BLUE (18+)

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Feeling two pair of hands on me activated all my senses and I was ready to feel more. Reaching for the bulges forming in their slacks I was touching them shamelessly. I hated to admit that Liam had been right about me coming back for more but I couldn’t be bothered by those thoughts right now. Undressing slowly, they bared themselves in front of me and we were skin to skin from now on. Grabbing the can of whipped cream Ethan started to spray the foamy cream on my nipples and proceeded to cover other intimate parts of my body. Grabbing the chocolate syrup next he started covering my body with it next. Stopping to admire his work, he smirked meeting my eyes.

Dessert is served…” he said shortly and they both moved closer to eat me up. I felt them each take a nipple to such and nibble on and the only thing I could do was to voice my appreciation with my moans. “Open your mouth and put your tongue out,” Ethan said next and I followed his directions. Putting chocolate all over my lips and chin he dived in to taste my lips. Licking me clean of all the chocolate he kissed me like no other man had dared to before. Liam moved in between my thighs and licked the cream away to get to the real deal. Biting my clit lightly he made me moan into Ethan’s mouth and I lost it complete in their arms. Pushing Liam’s further into my cunt I was shamelessly forcing him to bring me over the edge while my left arm was around Ethan’s neck keeping his lips on mine.

My dirty Blue…” Ethan whispered against my lips making my core flip in fear and excitement at the same time. He had used my real name to address me and it had made me crave him even more. Hearing the tear of foil, I knew Liam was getting ready to enter me. Spreading my legs further he entered me in a deep thrust making my body shudder with his size.

Fucking amazing… you have to try this whore my friend,” Liam said and I hated the mouth of this handsome man. He made me feel like trash even when my pussy was craving his cock so badly. Lifting me into his arms he stood up and started bouncing me up and down on his hard shaft. Holding him tightly I was letting him take me however he pleased.

Lube up and join in…” he said, spreading my ass open for Ethan. I felt the lube stretch my anal entrance and I arched my back to the pleasure of being played like this. Steadying himself behind me he placed a kiss on my shoulder before he thrust in without warning. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I screamed with the sudden rush of pain and pleasure. I started contracting with my orgasm while they stated their sweet invasion inside of me.

I told you… you will always come back for more…” Liam whispered and I lost it completely. Crashing my lips on his I wanted him to talk less and work harder on fucking me sore.

Shut up and fuck me,” I said and saw deliberately the smirk on the corner of his lips. He enjoyed making me feel like this so much. Groaning from the bottom of his lunges, Liam came shuttering from the peak he had reached. Pulling out immediately he went down on his knees and started sucking my dripping cunt while Ethan was still buried deep inside my ass.

Yes… please fuck me harder, professor,” I said and moaned. His thrusts were getting deeper and my moans were growing louder with the intensity of Liam’s sucking. Biting my clit over and over I couldn’t take it anymore and I came hard milking Ethan’s cock. It pushed him over the edge and he pulsed inside my ass with his own release. Helping me down on my feet Ethan tried to steady me but I was shaking too hard with the amazing orgasm I had just experienced. I leaned into his body and relaxed into his arms. Picking me up in his arm he started walking towards the hall where the bedrooms were and Liam followed us.

Putting me down on the bed he gave me a warm smile that melted my insides. I had masturbated to the thoughts of my 32-year old professor countless times before but tonight had given me enough materials to work on for the rest of my life. I had slept with my professor and I wasn’t feeling any sense of shame of this situation. I had enjoyed feeling his hard shaft inside of my ass.

Liam can you bring a washcloth from the bathroom? We got her all sticky with the chocolate syrup,” Ethan said with a lingering smile on his lips. When Liam had left the room, Ethan moved closer to move a strand of hair away from my face. He kissed my lips gently with his warm lips and he looked into my eyes deeply with concern.

Are you okay?” he asked and I nodded.

I feel amazing professor,” I said biting my lower lip while keeping his gaze on mine.

Fuck Blue… how are we ever going to go back to being student and professor again?” he asked before Liam stepped back into the bedroom and threw a washcloth towards Ethan. With a washcloth each they started wiping my body clean of the sticky syrup while leaving my skin burning with every friction. I had always been a horny lover with previous boyfriends but being an escort, I was feeling more energetic and sex obsessed. My muffled cries for more caught their attention and the washcloths left my body fast. Their hands started roaming all over my body and I wanted more. I craved to be filled again.

