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It had been a month since that night. A month where I had time to digest and understand the choice I had made that day. I couldn’t get Liam’s words out of my head and hated it. I was afraid of proving him right and the bills in my hand were not helping my situation. I had been applying for internships almost all over New York but I hadn’t heard any news yet and I was becoming impatient. My dissertation advisor Mr. Pierce had told me to continue applying but I was close to giving up and caving in to Lisa.

Lisa had been nagging me about Liam and what had happened since I had left so abruptly that morning but I couldn’t bring myself to voice that I hadn’t felt any shame of doing what I had done that night. I had enjoyed it so much that I had masturbated to the thoughts of the four men that had brought me to pleasure several times that night.

Taking a seat by the kitchen table I started calculating the bills as I always did whenever that came in. The numbers added up and my frown grew bigger. I hated this situation so much and I had no clue about how I was going to get out of this downward spiral I was in.

Oh, Blue… You are home?” she said looking like she was just waking up from a nap. She had been out last night and came back when I leaving this morning to meet my dissertation advisor.

Yes…” I said shortly and sighed.

What’s up?” she said and saw the bills in front of me. “Oh…” she said simply and took a seat next to me. “What are you going to do about it?” she asked and I looked at her expecting her to give me the answer I was afraid to say. I sighed out with defeat and she started doing something with her phone that I couldn’t understand. A moment later moans coming from her phone made me freeze completely and she passed the phone over.

Look at this…” she said shortly and I saw it all play out. Me in the middle of being fucked by four men. The intensity of the situation and my load moans were telling it all.

How? I mean what about the confidentiality agreement?” I asked and she smirked.

I couldn’t stop myself from recording it. Can’t you see how hot this is?” She said with a sheepish smile on her lips.

Yes…” I said in a dreamy voice. I was already feeling hot by watching it. It was like my skin was burning with an insatiable desire to be touched. Lisa was watching me biting her lower lip and I was curious to know what she wanted to say.

What?” I asked and she took the phone away from my hands.

Look… I am not telling you to go and do porn worthy stuff but you can still work as an escort and enjoy the perks. You know how well it pays…” she said with a sly grin. “I don’t know what happened between you and Liam but you have no reason to worry. I will not send you to him, if you don’t want to.” Lisa said reassuring me about the Liam situation.

I don’t know Lis,” I said and met her eyes. “It’s fun and all but I feel like I shouldn’t get too much involved with your clients. In the end my dream is far from escorting.” I said knowing that escorting was a temporary solution for my financial problems. I needed something permanent within my field of study.

Look… I have told you this before. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to but I can see how much you have enjoyed last time and until everything clears for you, I don’t see an issue in doing this.” She said and I sighed looking at the bills.

One last time…” I said caving in. I had enjoyed it and all but I had to be careful about this. I had so much to lose with one little mistake.

Okay…” she said and gave me a playful wink. “I’ll see what I can do,” she said and my gaze drifted over to her phone.

Can you… send me the video?” I asked a little shy. I couldn’t believe that I had actually enjoyed watching myself get fucked by four very good-looking men. I needed that video for personal use. Touching few buttons on the screen she sent it right away. My phone buzzed and I smiled knowing that I would put the video to good use when I was in bed tonight thinking of Liam and his friends.


Sitting in a meeting with my team, I couldn’t believe that I was thinking of her body again. I had given myself another hard on and I was getting tired of taking care of the problem with my hand. She had gotten into my head and hated everything about how she had infiltrated my mind with her sexy innocence. I craved her, I craved to fuck and punish her for playing with my mind like this. She was just a fucking whore and it annoyed me. I was annoyed that she could just walk into my life like that and take up so much space in my head when the last thing I needed was a distraction.

What do you think Liam?” Christian asked and I looked at him confused.

What?” I asked.

What do you think about our approach to this case so far?” he asked and I sighed in defeat.

Look… I’m not feeling great today. Can we schedule another meeting in a couple of days?” I asked and looked over to my assistant to confirm my schedule.

Sure…” Christian said and looked at me with an odd expression. “Can I have a word with you?” he asked and I nodded. Christian and I had grown up together. He was like the brother I never had and when we decided to attend law school together I knew that we would be working together to grow Connor Law Firm. He had been my biggest support through the years and we just understood each other like no other could.

What’s wrong with you?” He asked when everyone had left the meeting room. Christian and I had been through plenty of fucked up situations together but at this very moment, I couldn’t voice the one thing or more exactly the one person that had been bothering me. “You’ve been like this for a month and I don’t understand what happened?” he said and I sighed meeting his eyes.

I have been thinking about that night at the hotel…” I said and his eyes started to look surprised.

Why? We have done that kind of shit plenty of times? What was different?” he asked knowing the answer. “Baby…” he said in a low voice and I avoided his eyes, hiding thoughts of her like a dirty secret I was trying to protect.

She has been in my head…” I said confessing.

She’s apparently not only in your head…” Christian said gesturing to my crotch.

Tell me about,” I said with a sigh.

How? I mean you never get attached.” He said trying to understand where I was coming from.

I am not attached to her… some things about that morning has been bothering me.” I said and looked into his eyes again. “Lisa told me that it was her first time escorting,” I said and Christians eyes widened in disbelief.

How? She was so willing to please…” he said, giving voice to my thoughts

Yes, and I keep on thinking about fucking her again. I can’t get her tight cunt out my head.” I said and Christian’s eyes turned dark.

Book her then… you have Lisa’s number,” Christian said and I let out another heavy sigh.

Yeah, there is just one problem… Lisa doesn’t have her contact information.” I said and Christian frowned to the confession.

How are they working together if she doesn’t have her contact information?” Christian asked and I explain him what Lisa had told me that morning. Thinking silently for a moment Christian looked up to meet my eyes.

Do you want me to call Lisa?” He asked with a sly smile.

Aren’t you listening?” I said pissed at his suggestion.

Look… I have my ways to persuade her. I might maybe be able to get you another night with Baby,” Christian said with a wink.

Make it a weekend…” I said looking away.

Don’t tell me you have thoughts of fucking her for two days straight.” Christian said a little surprised.

I have to get her out of my system and I can only do that if I have enough time inside her tight cunt,” I said with a smirk.

Okay… I’ll see what I can do,” Christian said and pulled up his phone to call Lisa.

Make the booking for two,” I said and Christian arched his brow in question. “I will bring my old friend Ethan with me,” I said and he nodded with a mischievous smile. Christian and I had met Ethan in collage and we had bonded over our interesting sexual choices. Ethan enjoyed doubling or tripling women as much as we did so I wanted give him an early birthday present while I was working through my issues with Baby.

Listening to Christian’s conversation with Lisa, I knew that she had gotten under her skin. He was scheduling this weekend at Penthouse and my cock jolted with excitement knowing that I would be inside her tight pussy in less than 48 hours. Picking up my phone I sent a message to Ethan, knowing that he would appreciate the birthday present I had prepared for him. Ending the call Christian turned to face me with a sly smile.

Done… I will send you the information about payment as soon as Lisa sends it to me,” he said and walked over to the door. “Spend your time wisely Connor, it might be the last time you might see her,” Christian said using my last name to refer to me. He only did that when he was hiding something from me but I couldn’t be bothered right now. I was going to spend the weekend with an exceptional whore who had proven to be a handful and I couldn’t wait to fill her up. I had very special plans for how I was going to fuck her and I would enjoy every singly thrust in her dripping cunt. After this weekend, she would be begging for my number.

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