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Hunting a Tiger

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A Holiday Shifter Collection Novella ❤️ (PUBLISHED ON KINDLE VELLA) Malia used to be madly in love with a shifter, practically attached to the hip. After finding him in bed with someone else, Malia broke it off immediately. She then turned to focus on her training to become an exceptional hunter, choosing to channel her anger and vexation on hunts. A few years later, people begin to go missing in town. Bodies are found in the forest, mutilated beyond recognition. When Malia’s best friend goes missing, she snaps. It’s time to grab some weapons and go on a hunt. To her surprise, it’s her ex she comes face to face with. He’s different, a darkness lurks inside him, it’s hardened him and turned him into a sex-craved beast… and it’s kinda hot. He also lacks clothing and is on top of her half-naked best friend. It’s up to Malia to put an end to the carnage once and for all. That is, if she can resist his irresistible charm and the way her body is drawn to him. *** You do not need to read the other books part of this collection to understand this story, however , I do advise diving into them if you’re in need of a little more spice in your life 😉E

Erotica / Fantasy
Antonella S
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Rated Mature due to explicit sex scenes.
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