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Fate or my Chosen Path

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Chapter 2 – The Second

A sudden sharp pain stabbing at my brain causing a pained shriek to leave my throat, I recoiled in my chair trying to keep it together. My composure beyond blown, Grayson’s hand was ripped away by my sudden movement backward into the chair as I grasped at my head. Another harsh growl ringing through the room, it reverberated through his chest almost shaking the walls.

The second his touch was forced away from my skin, the pain inside my body increased tenfold. “No!” The single word ripping through the room like a gunshot. Grayson’s voice surfaced with a bite before he roared out. “He would not dare!” The statement hanging in the air, I could not hear the words as Grayson continued to bellow out loudly. The physical intimacy between Ethan and Kate growing ever heavier, the pain continued rolling through my mind climbing intensely.

Clutching my head between my hands, I did not even notice when Grayson moved around the desk and stood before me. Forcefully grabbing my wrists, Grayson pulled me to my feet with strength. A hand slipping around to the small of my back, he bent his body at the waist crashing his mouth to my sealed lips. Only staying there for a split second, the pain was already starting to dissipate at the contact between us as Grayson’s lips began a trail kissing his way down the side of my mouth and down to my neck. Hitting the right side beneath my ear nearing Ethan’s mark, Grayson placed his fingers to the flesh as he pulled back slightly bringing us nose to nose.

“You are mine! You are coming with me, and I am fixing this right now.” The pain in my head intensifying as the physical contact between us lessened for but a moment, I whimpered out. Craving his touch and wanting his touch, I needed his lips back on my flesh even if just to block out the pain. Suddenly feeling lengthened fangs pressing lightly against my neck, all the muscles in my body tightened as a shiver stimulated my senses. Surely he would not want me, surely he would not… Knowing the mark of a true mate can overtake that of a chosen mate like Ethan, I still would not take action. The thought did not even cross my mind till Grayson made his intentions clear as he continued to rub the points of his fangs ever so softly across my scar.

Grayson’s fingers wrapping around my wrist, he did not waste a second as he sent pins and needles shooting into my skin numbing the area. His touch was just like described in the stories you heard of as a child. The lucky few who met their soul mates. Just a look, a single touch and you would know, your whole body stuck in somewhat of gravitational pull towards them. I had never fully believed the stories until now and in this moment as I had the urge to leave everything including my family and pack behind. Though I knew I could not do this. I had been raised, been trained and educated for this pack. To help lead this pack into the future, to love, provide for and protect them, even if they did not care for me in the same manner. Shaking my head, I should have pulled away, but he was so strong, and his alure was… other worldly. I could not pull back even an inch, instead my body unconsciously moved closer to his silent beckoning. I almost hurried forward concerned I could change my mind and come to my senses.

Everything about him drew me in, his deep voice, his soft yet strong touch and his scent that even now swarmed the office driving me crazy. It was so strong I could almost taste him on my tongue as my lips parted slightly. At this point, I was proud I had not just stripped myself bare and laid myself out like a gift on the table.

My centre pulsing so intensely, my thighs began to numb as I clamped them closed. I half felt like I was building to an orgasm after just one kiss, his presence was sending my body into some sort of uncontrollable frenzy. Yet to even touch me below the waist, or underneath any clothing, Grayson’s mere presence my me lose my thoughts. I could not find, and I did not want to find the will to protest, not even for a second.

Grayson’s fangs finally sliding into my neck puncturing the skin, an uncomfortable sensation ran through my body as he pulled me to my feet holding me closer against his chiselled body. My bond tearing from Ethan, snapping like a twig, the pain I had been experiencing in my mind from his activities with Kate stopped in an instant. Just like that I was hit with a wave of relief as freedom flared through me for all but a second before a new bond began.

Losing myself in the new bond forming and wriggling through my body like a tic, my insides heated and cooled as I was pulled back to the surface of my consciousness. Still held in a tight and warm embrace, a deep vibration shook through Grayson rippling across and through every cell of my body. My mind clicking to the present, I still tried to piece together what I had done. Guilt bustling through me, excitement roared just as strongly.

Grayson’s hips thrusting forward, his cock throbbed loudly pulsating against my entrance through my pants with unfathomable precision. Pushed backwards with strength, I was sat on my desk as a roar rang through the building filling my ears and chest. It was Ethan, he would have felt the bond cracking and finally snapping away just like I did.

Grayson pulling me closer to the edge of the desk he remained unshaken as his limbs wove slowly into position around me. His jaw locking into my neck, his teeth stung as I felt them sink a little deeper as our new bond formed tying us together. All happening so fast, my body could hardly adjust as the new bond to Grayson formed. It was like a thousand tiny little needles threading us together, forcing us closer as my arms began clinging to him while attempting to anchor myself to his chest. Unable and willing to even leave the slightest sliver of space between us, my body rejoiced in his soft growl purring into my ear.

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