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Waking up I felt like I had the best wet dream a woman could ever have. I refused to open my eyes and let go of the dream of 4 men taking me. My senses came back slowly. I felt my body aching and something heavy was draped over my body. I opened my eyes slowly to see Liam’s sleeping face next to mine. His body was draped on mine and his heavy breathing was awakening all the memories from the night. The reality crashed down on me and I suddenly felt my stomach flutter. I felt Liam started to move and his morning wood was proudly brushing my thigh for attention.

You are awake…” he whispered, spreading goosebumps through my body. Pulling my body closer to his, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

You smell of sex… very hardcore group sex,” he said with a mischievous smile on his lips. His fingers were already brushing my skin lightly and I couldn’t help but wiggle into his addicting touches.

You are awfully quite…” he whispered. “Where is the woman who begged for more a couple of hours ago?” he continued nibbling my jaw playfully. I was already aroused and ready for whatever he had to offer.

Where are the others?” I asked and a sly smirk appeared on his lips.

You don’t think I am capable of fucking you until you pass out?” He asked and I rolled my eyes a little annoyed by the comment. I had asked since I was curious about where the rest were or where Lisa was. I had totally forgotten about her.

They are in the other room…” he said and I felt his fingertips brush my clit momentarily. “You’ll have to do with me this morning…” he said and turned me around to straddle him. Holding my hips tightly against his crotch he was sliding my wetness against his erection. I was gushing with excitement inside and the glistening shaft beneath me was the proof of it. Reaching out he grabbed a condom that had been tossed on the bedside table.

Ride me Baby…” he said, handing me over the condom. I tore the foil open and rolled on the thin latex protection we needed to unite our needy sexes. Lifting myself up slightly, I got a hold of his erection and directed it to my opening. He entered my sore cunt in a hard thrust hitting my cervix almost immediately. I gave out a painful moan before my hands landed om his chest and I started to ride him. Building up our releases slowly, I rode his cock like my life depended on it. His blue eyes were on mine, making me blush with every jerk of his cock inside me. Lifting his upper body almost immediately his hands were on my hips and he was taking charge now. My arms were around his neck and I was only thinking about how good he felt inside of me. I was moaning into his mouth, dazed in the ecstasy of sex.

Kiss me…” he said and my lips found his in a lazy battle for dominance. His thrusts were more urgent and my moans were getting mixed with his groans. Sinking his teeth into my lower lips he started pulsing violently with his climax and I followed him seconds later. We stayed like that for a moment before he lifted me off him and collapsed on the bed. Laying down next to him, I looked at the ceiling trying to understand what had just happened. He reached for his phone on the bedside table and handed it to me.

Give me your number…” he said shortly, looking into my eyes with a glimpse of mischief.

Why?” I asked and he flashed me sexy smile.

So I can call you whenever I feel like fucking you… Don’t worry I will pay handsomely for your services,” he said turning his gaze to look at the ceiling.

I am not a whore you can call whenever you need a bedwarmer,” I said feeling a little irked about the way he said it.

So, what exactly are you doing here if you are not a whore I paid for? I remember vividly how you took four different cocks at the same time for only a few hours ago.” he said insulting me.

This was only a one-time thing… It will never happen again,” I said trying to convince myself rather than convincing him about it.

That’s what Lisa said when I first met her two years ago and you know what? I have fucked her more than you can imagine to know that it wasn’t a one-time thing. Be a good girl and save your number to my contacts…” he said and I could clearly see that this man before me had no respect for women, especially women like me. I started putting down numbers that had no relation to my phone number at all. I had no intentions of seeing this bastard again and especially not like this.

Handing him his phone back, I stood up from the bed and wrapped the sheets around my body. I wasn’t going to display myself to this bastard for another minute.

Don’t be shy baby… I’ve already seen it all,” he said and started laughing. I ignored his remarks and went into the bedroom we had left our dresses last night. Putting it on, I didn’t care about not wearing any underwear. I just wanted to get out of this hotel room in an instant. Walking back to the bedroom where I had been fuck, I found the heels and Liam stood up from the bed and followed me to the living room area with all his naked glory.