On your knees,” Liam instructed and I turned around to stand on my knees and hands waiting for their next move. Grabbing my hair violently, Ethan shoved his cock right into my mouth without a warning, making me gag with the sudden invasion. I sucked him like my life was depending on it and when he pulled out Liam took over to continue what Ethan had started. I felt Ethan’s hands on my buttocks a moment later and the tip of his cock bushed my wet folds lightly before he moved away to put on a condom. I felt him seconds later inside of my pussy, stretching me to feel him completely.

Fuck,” Ethan hissed feeling tightly surrounded by my pussy.

This little slut is amazing my friend, her mouth, pussy and ass all yearns to be filled with cum,” Liam said brushing his thumb over my lower lip.

So eager to please…” Ethan said and made a hard trust to hit all the good spots inside of me. “… so eager to feel…”he continued, closing my legs entirely to get a tighter grip around his cock. “… so fucking tight,” he said and started moving faster with a tight grip on my hips. I felt him entirely from behind and my voice died around Liam’s cock in my mouth. They were in total harmony, fucking me from both ends. Liam’s grip around my head tightened and he was continuously hitting the back of my throat to trigger my gag reflexes but I was so relaxed sucking him into my mouth. Pulling out of me, they turned me to lay on my back. Ethan spread my legs eagerly to enter my hotness once more while Liam tilted my head backward.

Open up Baby,” he said and I gave way to let him enter my mouth again. “Relax your throat,” he continued and I felt him deeper down my throat. Bringing his fingers around my neck he felt the length of his cock deep down my throat and groaned in satisfaction before he pulled out.

Fuck, I am close,” Ethan announced and I felt his cock vibrate inside of me and his thrusts intensified to bring me over the edge with him. His fingers found my clit and he started rubbing my sensitive bud to drive me crazy. My body went into an amazing contraction and I came feeling Ethan cum. Liam’s groans joined ours and when he was deep down my throat he released his hot cum. Pulling out a drop ran down the corner of my lips and he waisted not a moment to wipe it. He brought the drop back to my lips and I opened my mouth to such his finger clean. His eyes were intensely on mine and he appreciated the small gesture.

Good girl…” he said with a dirty smile on his lips and my pussy contracted eagerly. Despite hating his personality, I was so fucking horny for him. Collapsing next to me on the bed, they sandwiched me in between them.

Rest…” Ethan said. “… we will continue when you have gathered some energy,” he continued and brushed my arm with his fingertips.

Do you need anything?” Liam asked surprising me completely with this gentle side. “I wouldn’t want you to pass out because of dehydration, especially not when I am fucking you,” he said ruining the moment. He really had no sense of feeling when it came to women.

I am good, thanks,” I said shortly and closed my eyes. I was in between two amazingly good-looking hunk of men and I was going to let Liam ruin this sex haze with his fucking mouth. I couldn’t wait for the rest of the weekend to unfold, knowing that I would be brought to pleasure countless times.


I woke with the disappearing warmth from my front. I opened my eyes to see that Ethan was already up and getting dressed to head out.

Professor…” I whispered faintly and he came back to the bed and sat by the edge looking at me with a sexy smile on his lips. His eyes were eating me up already and he leaned in to place a kiss on my lips. My heart fluttered immediately and I started to blush when his hand came up to cup my face.

I will see you on Monday,” he said placing another kiss on my lips.

Don’t leave…” I said wanting him to stay. I was afraid of being left alone with Liam. We weren’t really good at being alone since last time it happened I was out of the door within minutes.

I have to… I have to go and grade 150 midterm papers,” he said and I sighed knowing that I was doomed to stay here with the handsome asshole that was sleeping on the other side of the bed. “Take good care of my boy,” he said with a wink before he leaned in for another kiss.

Fuck…” he hissed and I knew that I was making it difficult for him to leave with my hand on his forming hardness. “Save this for Monday…” he whispered placing a last peck on my lips before raising up and leaving the room. I fall down back on the bed and closed my eyes to sleep a little more. After all I still had 2 full days to spend in this suite with the asshole who laid next to me. I felt his arms around me and I was suddenly being spooned by his massive body. I felt small in his arms.

Baby…” he whispered and I felt a shiver down my spine. I hated how my body reacted to him. I was afraid that hate was not the only feeling I was starting to have for the man next to me and I forced them out of my head. He was a client and he would only be a client. Nothing more, nothing less.

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