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A dive into one woman's deepest darkest BDSM fantasies wrapped up in one book of short stories, do you have what it takes to fulfill her fantasies?

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It's pure passion, my dear kitten

It had been almost three weeks since I decided that living off the hope that one day my master would return to me, the way he had come to me before was a hopeless daydream left to the imagination of a kitten who couldn’t handle being dropped for the first time. I knew eventually I’d come to the conclusion I would need to move on from him, find a new master or at least someone to stay by even if they were a vanilla. Life didn’t come easily to me, let alone being dropped made it more difficult, especially when my old master believed he could come around just to play with me then drop me again.

I had entertained his fantasies and my own for too long, I had hoped that one day maybe he’d see how faithful I was with him, and with that was when I decided what I did. The man I was sitting next to, on the bed was a friend of mine, he stood a few inches taller than myself, but I didn’t really mind the height difference. He and I were trying hard to keep things as a normal first date, but naturally, that was going to take a very blessed, sweet, unexpected turn for the better. His physical build was enticing, he was muscular and I knew from talking to him that he loved to work out; he had even said the gym had become his new home. Hell, the man was entranced with the idea that I; a kitten who since she was able to get out of gym class did just so as soon as possible, a kitten who loved sleeping in, who loved laying on the couch in the sun, who loved junk food; was going to work out with him.

I had never stepped foot in a gym, my main plan was to avoid one, although he definitely knew how making it worth my while. He loaned me a pair of his shorts which didn’t cling to me like my old gym shorts did and a shirt of his before he took me to the gym; his home away from home. I was awkward, hell most people are, but I was more than awkward; I stepped in and wanted to run out, I had no idea what I was doing, hell it was embarrassing just standing there. My body wanted to cringe, my mind was screaming at me to run, but he just gently encouraged me to continue. I followed him as he led me to a bench seat, we stayed at the gym for an hour till I could no longer handle anymore. We left and went to get food, which he paid for one of the few things that has never been done for me before. I couldn’t help the smile that graced my features when he made triple sure I wanted water and not pop like I told him I usually do.

After spending several hours shopping for random Halloween decor, we headed back to his place as I convinced him it was alright if I spent the night at his place. I didn’t want this day to end, it was one of the most romantic and fun dates I had even been on! When we got back to his place we lay in his bed, I gave him a massage after he gave me one while we watched American Horror Story. We joked and wrestled; I felt more relaxed than I had been in years. Finally, I managed to get on top as I sat on his chest; my legs straddling him on both sides as he gripped my wrists, I was panting slightly as he grinned up at me. We had been in the middle of a tickle fight, as I stared down at him and my heart clenched with the single thought of kiss him.

I leaned down as my lips met his own, they moved expertly against my own, the soft feeling of his lips quelled the fluttering of butterflies in my stomach as he dropped my wrists letting them fall around his neck as his arms wrapped around my waist. Our lips moved in perfect sync before he pulled away to trail kisses down my neck making me tilt my head to the side in bliss as feelings of pleasure raced up and down my spine at each of his kisses. They practically sent shocks of pleasure radiating through my body as I struggled not to moan out loud, for fear that his little sister in the next room would hear me. We traded off and on, of kisses each on the other’s lips and neck, it wasn’t until I had finished another turn of my own, did I pull away from his lips as I slowly and sensually licked up the side of his neck flicking across his earlobe with my tongue that he pulled away to look at me.

“Do you want to?” he asked, and I blinked at him. It was the first time in a long time I’d ever been asked that question, it made part of me jump back to when I first lost my virginity, I felt my heart race at the question however only one answer echoed through my system.

“Yes,” I said as I kissed him, he directed me to where the condoms were and I chuckled as he told me they were in a little shoe box on top of his closet. “You just want me to go get them cause I’m short, so I have to stretch and you’ll get a good view of my ass,” I said as I grinned at him, he chuckled as he shrugged in response.

“Well, that is definitely one of the perks,” he said before tapping my ass lightly. “Now go on and get them,” he said and I nodded, taking my leisure as I reached up to grab the box, making sure to stretch just a little more than I had to so my ass would look just a little more appealing when I bounced back down I could feel my ass jiggle slightly from the recoil and I knew he had noticed. He played the game of ‘pick a color’ with the condoms before he randomly decided for me.

He leaned forward once more and kissed me, as he stood up and stripped, I took the time myself to strip as well before I laid back on the bed. He leaned over my small and petite frame to kiss me gently before kissing down my neck to my soft and perky breasts, licking and pinching the excited nipples which made me gasp as I bit my lip to contain a moan, he watched my expression with a smile as his hand traced its way down to my pussy, a finger dipping down between my lips to feel how wet I already was. He let his finger slowly trail up to trace circles around my clit, sliding an arm under my back as it arched my hips bucking up to meet his hand as I gasped at the motion my eyes practically rolling back as I started to get lost in the pleasure his expert fingers were gracing my body with.

It wasn't long before he slipped a finger inside me again, and I let out a soft moan. He kissed my lips containing my moan for me as I got lost in the orgasm he brought on quickly right after he slipped his finger inside as he found my g-spot and used it to his advantage. After I came, he kissed my panting lips as I looked up at him with eyes that begged for him.

He lined up his thick cock with my pussy, as he rubbed the head around on the outside I looked at him with lustful longing. He watched my brown eyes that were filled with lust only for him as he entered me, leaning down to kiss me as I moaned softly. My lips hugged around his thick length as it entered me slowly, having to work at getting further entrance to my tight pussy. He tried hard to contain his own moans as my pussy tightened around him with each thrust he gave before finally he was able to go even deeper into my pussy, deeper than any man has gone before which made me practically cling to his strong, muscular, frame as I was swept up in an orgasm. After I came down, he pulled out of me, as he kissed me once more.

“Lay on your side,” he instructed and I was slightly confused about his plan, but followed his request as he gently gripped my top leg as he entered and I felt my nails grip the sheets in pleasure, my breath heavy as I looked up at him with pure wanting. I wanted ever part of him as he continued to thrust into me.

It wasn’t long he had me on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed, gripping me tightly with strong hands and I pressed my face into the sheets to keep the moans that were threatening to escape my throat at bay. My shoulders were pressed down against the bed, as he ran a hand till it stopped in the middle of my back, keeping me in that spot as he thrust deep into me. Both of us climbing higher and higher till we reached a dual climax, I gripped the sheets as my vision turned completely white when I finally came down, he pulled his cock free from me.

I smiled as he didn’t even put on clothes, nor ask me to rather he cuddled up next to me completely naked letting me wrap my body around his as our legs intertwined and his arms wrapped around me protectively. I drifted off to sleep like that feeling safe and content. He kissed my forehead and I felt a soft contented smile grace my face.

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