking deeply into my eyes.

Answer me Baby!” He said, sending a delicious shiver down my spine.

Yes…” I whispered faintly agreeing to whatever they had in mind to do with my body. God, it felt so good to be taken by multiple men at the same time and how could I deny myself this once in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with four gorgeous men at the same time.

Liam… you think we can stretch her enough to take two in her pussy?” Christian asked with mischief in his dark blue eyes.

We can try but she is very tight. We might need to move to the bed,” Liam said and I felt a nervous flip in my stomach. I had entered this hotel room not expecting much to happen but everything had turned upside down and I was now the center of a gangbang. Pushing his erect cock closer to my lips David parted my lips and thrust into my mouth urgently, making me gag immediately with the sudden invasion.

I am going to fill this beautiful mouth with my seeds…” David said pulling out of my mouth and discarding me into Brandon’s arms. Yanking my hair to establish eye contact, Brandon guided my left hand down to wrap it around his half erect cock.

What a dirty little slut we have here…” he whispered before his lips crashed on mine with a burning need that filled my core. His was hardening in my jerking hand and I couldn’t wait to get filled with his hard cock again. Drifting into a sex haze my commonsense was leaving me slowly and all I could think about was reaching the ultimate high.

Hold on tight,” Brandon said with a raspy voice and lifted my body in his arms, wrapping my legs around him. My legs and arms were holding him tightly while feeling his pulsing cock at my entrance ready to fuck me. Moving slowly towards the hall where the bedrooms were located my eyes were on the men following us. Christian had grabbed the basket of condoms while Liam had the bottle of whisky in his hands. David’s eyes were on me while jerking his hard cock with a sly smirk.

Should I be worried?” I whispered against Brandon’s ear and earned a sexy chuckle.

Not at all…” he said and bit my shoulder playfully while his erection was bobbing against my wet folds. Detaching me from his body he threw me on the bed and admired my naked body with his eyes. The other three men joined in and I was surrounded by four men with impressive erections ready to fuck my brains out. I didn’t know what to do or where to start. This was probably the first and the last time I would experience something like this I thought looking at all four men jerking themselves off to the sight of my naked body.

The sound of condom foil tearing echoed through the room and I was soon lifted off the bed. Sandwiched between them all I was being kissed by them all, stimulating all my senses. I pooled with need to be filled. Lifting my legs, David wrapped his hands around my waist. His erection was poking my entrance asking for permission to enter. I wrapped my arms around his neck before he slid me down on him. I arched my back to the sensation of being stretched again. Thrusting slowly, he was enjoying the tightness of my pussy. His sexy groans were pulling me into a deep sexual haze. Grabbing my buttocks, he spread them to invite another invasion. Tilting my hips slightly I was trying to make enough space to welcome another cock into my depths.

I heard Christian’s grunts close to my ear and felt his cock poke my already full pussy, I couldn’t help but whimper in excitement. Christian’s left hand came around my waist and I felt his fingers brush the opening of my pussy where David and I was united. Lubing his fingers in my juices he pressed one finger in, making me arch my back and soon three fingers were nested next to David’s cock inside of me.

Fucking amazing,” Christian grunted and removed his fingers all of a sudden. When I felt the lubed tip of his cock I was both horny and scared for what was to come. The pressure grew immensely and he pushed to enter me slowly to join David’s cock. My pussy stretched slowly welcoming another cock and I felt like I was being deliciously ripped apart.

I can’t believe this cunt belongs to a whore…” Christian grunted and started thrusting in harmony with David.

She feels unbelievable tight… Fuck! I haven’t fucked such a tight hole for months,” David said continuing thrusting in unison. Every thrust was bringing me closer to another mind-blowing orgasm. My fourth orgasm of the night crashed down on me almost immediately and I continued to moan with their continues thrusts inside of me.

Both men pulled out of me so suddenly and I was once again thrown into someone else’s arms. Getting seated by the edge of the bed, Brandon pulled me into his arms and made be straddle him. Entering me in a deep thrust he pulled my upper body to rest on his. Stretching my buttocks, he invited the others to join in on the fun. I felt Liam’s shadow over my back when he balanced his feet on the bed and entered my ass slowly. I moaned desperately with the need to feel more.

