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"The dom in me is begging me to claim her. Take her. Devour her. But I can't. Because I don't know her. She'll run away like everyone else..." Celestia Crowe works for a multi-billionaire at Diamond Enterprises. At night she slips on six-inch heels and sexy garters to work at The Cherry Club. Ramon Osgood owns many places. And women. He's a workaholic and sees women as chess pieces in a game called Ramon's world.

Erotica / Romance
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Ciao Cherry Pop!


I wanted to own my own business someday. But guess what? With a life like mine, I cant have it my way. At least not yet but for now, I guess I can settle for being a receptionist and a stripper. No, I dont hate my jobs but I dont plan on keeping them either. I just need enough to pay rent, feed myself, and maybe shop a little. I cant wait to finish my business degree and start my own business in the long run and hopefully, in a couple of years, it will happen.

I look at myself in the mirror for the second time just to make sure that a strand of hair wasnt out of place as I reapply my cherry red lipstick on before I head out the door and head down the elevator into the lobby. Once the doors of the elevator open I step out and give the doorman my usual wink and flirtatious wave as I step out into the busy streets of New York and place my AirPods into my ears. Its currently six twenty-two so I should hurry if I want to make it there before Mr. Osgood gets in. I turn to the left and walk down the mile-long sidewalk to the tall building that belongs to Diamond Enterprises. I scan my ID at the front and unlock the doors.

Good Morning Celestia. says the security guard near his post.
Good Morning James! I reply smiling brightly. James introduced me to my job opening years ago when he saw how much my life had hated me. I had just lost my job and my boyfriend broke up with me on that same day. James found me drunk in my sorrows and alcohol and he was nice enough to help me out. Hes a bouncer at the club I work at as well. I will always thank him for showing me not one but two jobs. Who knows where Id be if it wasnt for him. Probably in a ditch somewhere who knows. I walk behind my desk and pull out my heels from my bag. I switch my walking shoes on my feet for the heels--One of my smallest pairs by the way--as I sit down at the front desk and turn on the phone. I also open the computer in front of me to open up my emails. After looking through my emails, fishing out the important ones, and trashing the irrelevant ones I look down at the large calendar in front of me that also serves as a mat for other papers to remind myself of all the meetings Mr. Osgood was supposed to have today. Nothing much today, but that didnt mean there wasnt gonna be anything for me to do. The number of females that walk in here every day either crying, furious, or somewhere in between is quite hilarious. I get that Mr. Osgood is probably good in bed or whatever but for them to continually chase after him as if hes the one is quite annoying and stupid if you ask me. Bored out of my mind. I tap my pen against my desk and immediately stop when I notice Mr. Osgoods driver opening the side door of the car and James opening the door of the building to let him through.

Good Morning Mr. Osgood! Your first meeting will be online with the entire Corporate of BTM at seven-thirty. I say, pressing my thick glasses back up against the bridge of my nose.

Morning Miss Crowe, Thank you. Did you get my coffee by any chance?
No sir, I ordered a while ago and was just heading out to grab them now, I say as I grab my purse.

Thank you, once you get it bring it right up.

With that, he steps into the elevator and I watch him as it closes. Shit. I totally forgot about his coffee. I let out a troubled breath and get up making my way out the door.

You definitely forgot about his coffee didnt you? smiles James.
Oh shut up, like you havent forgotten to close the doors once or twice. I smile back and swat at him playfully as I head out to the cafe across from the building. Once I get into the cafe I give a silent thanks to God that there wasnt anyone in line yet. I rush to the counter and quickly make an order to go. I get myself a frappe as well because why not, Lord knows Ill need it sooner or later. I use the Diamonde business card to pay, quickly get the drinks, and leave to cross the streets once again back into the building. I drop my frappe at my desk and walk across the lobby to the elevator and press the button to head up to the sixteenth floor. The minute I step off of the elevator I gasp as I see Mr. Osgood with a blonde female in his lap. She has her mouth all over his neck, yet he is showing no emotion whatsoever. I come a little closer and lower my head and clear my throat, hoping that theyd figure out that they werent alone.

He-heres your coffee, Mr. Osgood, I mumble as I place down the coffee on the edge of the large table and quickly turn back to the elevator. I jab at the down button a few times before it finally opens and I quickly get in. The second I turn around his eyes are on me. No emotion. He just stares and I feel like everything is closing in on me. Is this how he makes women feel? I say to myself as the doors of the elevator close. Once theyre closed I can finally let out the breath that I didnt even know I had been holding. Definitely knew I was gonna need that frappuccino.


I avoided Mr. Osgood for the remainder of the day. There was no way in hell I was going to talk to him without that image of him with that female in my head. Yuck, honestly he should keep his private life private, and stop mingling his women with his work. The only time I saw him again was when he told me that I was done for the day. I gave him a quick nod as he left and looked at James who was waiting for me to grab my things.

