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This book is a collection of sinfully dirty dreams where each story explores new sexual fantasies or kinks. Welcome to the dark side of my dirty mind. Disclaimer: Contains raw and dirty sex scenes. NSFW. Every story is between 2.500-3.000 words.

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Laying on one of the beach chaise lounges I enjoyed the ray of sunlight hitting my already tan skin. The sunglasses were providing the privacy I needed to snoop around to determine a pray for the project I had in mind. My best friend, Savannah had gifted me this trip to Paradise Island and I couldn’t believe that I was here. Paradise Island was only known by a small community of people and the only way to get here was by an invitation. The secrecy was needed to keep this place out of the eye of people who weren’t welcome. This island was a playground for rich people who were looking for casual hook-ups without any attachments. However, my reason was different from the most.

I had celebrated my 35th birthday 3 weeks ago. I had been single for the past 3 years since my divorce with my ex-husband who had failed to give me the only thing I had longed for in life, a child. The love between us had faded into nothingness when he refused to have children with me. We drifted apart and went our separate ways after 5 years of marriage. I was a successful architect who worked across the globe with various clients I was running my own design studio with a team of 10 people. I was a very successful woman in terms of my work life but this did not apply to the private where I struggled to find a partner.

Despite the age of 35 I still looked like a young woman in her mid 20s. I was often approached by younger men since men around my age were already married. I was in the other hand looking for a partner, I could grow with. I had everything except a family I could call my own and I had made up my mind to become a single mother. However, I wasn’t very fond of the idea of getting inseminated with donor sperm. It felt impersonal and very clinical so I wanted it to happen the natural way, which brings us to this island. Savannah had gifted me this trip by pulling some strings and I was ready to give it a shot.

Reaching to this island was not easy and only a private ferry was running twice a day, bringing guests to the island. Checking in to the resort was a process by itself where I had to show a clean bill of sexual health and other important documents. All guests received a bracelet according to their specific choices. I had received a red one which was indicating that I was open to unprotected sex. Other categories defined other choices so I had to look for a partner who were wearing the same color as I.

I planned to be open about what my intentions were and hoped that I could find someone I felt attracted to. Someone who awakened the deep desires to mate inside of me. Taking a look around I noticed many people who were busy enjoying each other. Being naked made this whole experience a little more intimate and I was a little anxious about how to approach if I found someone I was interested in. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes for a moment enjoying the warmth of the sun against my skin.

Opening my eyes after a minute, I spotted a very tall man with a gorgeous body. My eyes roamed him carefully noticing the ink and rippled muscles as he exited the water. My ovaries were burning with the desire to mate and he seemed like a prime example. We could make beautiful babies together, I thought biting my lower lip in excitement. Closing my eyes momentarily to the dirty thoughts running through my mind, I opened them again and noticed that the beautiful stranger had disappeared.

Disappointed, I decided to close my eyes and listen to the moans surrounding me. This place was created for the purpose of fucking and everyone around me was determined to fulfill this holy purpose this place was built for. My mind was still on the tall hunk of a man I had seen minutes ago and I was in deep thoughts of how to approach him when I felt a sudden shadow over me.

My eyes opened to see what it could be and landed on the hard cock which looked delicious and ready to ride. Looking at the color of bracelet his bracelet, I smiled when I saw red. My eyes darted up to see the man in front of me and my eyes immediately recognized the ink covering his body. My heart skipped a beat when my eyes locked into his blue ones and a mischievous smile spread across his lips. This man was gorgeous and I wanted to fuck him that was for sure.

That’s an impressive thing you have there…” I said gesturing to his rock-hard cock. I was wondering how he had gotten so hard since he had left the water.

You can touch it if you want…” he said and his deep voice sent a delicious shiver down my spine. I loved men with deep voices. It made my body tingle all the right places.

Maybe later…” I said teasing him a little. His deep laugh echoed in my ears and my nipples hardened immediately with anticipation. I wanted this man to fuck me hard in every possible way he could. My pussy was begging for it. Sitting on the chaise lounge next to mine, his hungry eyes were screening me with delight. I was sure he had already noticed the color of my bracelet matched his. Spreading his legs further apart he was drawing my attention to his hard shaft, while he was biting his lower lip lustfully.

