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He is my brother's boyfriend. Yes, my brother has been gay all his life and has been dating Remco for five years now. I used to secretly watch Remco when we were alone, which was very often because I was moving in with my brother and his boyfriend after yet another argument with my parents. It's not for nothing that Josh, my brother, fled the house a few years ago. One day, I walk into the bathroom looking for my brother, who should have just returned from school. But it wasn't my brother standing there in his nude, but Remco. That day everything changed in our relationship.

Erotica / Romance
Kendal Blackmore
4.6 12 reviews
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I run excitedly into the apartment as I call out for my brother, who I have not received an answer from after a few minutes. I continue looking for him throughout the apartment. Josh had to be home by now, his last class was a half hour ago I think as I continue searching. Until I hear water running from the bathroom, which lets me know he is there and probably can’t hear me through the water. Since Josh and I get along so well, I walk into the bathroom without realizing what I’m doing and almost have a heart attack. I don’t look at Josh, but at Remco who is standing in front of me completely naked, so I shyly look away as I grab the doorknob. Not because he isn’t handsome, because he certainly is. He has beautiful black hair with a few strands of brown in it, and his blue eyes are so bright they could look like ice. And now that I’ve seen his body without clothes, I completely understand why my brother fell in love with him. Remco has been going kayaking as a hobby for years with another group of guys now. In fact, he now competes with the school’s team as well. When you see those body muscles, like those upper arm muscles, you can definitely tell he is an athlete.
When I’m still standing at the door with the doorknob still in my hand, I feel suddenly Remco’s hand grab mine, “Max, please wait.” Remco asks, calling me by the nickname Josh had given me when we were kids. He didn’t like my full name, Maxine, it sounded too boring to him.
“Remco you’re naked, and I shouldn’t have come in without knocking. I thought you were Josh,” I tell him, explaining why I just walked into the room in the first place without knocking.
“Max, you’ve known me since you were twelve. You really don’t need to be ashamed,” he says as he puts a towel around his hips that is hiding his genitals from my view, which I certainly had trouble not looking at. I am seventeen years old and have had some experience with boys myself, so I am not surprised to see one naked. Even though his body was doing things to mine just by looking at it.
“Yeah, Remco, but it’s kind of weird. Where is Josh anyway?” I ask him, looking into those ice-blue eyes of his. I had to look up a little to see them, but I tried to do it without him noticing. That was what I thought, but he knew anyway.
He comes closer to me. Now he’s looking clearly into my green eyes, too. He comes to me with his right hand and rubs my dark brown hair out of my face. So soft and sensual that I can’t help but look up at him again.
“You don’t want to know, do you?” Remco asks me suddenly, still with his ice-blue eyes in mine, stroking my face. Asking for an answer from me. Since he’s already figured out what I want. “How long will Josh be gone?” I ask my question differently now with a sensual voice underneath.
“Long enough,” he whispers in my ear, making me get all goosebumps all over my skin.
Then it happened, our first kiss. What I had been longing for all these years! And how he kissed me felt so amazing!
Two weeks back ...

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