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Harley Robernero-Subconscious mind

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Harley Robernero, Marshal Robernero's son. New to the Societa Oscura, a man who can take down the organisation all on his own. Lethal, dangerous, unpredictable, cocky, evil and a mix of all the Robernero characteristics. Craft together a combination of Kenzo, Kai and Dante to create a ticking time bomb and you have Harley. His past is frozen. As a child who was abused by his stepfather, Harley grew up to join training programme after training programme to become a member of the most notorious army to ever exist. This morphed him into the man who now walks in his shoes. Witnessing what he did at war, his mother abandoning him for the ultimate rich lifestyle, no father in his life and a man he despises more than anything else, he grows up to be the worlds most feared person to walk this earth. Welcoming the man who's carries the Robernero blood inside his veins, the one who will pick different gun classes, highly trained, most vicious and that one man who will look at a submissive and make her cry with one word. The ultimate Dominant and he doesn't even know it. Don't forget... All Dominants have their very own problems. Nobody is perfect and neither is Harley. He's more fucked up than the rest of his family. Move out of his way because he will hurt you if you don't.

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
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Chapter 1


“Lorenzo my main man,” Harley whacks his back.

“Oh fuck no. Do you remember Lorenzo?”

I ask Renzo and he nods his head trying to keep calm. We haven't seen Lorenzo since we was with Bethany. Him and Harley together equals total destruction. Those are the last two I would expect to meet up and be good pals. Lorenzo was the punisher but he left before Bethany fucked us all over. He was still classed as being in the relationship but we didn't see him much and he rarely got involved which took us all by suprise.

“Shits about to go down,” Renzo tells me and I squint my eyes staring at my boy. How do I go from being a Dom to a full time father? I don’t have it in me. Harley turns around to face me and gives me one hell of a evil glare. Me and Renzo look at each other.

“Flashbacks. I swear I’ve just seen your Dad in him.” Renzo mumbles and I agree with him as Harley picks a shotgun up off the table checking it out and then sliding it to the right side next to a AK47. Lorenzo is playing it risky placing those guns down on a table in the center of the club. It's classed as a licensed premises and if an outsider was to walk in now then word will get around. Luckily for me, they never come around here because the community know who we are. Still, the last problem that I can be dealing with right now is the swat team busting in here and taking my shipments away with them. That's not good for business or my name in the black markets that I run from underneath my feet in the basement. We would need to relocate and I've only just got the markets up and running again.

“I’m thinking he’s a mix.” Jeck appears on Renzo’s left and we look at him confused.

“He’s mainly got Kenzo in him but the way that he genuinely carries himself and looks, he is Kai. Then your Grandad Kenzo had a friend who he reminds me of, Dante. I’m not sure if you remember him but he’s definitely got some of him in him too and Dante wasn’t a man you would fuck with. I’m worried for you boys.”

“The fucks that supposed to mean,” I growl and Renzo tightens up his fists feeling defensive. Why wouldn't we. He's just told me to worry about a kid. My own kid. Surely he can't be that problematic can he?

“He’s a ticking time bomb. The two of you won’t be able to get near him. It’s like somebody trying to curse another person when they’re protected by the angels. Just look at his left eye. He has this twitch that happens when he’s pissed off and it has been happening ever since he saw you Marshal. Think wisely before you make your next move, that’s all I’m saying.” We both nod and exchange a look with one another. Jeck places a hand on our shoulder.

“He’s done training of some sort. I’m just not sure what that is. The other day he showed up at mine with Sharp and when I went out the back for a smoke, he was doing push-ups without using his hands. I didn't think that was possible. Sharp said that he’s done years of intense training and went to war for a couple of months until he pulled himself out of it last year. I'm not exactly sure why but Sharp said that he wanted to work on something.”

He’s friendly with Sharp...
Is there something that I’m missing here?

“Training as in-“ I start and Jeck stops me by holding a hand up. “No, not sexual dumbass. More combat training. I think he may have been to China and another continent. His walk reminds me of another army somewhere but I can’t remember where that is.”

“Oh,” Renzo shrugs and Jeck nods.

“It isn’t a nice army if that’s what your both thinking. Their training is advanced compared to ours. They have to lay underneath a tank and touch the bottom of the tracks before moving themselves out of the way. If they don't move in time then they get killed on the spot. That's only one exercise they have to do. He may be the one man who could take down this entire organisation by himself. Think wisely boys.” Jeck walks away from us and I sigh.

“He’s definitely Robernero material. Fuck, you make good looking kids Marshal.”