I am Aria…” I said feeling the need to introduce myself.

Nice to meet you Aria. I am Damian,” he said and I smiled while I removed the sunglasses.

Nice to meet you both,” I said and looked down on his erection which was bobbing for attention. His deep laugh vibrated through my body and I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. Going down on my knees in between his legs I bushes my fingers over the tip of his cock and earned a deep appreciative growl. Taking him in my hand I jerked him slowly while listening to his deep grunts. Opening my mouth, I invited his erection into my mouth. Swirling my tongue deliciously around his cock I felt it pulse against my lips. Cupping his balls lightly with my other hand I felt him tense and he stopped me.

You have a gifted mouth but I yearn to fill that pussy of yours with my cum,” he said making my heart flutter knowing that I was minutes away from getting thoroughly fucked by this beautiful stranger. However, I knew I had to tell him why I was here.

Damian… I am not on birth control,” I said and looked into his eyes. A smile spread across his lips and his rough hands cupped my face gently while his lips moved closer to mine.

I don’t care…” he whispered against my lips before he crashed his lips on mine. I had done my part on warning him about the dangers ahead of him and he had chosen not to question it so I decided to melt into the kiss. His lips danced on mine slowly setting my core on fire. I wanted to be bred by this man so badly. My hands wrapped around his impressive cock and I started to jerk it slowly while our lips were still busy on each other. His deep groans made me gush with need and I whimpered against him.

So, you want me to put a bun in that oven of yours?” he asked breaking the kiss. Looking into his eyes, I jerked his cock slowly.

Yes…” I whispered against his lips and a sexy smile spread across his swollen lips.

I am going to fill you to the brim with me. And you are going to take every drop, aren’t you?” he said and bit my bottom lip. Awakening all my senses with his touches he was preparing me to become his cumbucket. He lifted my body to straddle him, so I could feel his throbbing hotness against my wet folds. I whimpered in ecstasy, knowing that he was offering me to take his seeds and use him.

Put it in…” he whispered against my lips and I lifted my body slightly before I got a hold of his erection. Brushing the tip of his cock against my wet folds, I positioned him at my opening. I eased myself down on his impressive erection. Taking him in inch by inch we both let out deep grunts when he was buried deep inside of me. The tip of his cock pressed against my cervix making me aware of his impressive size. My pussy stretched to accommodate his size and it took a moment to get used to the fullness I felt.

I am going to fill you to the fucking brim, baby. I am going to breed you, fill you with so damn much of me that your stomach swells with me. So, everyone can see how beautiful you look, swollen with my child,” he said groaning in ecstasy. His filthy mouth was bringing me to the edge and I couldn’t hold back the primitive urges to mate.

Fuck me senseless, fill me over and over again. I want to see my stomach swell from how much cum you put in me,” I whispered against his lips. I wanted his seeds deep inside of me and my womb was eager to receive his offering. Lifting me effortlessly he laid me down on the chaise lounge. Spreading my legs, he looked down to take a look at our united sexes. I was coating his hardness with my gushing excitement and he approved with a groan.

God, look at you. You take my cock like you were fucking made for it,” he said and I moaned to his delicious dirty talk. He started thrusting slowly enjoying the tightness my pussy surrounded him with. His pulsing length was hitting my cervix over and over again making me scream in ecstasy and I was getting closer to my climax.

Damian… plant your seeds inside of me,” I said out of breath. I wanted every drop of his cum inside of me. I felt a tingling wave of orgasm hit me the moment he hit my cervix once more and he paused briefly. I felt his thick cock swell inside of me and with a deep groan he let out a torrent of his cum that flashed inside my core. Feeling him gush inside of me his warm cum was filling me from the bottom up. His cock twitched and sent a last wave of hot seeds to my core, emptying his balls inside of me.

Fuck,” Damian breathed out pressed his massive weight on my small frame. His cock was still nested inside my hot cave and my legs wrapped around his hips pulling his body closer to mine.

I am blocking the exit…” I said licking my lips. “I don’t want any of your small guys to escape,” I whispered against his ear and heard a deep growl from Damian. His eyes found mine and he eased his lips down on mine.

You were created to be bred Aria,” he whispered claiming my lips over and over again until I was hot and bothered. Breaking the kiss, he eased out of my aching pussy making me whine in disapproval.

