Rubber Holiday

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Mouse and Cathenne, with their twin sister investigators, are booked in for a week of Rubber, starting a baby phase.

Erotica / Romance
Dee Vee Iante
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Baby Phase


“The caregivers will take you to the nursery for your holiday stay. Are you already in diapers as we suggested?”

Mouna Lisa Kaspersky had been saving up for this holiday for a year and, of course, will do everything to make it perfect. She answered, “Yes, Mistress Daisy-Jane, since last night. I even wore my diapers and diaper suit to work this morning and have not been to the bathroom since going to bed.

Mistress Daisy-Jane smiled at Ms. Kaspersky’s eagerness. She just loved her job as a caregiver and enjoyed Ms. Kaspersky’s yearly visit and enthusiasm. She stood, came around the table, and took Ms. Kasperky’s hand.

Switching to her mother persona, Mistress Daisy-Jane spoke, “Alright Mouse, it is time for bed. I will bring you up to the nursery, where the wetnurses will get you ready for bed. Come now, please, hop, hop.” And she pulled Ms. Kasperky along to the main nursery, where caregivers Judy and Josey were ready.

Urse Judy and Jo were experienced wet nurses and had everything ready. Judy dressed today as the doctor in a head to floor pale green latex catsuit with gloves and full covering hood and a sleeveless matching latex nurse’s dress with a circle skirt to half knee. She was rock steady on her stiletto heels as she welcomed Mouse to the nursery and took her hand.

Immediately taking to the roll, Nurse Judy spoke, “Come, come Mouse. It is late. Time to change your diapers and have you ready for sleep. Where is your comforter, my dear? That will not do, no, no. Nurse Josey, please bring a number seven, no, number eight baby comforter.”

Nurse Josey, the younger sister of Judy, wore a very conservative nurse’s uniform. She also wore the full pale green all covering catsuit with matching wedged heels and a latex high necked, half-sleeved, over the knee gown. She had a second pair of latex gloves as she would be the one changing Baby Mouse’s diapers.

Nurse Josey opened the nursery cupboard and removed a number eight sterilized and sealed comforter that had a good dab of benzodiazepine to help the baby sleep. It would not do if the bay was awake when they woke it for its hourly feed. She brought the comforter over just as Nurse Judy lay Mouse on the diaper changing table.

While her sister removed the Baby Mouse’s boots, Josey used the jaw spreader to insert the overlarge comforter. Josey also enjoyed babying Mouse, who was always so cooperative and happy during her stay. This was also a holiday that they took to coincide with their friend Mouse’s visit.

Nurse Judy took over helping with the jaw spreader while Nurse Josey unwrapped the comforter. Baby Mouse looked happy, although discomforted. Mouse had a smallish mouth and liked the oversized comforter stretching her jaws and lips. One more rachet and the comforter was in. Now to pump it up a bit to remove the jaw spreader, and yes, oops, just a bit too much! Josey was about to let the air out, but Mouse’s gloved hand stopped her. Josey could not help herself and kissed Mouse on the nose. It will be a great holiday!

Mouse dressed for their enjoyment! Removing her grey business suit was simple enough, as with the over the elbow tight faux leather gloves. Under that, she wore a grey turtle neck short-legged, long-sleeved knitted teddy over a pair of matching tights, then another! She was such a slim woman that no one would guess how much she layered her clothes. She hated cold and loved the heat.

As the nurses removed Mouse’s grey full-body latex catsuit, Mouse slowly drifted into sleep because of the Benzodiazepine on her comforter. She did not notice when the nurses removed her latex teddy but was startled awake when Nurse Jody and Nurse Judy gave her a cold water sponge bath. The nurses massaged Baby with a scentless, natural Aloe Vera moisturizer while Baby Mouse shivered uncontrollably, which kept wide her awake.

Nurse Josey and Nurse Judy dressed Baby Mouse into two pairs of diapers and a tight neck entry short-sleeved, short-legged diaper suit followed by a thick rubber, hooded, footed, and gloved catsuit that covered her eyes but allowed her to see through the fine material but only indistinct shapes.

The following rubber catsuit had shortened arms and legs. The nurses folded Baby Mouse’s legs at the knee and stretched the bottom part on, then folded the arms at the elbows at fitted them in too. Not Baby Mouse was really Baby Mouse with short stubby legs and arms. She would need a while to become used to this somewhat uncomfortable position. She wiggled around a bit like a baby, although she also was fatigued, and the comforters coating was adding to this feeling. The nurses stretched a rubber bag onto Mouse, very tight, pressing her forded legs together and her arms to her sides.

Together, Nurse Jody and Josey carried baby Mouse to her cot and swaddled her tightly with two blankets. They checked Baby Mouse’s eyes and saw that she was falling asleep. The baby had to stay awake for the bottle, so Nurse Jody pressed the red button calling for the bottle, then sat by the baby and expanded the comforter each time her eyes drooped. Nurse Josey also watched as they both liked their part-time jobs, especially this part.

They took great enjoyment in keeping the baby awake and seeing the baby’s eyes widen when Nurse Judy distracted the baby by moving her hand closed to the comforter when the baby’s eyes drooped. But the drug and the rising heat were doing a fine job of putting Baby Mouse to sleep. When Nurse Josey pumped the comforter larger, and the baby hardly reacted, it was time for the bottle.

Nurse Josey deflated the comforter and did not need to use the jaw spreader to remove it. She gave both to Nurse Judy, who cleaned both as Nurse Josey fed the baby her bottle. Nurse Judy cleaned up, kissed Nurse Josey, and went to bed.

Nurse Josey finished feeding the baby, wiped her, then played the game again. She really enjoyed how the baby reacted and kept it awake for ten minutes before it fell asleep. Nurse Josey plugged in her earphones and continued listening to the book by Professor Doctor Greta Redmond, Pain for Pleasure and Sexual Release.

The time flew by, and Nurse Josey had to microwave the next bottle in almost no time. Nurse Josey would feed the baby every hour for six hours, and Nurse Jody would take over six hours after that. The baby would fill its diapers but also detoxify. This would go on like that for thirty-six hours with a diaper change every twelve hours.

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