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I can’t believe this hotel still allows you to use their penthouse suite for your dirty arrangements,” Ethan said entering the suite.

Well considering the amount of money I put in every time I book it they shouldn’t complain,” I said and followed him into the spacious living room of the suite. “Whisky or gin?” I asked knowing he preferred the gin over whisky most of the time.

A bottle of Nolets Reserve wouldn’t be bad,” he said and sat down by the couch while I bought in the bottle gin from the bar with two glasses. Taking a seat on the white couch I remembered Baby’s first moans that night. She had looked so beautifully spent on this couch right after Brandon and I had given her, her first double penetration experience. Who would have thought that she would have been willing for a triple penetration? My cock was already rising to glory just by the thought of her desperate cries for more. It was sweet music to my ear and I soon be hearing it again. Opening the bottle, I poured the gin into glasses and I took a sip of the exceptional gin Ethan had requested.

So, tell me Liam… Why did you drag me here on a Friday evening? You know I am a busy man and I have to grade midterm papers this weekend.” Ethan said with hint of excitement in his eyes. Inviting Ethan to this penthouse was not a first so he knew already what was coming his way.

I have a very beautiful surprise for you… I took a test drive a month ago and I wanted to share the experience this time. It’ll be your early birthday present.” I said and his smile widened. “Tight and eager to please… you will feel great inside her.” I said he sipped a generous amount of gin from his glass before he looked at the table.

What’s that chocolate syrup and whipped cream doing here?” Ethan asked and I couldn’t contain my laugh.

Well since I couldn’t get you a cake, I thought you would enjoy the process of making and eating your own.” I said with a wink and he understood the implications almost immediately.

I miss the good old days…” Ethan said with a sigh. “… we were young and wild. We had time to enjoy our most basic instincts and we just fucked around with any chick we could get. It’s not the same anymore,” He said and filled more gin in his glass to drink.

Don’t tell me you are losing ‘it’” I said with a smirk.

No, of course not… I occasionally have female students who are flashing me during lectures but I can’t sleep with my students Liam. That would get me fired from the university and I would most definitely end up not practicing my profession after such a scandal,” Ethan said and took another sip of the gin.

You can always come and work for me…” I said and he met my eyes with a smile.

Thanks, but no thanks, your law firm is just full of crazy and I don’t have a death wish yet. Besides, I love being a professor and I wouldn’t ruin it to fulfill a dirty fantasy of mine.” Ethan said and breathed out heavily.

Tell me about those female students,” I said with a dirty smirk on my lips.

There are so many of them. Last week alone, I received at least 5 photos of boobs and pussies. It’s a torture for someone like me who enjoys fucking women so much.” He said and sighed.

Dang… I have chosen the wrong career path in law school. I should have become a professor,” I blurted out. I would have made sure those students were taken care of.

You would have been out the moment you stepped in. You are worse than me when it comes to keeping it in your pants,” he said with a laugh and I joined him. “… but there is this one student...” He said getting all serious. “… she is like a breath of fresh air and whenever I meet her to discuss the progress of her dissertation I just can’t stop myself from wanting to fuck her. She is unfortunately far from the other female students and has no interest in getting under me.” Ethan said and I could he was getting tense talking about her.

Have you tried to flirt to see if she is interested?” I asked looking at my dear friend who was suffering with a condition of blue balls because of a student.

That’s the dangerous part Liam… If she is interested, I don’t think I will be able to hide behind the professor excuse. There is something so innocent yet attractive about her and her body.” Ethan said getting lost in his thoughts about her. If I didn’t know this man very well, I would have said he was in love with this girl but I knew he wasn’t. It was his dick that was doing the talking at this very moment, his frustrated dick. Men were simple creatures. We wanted what we couldn’t have and that was the case with Baby. I wanted her because I was told I couldn’t have her so she had become my little project.

I think you should fuck her…” I blurted out and we started laughing again.

Maybe after her graduation this summer,” Ethan said with a sly smirk on his lips. Our conversation was interrupted by the loud knock on the suite door which brought my thoughts back to the woman standing behind the door. Baby was here.