You ready to make some money Cherry Pop? he says with a wink.
You know it. I wink back.

Cherry Pop is my name when Im at The Cherry Club. You wanna know why? Its because I love cherry-flavored things. And Im always eating a cherry blow pop before I get on stage for a performance. My name even suits the clubs name as well. James and I walk to his car and we head east to get to the club. He parks in the back and we enter through the backdoors that labeled performers only.

Celestia! squeals my best friend Lucinda as she runs up to me and wraps me with her arms.
Hey, Lucy!
Youre here early, did Mr bigshot let you off early? she asks as she pulls up the flaming red corset that shes wearing.
Why yes he did, he has somewhere to be so he closed the building early today. interrupts James as he comes around and plants a light kiss on Lucys cheek and walks out the door to the front of the club.

Well, thats good timing, You need to get ready as soon as possible. Kevin just informed us that the clubs owner and a few of his friends will be here in a few hours, he wants you to perform your best solos tonight.
Youve gotta be kidding me. He decides to tell us this information now?
You know how Kevin is, she replies as she smiles at me sympathetically.
Yeah, but he could at least be professional about it and tell me ahead of time jeez, I say as I head over to place my bag down and slip off my shoes. Lucy follows me to my little area and she slumps down in her own seat that is next to mine.

By the way, its masked night tonight.
Better for me. Those people wont have to see my face. I say to her as I take off my glasses and lean towards my mirror to place in my contact lenses.
Girl, its more than good! I have a feeling that those friends of the owners might be a little touchy-feely tonight and Im not for it.
Arent we all, I say agreeing.

I pull my hair out of the bun I had on and let it fall down to my back. Id certainly have to brush it out later but it seemed okay for now. I quickly change into a pair of shorts I made out of fishnets, a bright red crop top, and my basic black six-inch leather boots that stopped just above my ankle. I head to the practice room full of mirrors and put my AirPods in my ears before pressing play on my phone and sliding it across the floor to the mirrors so I dont crush it. I turn around wrapping both hands around the slim pole and I close my eyes and let the music take over me.


How was it out there? I ask Lucy as she comes into the room and slips off her mask, just finishing a trio performance with her and the twins.
Its packed. Word got out that the owner would be here so now the place is crawling with females trying to find the prince charming under all those masks. Its quite hilarious actually.
Good thing Im about to go on, Id definitely like to see this for myself.
Have fun girly, she says giving me a wink.

I look at the mirror one last time, fix my mask, and head out the door. I was wearing all red for this number. They called it Caio Cherry Pop as an introduction to me. I had on a red strappy thong that had multiple straps that covered my ass and made it look like stripes of red and my flesh. The top was a no-sleeved mock turtle neck crop top that showed a sliver of underboob for a teasing effect. The entire outfit was bedazzled in small white gemstones making any light out there attract to me tonight. My shoes were red lace-up heels--this time in a full eight inches--that laced up to about mid-thigh. And lastly, my cherry-flavored blow pop in my mouth. I stood in the pit and watched the commotion of voices and waited to hear my name. Once Kevin introduced me, taking long strides up the steps I make my way to the center of the stage and lean against the pole with a tempting smile.


When the music begins I put my attention towards the front of the room. I havent seen her before. She must be new. But then again I havent been in my own club for years. I watch the stripper intently as she grabs the pole and makes her way to the top. Once shes there she puts her legs through her arms, dips backward to face the audience, and pushes her legs out into a spread eagle. I sat up in my chair and swallowed the rest of my bourbon. She reverses herself back to her original upright position and uses one arm to hold onto the pole as she spins back down in a spiral while moving her legs in an Im walking down steps way. I was caught off guard slightly when she swiftly changes the position of her legs to end in a middle split on the floor in front of the pole and she crooks her finger and stares directly at me with a smile as cunning as a cats. The dom in me is begging me to claim her. Take her. Devour her. But I cant. Because I dont know her. Shell run away like everyone else. I can make up an entire list of excuses as to why I shouldnt even bother myself with her. I close my eyes and my jaw stiffens as the once small bulge in my pants now grows with hunger. I silently hiss at the movement and open my eyes. Searching for someone, anyone. Bingo. The brunette thats sitting right beside me. Shes been trying to get her hands on me all night. Well nows her chance. I whisper in her ear and she gladly accepts with no hesitation. I lead her out to a private room on the second floor of the club and quickly slip out of my pants.

Suck, I tell the brunette as I slide my hand down the length of my cock.

She simply nods and does as she is told. She would be a good sub. One who listens very well. But Ive had enough of those types. I needed something new. But I dont know what.

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