Don’t worry beautiful. I am not done with you yet,” he said and lifted me into his arms. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I watched him walk us towards the resort. I was too horny to even complain and the only thing I wanted was to feel him cum inside of me over and over again. Placing slow kisses on his jaw I moved to nibble on his earlobe.

I want your babies inside of me,” I whispered feeling caught up in the moment. Damian was a stranger but it didn’t bother me. He was offering me something I had yearned for in the most delicious way possible.

Don’t worry beautiful my balls are still full of fertile cum for you,” he said with a dirty smirk on his lips. Biting my bottom lip, I realized that we had made it in to Damian’s suite. Throwing me on the bed he towered over me, making me feel small under his massive body.

Take what’s yours,” he said and I reached for his semi-hard cock. Jerking him slowly, I enjoyed his lips on mine while I felt him swell in my hand. His lips traveled further down my body while his cock glided out of my reach. Pinching and sucking my nipples, he was bringing me to the edge. My moans were loud and the only thing I wanted was to feel him deep inside of my pussy once more. His lips moved further down to my thighs and spread them open for him. Taking a long lick his tongue lapped at my entrance pushing our mixed juices further inside.

Wouldn’t want to waste even a drop,” he said with a sexy smile before he continued his delicious assault.

Damian…” I moaned his name like a prayer when his tongue circled my clit eagerly. I was close to another orgasm. His movements increase and he licked me with an impressive pace that I couldn’t hold back much longer. I came hard on his lips while my hands were keeping him in between my legs. Wiping his mouth with a playful smile, he moved up to kiss my lips once more. Tasting myself on his lips felt sinfully delicious.

I need you on your hands and knees,” he whispered against my lips while looking into my eyes. “The best position to conceive…” he whispered biting my earlobe. “… I will fill your needy hole from behind and knock you up,” he said making my heart flutter like crazy. It took me a matter of seconds before I was on my hands and knees. The burning tip of his cock greeted my wetness immediately and Damian let out a guttural groan. The tip of his cock entered and stayed like that for a moment. The pulsing of his shaft felt amazing but I needed him all the way inside of me. Pushing myself back at him, I took his full length into my warmth in one motion. His hands gripped my hips violently while he bent over me.

God, you’re something else…” he said with his deep voice, making my core tingle. He started moving slowly, enjoying the sensual mating ritual we were engaged in. His thrusts started to become deeper and harder. I could feel him fill me entirely and my cervix was once again getting stimulated by his hard shaft. I was lost in the moment edging closer to my third orgasm in the last hour.

I am going to fill you to the brim with me, so deep that there isn’t a chance you won’t get pregnant,” he whispered against my ear while his cock was pistoning in and out of my aching hole.

Breed me, Damian. Fill my pussy with your hot cum,” I said feeling him pulse deep inside of me. My walls tightened around his hard shaft and he let out a deep groan before he shot his load inside of my burning core while I milked him for every drop of cum he offered. Our animalistic mating ritual had tired us out so we collapsed on the bed spooning. His cock was still in me squirting the last drops of his seeds lazily. My hand moved instinctively to my stomach as if to protect the seeds Damian had gifted me with. Damian’s hand joined mine and I heard his sweet chuckle close to my ear.

I don’t think twice is enough,” he said placing a kiss on the crook of my neck while our fingers intertwined on top of my stomach. I felt a sudden exhaustion and closed my eyes to his calm breathing. Damian had been everything I could ever wish for.

Aria…” I heard his deep whisper before I woke up in the middle of the night feeling out of breath. Looking at the ceiling I tried to catch my breath after an intense dream like that. It had felt so real and I could still feel the tingling sensation on my skin. When I turned to my side to close my eyes, I realized a business card resting against the lamp. Looking around, I realized where I was and I grabbed the card to take a closer look.

Seeing Damian’s name on the card I gasped knowing that it hadn’t been a dream. I had slept with Damian and I had begged him to put a child inside of me. It wasn’t just a dream, it had all been real and I had slept with the fucking owner of this resort and island, Damian Lewis. Turning the back of the card I saw that he had left a message. Reading the message, I knew that it wasn’t going to be the last time I was going to see Damian.

'Call me after you have taken a pregnancy test

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