When Liam was nested in my ass, I felt another cock poking my pussy. The tip of Christians cock entered me slowly stretching me to my limit. When all three cocks had entered me successfully, they started to thrust. It only took me a matter of seconds before I contracted into a violent orgasm. I was shaking with the intensity of my climax.

You like this don’t you Baby?” Liam whispered against my ear and I moaned continuously with the ongoing thrusts in my holes.

What a remarkable whore…” David said and grabbed my hair violently before he shoved his cock into my mouth. Pushing it down my throat he made me gag several times while fucking my face. Moans and grunts were filling the room and I was lost in this moment enjoying every bit of pain and pleasure I was given.

A premium whore, who enjoys being stuffed with cock…” Brandon grunted under me enjoying the sight of my face getting fucked by his friend, David. The thrusts intensified gradually and I felt David’s cock jerking violently inside my mouth. Pushing it further down my throat he came with a deep growl and released his hot semen into the depths of my body. Swallowing every little drop, I felt my sixth orgasm hit as violently as the previous ones and I felt them all pull out of my holes. Rolling me on my back on the bed, they removed the condoms and started jerking their cocks. Within seconds, my body was covered in their white essence. I had never felt such an intensity before and now that I had gotten a taste of it I didn’t know how I would be able to go back to regular sex. These four men had ruined me for life and I wasn’t complaining. I enjoyed the last traces of the sex haze before I passed out with a smile on my lips. I had survived 4 cocks and 6 orgasms tonight.


When I had heard the loud knock on the front door, I knew the entertainment of tonight had arrived. Christian went to greet Lisa and her friend while the rest of us were getting ready to get this party started. When Lisa had walked in followed by her friend, my eyes found hers immediately. She was beautiful with her long brown hair and deep blue eyes. Her shyness intrigued my interest and the only thing I wanted to do was to make her bloom with my cock.

Her name was Baby and I couldn’t help but smile. What kind of a ridiculous name was that? I thought but before it all started I wanted to reserve her to myself. I wanted to taste her first.

We desperately need a refill,” I said and her eyes were locked to mine. “Bring the bottle of whisky on the counter, Baby…” I ordered and she moved over to the bar to grab the bottle. Swaying her hips slightly I was enjoying the sight of her firm ass. I wanted to fuck all of her holes and make her beg for more. I wanted to ruin that innocence she was carrying with her. I loved fucking beautiful women and she was an exquisite example of one. When she had approached me, I pulled her down by grabbing her wrist. Forcing her to take a seat next to me.

Pour!” I commanded with gritted teeth. I wanted to pull her out of her own head. She was too nervous and I had started to think that she wasn’t used to selling herself to men in exchange for money. Tempting her slowly I had breached her walls and invited her to sin with me, with the rest of us. She felt good, even great considering her occupation as an escort. Her pussy was firm and her ass was virgin. It excited me to know that I was the first man who had fucked her ass. I was even sure that we in unison had effectively ruined her for other men. Her body was so responsive that she had enjoyed orgasm after orgasm in our hands and the peaceful smile on her lips said it all… she had loved every second of tonight as much as we had. Her body was covered in cum and her eyes were closed peacefully when we were done with her. She had done a good job, handling four cocks at the same time and she deserved a well-earned rest.

The other guys left the room soon after going back to the living room to look for Lisa, but I had stayed back to clean her up. This wasn’t usually something I did but I wanted her clean for the next round when she woke up. Walking into the bathroom I found a small towel and ran it under the hot water. Going back into the bedroom where Baby was, I reached closer and cleaned her body from the white cream we had gifted her with minutes ago.

Wiping her whole body clean, I noticed that she had stated to squirm and made delicious sounds. Her moans were awakening the beast in me and I had to put her under the sheets if I wanted to give her some peace. I had paid for her services but I wasn’t a prick who enjoyed fucking unconscious women. I wanted my whores conscious and ready to take what I had to offer.

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