Renzo chuckles and I grin picking up my whiskey and throwing it to the back of my throat.

"Horrible bastards too by the looks of it."


“Yes I am Harley. You got a problem?” I ask this young bitch who looks as innocent as they fucking come. She looks up at me through these child like wide doe eyes and I sigh. Laying her head on my chest, she laughs completely out of it and I’m not amused in the slightest. She came from the fucking dance floor doing god knows what and ended up here on top of me practically. Something to do with her splitting up with her ex boyfriend and needing a friendly face to talk to. Do I look friendly to you? I really couldn’t give a fuck. What I do know is, I'm a man who needs space and lots of it too. Not a small mouse looking human who whines and gets on my god damn nerves to be on top of me while I talk to a member of my family! I’m sat here with Lorenzo and he’s looking at this girl just as confused as I am.

“So you all good with your new name?” He asks me. Yeah, he helped me to change my name over to Robernero. I needed to get some papers signed and he did them for me. I couldn’t stand the second name that my ugly ass mother had, the same way as I couldn’t stand her either. Bitch doesn’t even cover it. Taking my phone out, I look at the picture that’s on my screen saver and sigh. They were the good old days when me the boys would go to Magaluf every half-term break. Now I’m working in a shitty office job hiding my secondary job as a getaway driver slash assassin slash bank robber slash oh what the heck, who gives a fuck about what I do. You do anything to bring the money in and it's not as if my bills are going to pay themselves now is it?

Back to what I was saying. My Mum is called Rachel shortcake. Can you imagine living with that? Harley Shortcake! Nope, I went by the name Harley Robernero throughout high-school because I refused to be called it. Kai was my middle name from day one and Lorenzo told me that he was my Grandad. Who knows, but it goes with the rest of my name. Harley Kai Robernero. Seems good to me.
I look down at the girl who has fallen asleep on me and then shake my head as Lorenzo places a contract down on the table.

“You want in? To meet your old man yeah?” I nod my head and twist the pen around as he places his hand on the contract.

“You need training to enter.” He tells me and I grab the contract trying to pull it from underneath Lorenzo's hand. He smacks his other hand on top of mine and I growl squinting my eyes as the girl wipes her slobber on me. Throwing my hands up, I glance down at her.

“Oh come on. Why do I end up with the dick inviter?” A figure of speech. Lorenzo smirks and I drag my sleeves up deciding to be respectful to him because he’s been the man to help me get this far on my path. Taking a long swig of my milky coffee, I place it back down on the table and Lorenzo points at the paper.

“Honestly man, you need training.” He tells me and I roll my eyes. “ I’m not training. Do you know how many years I’ve trained for. I’m not even getting involved in it.”

“Not combat training fuckwit, sexual training. You will be dragged in like fucking dirt around here, I thought you would know that. Anyway, the second that your Dad knows that you exist, everything changes my main man. He’s the head of the Societa Oscura and your his sperm donation, his blood, his creation. It was proven when I took that sample from his glass last month. Not that I needed to like. You look like a Robernero more than I do. Your lucky that I bring you in for jobs through me otherwise the questions would have been asked earlier on.”

“I see your point. So what do you recommend I do next?” I ask him moving the girls head so that she doesn’t puke all over me. I would smack her right off me if she was to do that.

“Sign this, let me train you in the sexual department and then go in and meet your old man. I’ll sign you in at reception. You sneak in through the back.”

“Your not fucking me in the ass for no entry!” I slam my hand down on the table making the bitch jump. She rubs her eyes and then makes herself comfortable on me yet again. I move my black jacket and find a slobber patch. For fucks sake!

“I’m not into that shit. You have trained in ropes, your favourite activity, completed the training in everything else. You just need to go over a submissive mind-set.”

“What the fuck is a submissive?” I ask him and he chuckles glancing down at the girl on my lap.

“She is the perfect example of it. At the moment she’s vulnerable and what I would recommend is for you to take her back to yours, place a note on the side table telling her how she approached you and give her two options, to either make her own way home or get a shower and wait until you're ready. I’m sure you will figure it out. Read and sign this, then I’ll put you in the system ready for tomorrow night. Seem good?”

“It does. Alright let me take a look.” I read through the long contract of nightmares and sign it. Throwing it at Lorenzo, I down the rest of my coffee and throw the girl over my shoulder. She's as light as a feather and easy to carry. Me and Lorenzo leave the club and the security give me a look of concern but Lorenzo touches one of them on the shoulder to give him peace of mind.
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