Hey… What’s wrong?” Liam said grabbing my wrist lightly to make me face him.

I hope you have enjoyed your free ride, but business hours just ended so I will be on my way,” I said pulling my wrist free of his strong grip.

Wait… let me at least drive you back to your place.” He said with a tint of concern. “You must be sore…” he said knowing how much my body was complaining. I was deliciously sore all over but I had to get out of this hotel room if I wanted to hold onto the little pride I had left in me after sexually servicing four men.

I will take a cab back…” I said shortly and walked over to the door. Unlocking it, I walked out of the room without even glancing back for a second. I wasn’t going to give that bastard a chance to think that he had won over.


What the fuck had just happened? I thought and sat down on the couch where I had taken her virgin ass for the first time. I had enjoyed every moment of being inside her since she was so tight and responsive to my touches. It had been years since I had last experienced such a tight pussy. Her body was just amazing and I wanted to feel her contractions over and over again.

She had been so wet and welcoming that I had asked for her number so I could fuck her again. Few women could take my size without any complaints and she was one. She had accommodated my cock in her warmth without an objection and I had enjoyed it thoroughly. When she started lecturing me about how she wasn’t a whore, I couldn’t stop myself from insulting her. She had begged to hear the cruel side of reality, she was just a cock warmer, nothing more.

Going back the room, I grabbed my phone and called the number she had saved. Nobody had the guts to walk out on me like that especially not a whore I was paying to take care of me and my needs.

Mario’s Pizzeria, how can I help you?” the person answering the phone said. Ugh, that little bitch had purposefully given me a wrong number, I thought and ended the call without even bothering to explain that I had called the wrong number. Sitting down on the couch naked I looked at my phone and breathed out angry. I had to find a way to get her number so I could put her back in her rightful place, below me. She had to be disciplined to watch that mouth of hers.

Lost in thoughts, I heard Lisa’s giggles from hallway and when I turned around to look at her, she was already inside the living room, collecting her underwear that had been shattered across the room. Turning around she threw me a glance and came closer.

"Aww little man… you couldn’t get it up?" She said touching my cock like it was her property. I grabbed her wrist violently and yanked her hand away from my cock. I needed answers not a hand job from a whore.

Give me Baby’s number…” I said unable to contain the anger I had boiled up inside me.

Why?” she asked with a mocking smile on her lips. “You liked her, didn’t you?" She asked and the rage inside of me was at its limits. I was so close to fucking her ass raw without any preparation so she could learn not to overstep her boundaries.

You whores really do think too highly of yourself. I just want her contact information so I can give it to some friends who would enjoy her ‘package’ services.” I said letting go of Lisa’s wrist.

Oh, you mean the ‘package service’ where you convinced her to fuck all four of you at once?” she said with mischief in her eyes.

Yes…” I said shortly.

She was good, wasn’t she?” Lisa asked with a knowing expression in her eyes.

She was decent,” I said trying not to sound too eager.

I knew she had it in her…” Lisa said with a proud smile on her lips.

What do you mean?” I said trying to understand her cryptic language.

Last night was Baby’s first time as an escort… believe it or not, it’s far from her real occupation,” Lisa said looking into my eyes and it all made sense now. All that lecturing about not being a whore and all.

Give me her number,” I said persistently.

I am sorry Liam but I can’t… I don’t know it either. She was a friend of a friend who needed a quick job.” Lisa said and stood up to get dressed.

For fucks sake! Did you even check if she has a clean bill of sexual health?” I asked frustrated. Lisa had dragged a stranger into this penthouse and I was afraid that it would have consequences.

Don’t worry Liam… She is clean and hasn’t been with a man for the last 2 years. I am pretty sure last night was a treat for her.” She said followed by a wink.

Lisa… if she runs her mouth… you know what happens right?” I asked and she nodded.

She won’t, I made her sign the confidentiality agreement,” she said and walked back to the hall towards the bedrooms. Closing my eyes, I remembered Baby’s innocent face and the tightness of her pussy. My cock jolted with excitement and I cursed immediately knowing how much I hated taking cold showers. I was determined to find Baby. I was determined to find her and make her pay for all the emotions she had me go through since I had met her.

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