I couldn’t believe that I was standing in front of the same door again. This time, I was alone and I had no clue about what was expecting me behind the door. Lisa had told me that Christian had requested me personally to spend the weekend with him and his friend. I was expecting sex to be the main purpose of this weekend and I was happy that I had been wise enough to get my birth control shot in time. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the big door of the penthouse suite. I waited a moment, expecting to see Christian but my eyes landed on another familiar face.

Blue… what are you doing here?” Mr. Pierce asked and his eyes started to roam me from top to toe. I started blushing, knowing that I was screwed this time. My hot and young professor was right in front of me asking me the only question I couldn’t answer.

Pierce… bring her in!” Liam said from inside and I started cursing. Lisa had set me up for tonight and I had told her deliberate not to do this. I didn’t want to see that pricks face again. Moving to the side he gestured me to step in.

Mr. Pierce… I…” I said and he rose his hand to stop me from talking.

You don’t have to explain me anything Blue,” Mr. Pierce said with a calm smile. The situation was awkward and I had no idea what was going to happen tonight. The potential of getting fucked by Liam and my professor was unsettling but there was this little thought inside of my head that found it arousing and I was already feeling wet. Tonight, was going to be a disaster with one word.

Professor, can I ask for a favor?” I said remembering that behind the door of this penthouse I wasn’t Blue Ellis, I was just Baby.

Yes…” He said shortly avoiding eye contact with me.

Can you please refrain from using my real name?” I asked and he nodded.

What should I call you then?” he asked and I looked up to meet his brown eyes.

Baby,” I said in a low voice, afraid that Liam would hear our conversation.

Okay,” he said shortly without making any comments.

There you are…” Liam said with a sly smile on his lips. I hated this man from the bottom of my heart and yet again I was before him. Ready to serve him and his friend.

So, did you like your birthday present?” Liam asked looking me over with intense eyes. Mr. Pierce was silent, avoiding any eye contact with us. “Come on Ethan, it’s not our first time, paying whores to have fun. Especially the kind of fun we like is Baby’s specialty.” Liam said and I couldn’t hide the surprise in my eyes. My handsome dissertation advisor liked to take women roughly with his friends. I liked the thought of it… a lot. Mr. Pierce’s eyes landed on me immediately. His brown eyes were full of an unfamiliar desire.

I see…” he said shortly and walked towards the spacious living room. Nothing had changed since last time; the bottle of alcohol was on the table and alongside it was a basket of condoms. Taking their seats on the couch, Liam invited me to take a seat between him and Mr. Pierce. I was a bundle of nerves at this point. I was doomed and I was probably going to get kick out of the university. I felt an unexpected soft touch on my jaw and Mr. Pierce’s fingers lifted my chin to meet his eyes.

Baby…” he said in a whisper and I looked into his brown eyes. They were filled with dark desires and his thumb trailed up to brush my bottom lip. Pushing his thumb further in behind my teeth his gaze locked on my lips.

Suck…” he instructed and I let out a small whimper before I did was he told. I sucked his thumb slowly, swirling my tongue around it. His face moved closer and I felt his hot breath against my lips.

I am Ethan… but you can call me professor,” he whispered against my lips and moved his thumb out of the way before he crashed his lips on mine. My mind went immediately blank and I couldn’t determine whether this was a blessing or a curse. Breaking the heated kiss, Ethan’s eyes turned to Liam and gave him an appreciative nod.

Thank you for the dessert my friend… I think we should share it,” he said shortly and I lost any sense of resistance that moment. I still couldn’t grasp the fact that my professor, my freaking dissertation advisor was going to fuck me. Not only fuck me no. He was going to fuck me with his friend. Feeling Ethan’s gaze on me I couldn’t help but whimper with a sudden need to feel him, feel them. Moving closer his lips brushed against my ear making me moan slowly with anticipation.

If I had known you loved this kind of stuff, I would have already fucked you in my office at the university…” he whispered making sure that Liam was not listening. “I will enjoy being inside your holes tonight and this will be our dirty little secret…” Ethan whispered and they started undressing me slowly. Stripping me out of every single item covering my body, they admired every inch of my naked body with their hungry eyes. Spreading my legs, I welcomed the dirty invasion of their hands and I already loved the direction tonight was heading.

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